85 thoughts on “49ers Suspend Radio Analyst For Comments On Ravens QB Jackson’s ‘Dark Skin Color’

  1. I' m proposing to NFL use a brown and white ball so the Caucasian players can have the same advantage as African american players. Or media has to stop being paranoid take things out of context
    and dividing this country just to sale internet advertisement.

  2. I'm black and nothing he said is offensive in the slightest. Hes a white guy who pointed out that he has dark skin… this is example of bigotry of low expectations.

  3. If someone said a white person disguises his pitches well because his white knuckles are pressed against a white baseball, not one fucking person would give a shit. Nobody would get suspended. Nobody would have to apologize.

  4. It is actually a good analysis of a Lamars great play actions and hiding the ball. Tim Ryan was an NFL DT so he would have experience here. Tim Ryan should've been smarter than this though, in a racial sensitive world.

    Shame on this station for skewing the "quote"… They made it sound a lot more racist than it was, it sounded like a valid analysis of Lamars great play actions

    "“He’s really good at that fake, Lamar Jackson, but when you consider his dark skin color with a dark football with a dark uniform, you could not see that thing,” Ryan said on Monday. “I mean you literally could not see when he was in and out of the mesh point and if you’re a half step slow on him in terms of your vision forget about it, he’s out of the gate.”"

  5. Oh boy. PC correctness raising it's ugly head again. The guy probably had no thoughts of racism with what he said. It does make sense though. Geeesh. Can't let anyone get butt hurt over an innocent, no malice intended remark.

  6. This mother…. dumb short bus pull up!!! Race shouldn’t matter black,white, blue, green, yellow, pink color don’t matter can u product!!!

  7. Bring him to Nola please ⚜️⚜️ he want make it back Image Wht he says at home 🏡 this guy is peter griffin think it’s ok to we’re black face an Louise beat his ass cause it’s racist you a stupid man lol 😂 look up family Peter wereing black face

  8. I think everyone would agree that on a wet and foggy day, a dark football against dark skin and a dark Jersey is harder to pick up, at game speed, than say Peyton Manning wearing colt white indoors. The problem is the quote indirectly and unintentionally takes away from Lamar’s unbelievable ball skills and attributes at least some of last weeks success to his skin and jersey color. In all actuality and giving this dude the benefit of the doubt, he def respects Lamar is an otherworldly talent and that having to ALSO pick up the ball against dark skin and a dark uni is going to be tougher for defenses to adjust to. I don’t think the actual analysis is bad in any way, just really telling the truth but it does come off as an excuse for Lamar’s success, especially being from the apposing teams commentator, so yeah def could’ve been worded better

  9. Had this friend when I was a kid and we was playing hide and seek, we could the life of us couldn’t find this dude we was playing at night, then we finally said bruh what’s your secret and this dude said he was just crouching at a dark corner all out in the open he didn’t seem to but hurt about us dying at the fact that this dude was literally blending in to his environment cause of his skin color

  10. a lot of these posts are conflating whether or not you get an advantage from the ball and lamar being similarly dark and whether the comment was racist or not.
    an argument can be made as to whether or not lamar's dark skin give him an advantage, but calling ryan's comments racist is just politically correct nonsense
    what if there was a black chalkboard and the chalk was black and ryan said i can't see what's written because the chalkboard and chalk are black, does that mean he is racist against chalkboards

  11. If this color analysis view has any merit then lets view High School football. Many African American QBs wearing black uniforms with dark skin complexion are they blowing away defense with read options? On the college level D1 through D3 as well? Name those QBs if this statement has facts and high percentage of those QBs blowing a way competition because they can disguise the ball and using it to their advantage. Im sure no one can. But please try. End of story

  12. Hey, some of us are just slow and dumb enough to think like this. I watched a high school game and thought the same thing because the team wore black, it was hard for me to track the ball….and AND I am a black person. Not everything is race y'all some is just plain ignorance (or visual problems…lol)

  13. As a guy with the same skin tone as Lamar, I’m not offended by that statement. It’s true, Especially in the rain. The ball and his skin tone is close…just stating the obvious. Dark skin, dark ball, dark Jersey in the rain. I thought it was nothing more than an observation. The intention behind it, I don’t know. There’s always been historical sensitivities around black quarterbacks. Remember when skip Bayless reminded us that some NFL GMs wouldn’t take black quarterbacks because they didn’t have the “mental capacity” to play the position."

  14. Media turns EVERYTHING into some racial slur…..His comment was not offensive at ALL….Perhaps he was trying to make an EXCUSE is about it…This is such a silly story…Suspending this guy is ridiculous…White people have to walk on EGGSHELLS when talking about a black person….Cant even have an "opinion" without someone trying to race bait

  15. So what about the other black quarterbacks ? We’re they as great at the fake too because of thier skin ? Nah he just great

  16. Apology accepted by a Ravens fan. I know you're a bigot but that is your choice. But, don't let your bigotry spill out on to the airwaves because we didn't sign up for it. Also as an aside these black players are the ones that drive the NFL and its revenues. So before you poop all over them reflect on the fact that they're the reason there is food on your table.

  17. and so freaking WHAT, this is the most stupidest thing i have read all week, the only thing i think is it is true and so WHAT, the guy probably thinks it is great he can do it

  18. He's apologizing just because HIS FUTURE and job is in the stake!!…the same when somebody offend a jew…he has to kiss and cry to that jew for forgiveness is he wants His life back…its the time we live in, POWER OF INFLUENCE AND MONEY. HEY! ITS THE TRUTH!

  19. As a black man I can tell you that man did nothing wrong. And only black men should be commenting on this. Because it may offend some and may not offend others.And this is why this lifelong democrat is going to vote Republican next election. The country has been overrun by white privilege liberals who control the media who want to decide who gets to say what and if you don’t play by their games like prison they try to beat you down just with shame and getting you labels a “racist”. Which is essentially putting a public hit out on somebody. . As a black man somebody referring to my skin color is dark skin is not offensive and it was not offensive what that man said. I’m sick of White people with political agendas profiting off of black racism and suffering. This is much ado about nothing. This snowflake culture is turning a lot of Democrats into Republicans. Controlling what people say because you don’t wanna hurt anybody’s little precious feelings might have good intentions but it is creating horrific consequences. Donald Trump is your creation. I understand that now. So all y’all can enjoy some more Donald Trump because. A little lesson I learned in my violent men’s group you can’t control people so y’all need to stop trying to start controlling yourself or about your own lives. F*** the media

  20. He didn't say anything wrong!! The man is black!! …it makes others get confuse among other blacks…WHATS WRONG WITH THAT??

  21. i also heard another analyst bring up the "quick twitch muscle fiber" opinion again which is never a good idea haha i wonder if that guy still has a job

  22. Tim Ryan is just, showing US how, He fells (😡) – and all his friends/like minded people are saying, It was just "a slip of the tongue"

  23. Why is there so much hypocrisy in the media? Couple of years ago, Steve Harvey, a prominent black tv host (used to host Family Feud, not sure if he still does) said something that was unbelievable and incredibly racist. And he said it with malice and true intentions, it was NOT in a humorous or joking manner whatsoever. He said to his live TV audience, "Ladies, do we like Asian men, NO we don't, we don't even like Chinese food!" What if an Asian, white, Hispanic, Arab, Jewish or any other man would have said this about black males? He would have been instantly fired the next day. Where was this type of outrage from the national media and the black activists when Steve Harvey said his TRULY racist remark about Asians? Steve Harvey wasn't reprimanded at all!! Talk about big hypocrisy and double standard. It's amazing.

  24. As a "darkskin" man, this did not offend me! He was basically saying Lamar's skin kinda blends with the football, making it hard for defense to see if he actually hand the ball off or still has it……I mean, so far it looks like facts lol idk, i just think we are living in some soft times smh..I've heard worse

  25. Those of you agreeing with him are very dim. Here’s why: Everyone with a functioning brain knows if Lamar Jackson was bleached white tomorrow he’d be just as skilled as he is now at ball fakes. There are plenty of white qbs that are skilled at ball fakes, Lamar could wear a lighter jersey and still play exactly the same way, we’ve seen it because he was a standout player in college. It’s like saying trump would be better at basketball because he’s orange. Lamar Jackson was an even more electrifying player in college than he is now and they did not wear dark jerseys all the time. Basically it is a really stupid thing to say and makes little sense whatsoever to explain his skill, racism aside, it is the dumbest take I’ve heard in a long time. Lamar is clearly the best young qb in the league. and he’s black…get over it. SOME white people always need to qualify black success instead of admitting that he’s just more skilled and more shrewd than everybody else black or white.

  26. America hasn’t gotten soft. The USA is reaping what it has sowed for generations and white folks arent getting away with it anymore

  27. WTF,,,Just stated a fact! I have heard so many ppl say this very same thing this year! Shame to make a fact, a race hating issue… We should be able to talk like grown up with respect to the points we are trying to making, not what another racist or troll, might be thinking, we are thinking… But when a white guy is lost in a snow storm that is not racist…. Depend who you are I guess these days. We can not talk facts like grown ups any more…SMH! Maybe I missed something else he said that night…IDK?

  28. Is this really racist ? If the ball is harder to see becuz it blends with Lamar's complexion and he is able to use that as a advantage. Making a analysis of that is racist ? Comon fam we getting out of hand with this shit now! Maybe thus comment wasn't tv friendly cuz u never want to mix certain things on to a national platform buy in my opinion that was not a racist remark

  29. I understand what he was saying, shidd I got fooled a few times seeing QB, RB, WR runnin with the ball but thought it was they're skin complexion

  30. If we get anymore thin-skinned in this country, and fail to see the TRUTH behind a common sense statement, we're in real trouble… oh… what's this… ugh!

  31. Jesus… meanwhile at your local abortion clinic, children are being murdered cut up and sold for profit. Also meanwhile, 25% of homeless in America are minors. Meanwhile this is a game where a bunch of dudes who slap each other on the ass all day take a ball from one side of a field to another. WAKE UP

  32. This is the dumbest thing ever. his skin color is the same as the football and it’s hard to see the football, how is that racist to say ? That’s like someone telling me David you have brown skin… oh I do, well you’re racist for saying that. Do you realize how dumb and un educated that sounds? It’s ridiculous how sensitive people are and how you can’t comment on anything about anyone or you’re going to offend them. I guess zebras don’t have stripes and their not black and white, oops I’m racist now because I said there not black and white. It’s amazing how we will end up not identifying anything as anything. Y’all can have that, I’m going to stay over here. Lol

  33. Based on the comments that I've read. You can just say what you want regardless of your job. Ok….Go to work today and say something offensive to someone….Then explain your right to say what you want because you can and see how that works out…..You dumb asses!

  34. What makes him an “analyst”? He watches adults playing children’s games and talks via radio. Am I an auto analyst if I stand on the sidewalk and watch traffic?

  35. Shalom Isreal,
    Yet another wake-up call, to show you how Esau operates. Come out from among them.
    Look at that $hit-eating grin that he has on his face 0:26-28.

    Ecclesiasticus 12:10-12
    [10]Never trust thine enemy: for like as iron rusteth, so is his wickedness.
    [11]Though he humble himself, and go crouching, yet take good heed and beware of him, and thou shalt be unto him as if thou hadst wiped a lookingglass, and thou shalt know that his rust hath not been altogether wiped away.
    [12]Set him not by thee, lest, when he hath overthrown thee, he stand up in thy place; neither let him sit at thy right hand, lest he seek to take thy seat, and thou at the last remember my wods, and be pricked therewith.

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