4 Party Tricks Everyone Should Know

4 Party Tricks Everyone Should Know

You plus a party, plus these tricks,
equals awesome! Lets talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good mythical morning.
– Okay, there’s a little thing called the party trick and I gotta be one of the
first to say, maybe not one of the first – (laughs)
– to make this observation but typically I don’t go to a lot of parties but when I
do I don’t see party tricks. – But that’s what they’re called.
– so that’s what people say? “Typically I don’t go to a lot of parties
but when I do I don’t see a lot of party tricks.” That’s what– You’re not the
first person to say that? No, but today I think the reason you don’t
see a lot of party tricks, you know, people call them party tricks is because people
don’t know when to do the right party trick – at the right party situation.
– Oh. Like if me and you are just hanging out,
like on the outskirts of a – rollerskating rink.
– Yeah, we’re like out on the balcony. We’re like “Hey man, rad roller rink party
in there. – And there’s a bunch of kids over there.
– Had to take a breather.” And I’m like “Hey kids! You guys– Help me
understand what’s happening to my drink, I mean when I let go of it it’s like– Whoa!
It’s like– Whoa! It’s got a mind of – it’s own! Look. Whoa!”
– And then the kids are like “It has a hole – in it!”
– I mean I can see that working at a rollerskating birthday party.
With a cookie cake. Okay, I’m not gonna promise you that our
party tricks are gonna be better but at least they’ll be contextualized in a way
that you will be empowered to use them. Right, you’re gonna learn how to do them
and you’e gonna see us do them in the right context, so change your life really is
what we’re getting at. Alright, right off the bat lets say that
we’re– (posh voice) We’re at a highfaluting soup party where there’s soup. – I say there’s soup here–
– (posh voice) Oh, this soup is topped with – black eggs. Oh.
– Oh yes. (laughs) You’re eating it with a spoon and I say
“Hello, I say chap– – These black eggs are good.
– How much of your trust fund will you donate to me if I am able to make your
spoon float?” Oh, that’s impossible so I would say all
of it. (laughs) Well great, not at this party. (kiss noise)
(normal voice) And then you kiss your napkin. Have you tried the black eggs? So, I don’t have a napkin,
but I have a– Um– Uh– – My lucky hippo hand towel.
– Oh. (laughs)
And I’ve got a– (posh voice) When you weren’t looking I
took your spoon. – (posh voice) Oh.
– Okay watch closely, chap. – Okay, I’ll watch from the screen.
– Oh, here we go. – Woah!
– It’s your spoon! – (makes ascending sound)
– (Rhett) Woah! – (makes ascending sound)
– (Rhett) Woah! – (normal voice) Whoop. Too far. Too far.
– (crew laughs) – (makes ascending sounds)
– Okay. I think I know what you’re doing. – (normal voice) And then–
– I can see it. Oh. Yeah.
(posh voice) No peeking! – (posh voice) Oh, I’ll give you my trust fund.
– No peeking, doc? – It’s magic.
– No peeking here at this soup party. – (normal voice) Peeking, doc? That’s good.
– (normal voice) So what I’ve done is– There’s a fork with a spoon attached to it.
Woah! Look at that children! – On the third time you showed to fork.
– (metal hitting table) Oh I did?
And then I fired it at you. – (laughs)
– Black eggs. – I’m glad my spoon is back.
– I got you. So, uh, I gotta work on my technique
a little bit, but you get the idea, and in the proper soup party context,
you’re gonna get a trust fund. Okay, how ’bout this?
You’re at one of those parties, – been at somebody’s house and, like–
– A house party? A house party, yeah.
Somebody paid for everything, and now everybody’s leaving.
The party’s wrapping up, but people are like paying small bills to
the person. You know, like,
“I wanna pitch in a little something.” So you be one of those people,
and I’ll tell ya how you can get that – money from them.
– Pitch in a little? You know, “Hey I feel bad, you paid for
everything, Doug.” – “Hey Doug, you’re Doug, right?”
– I’m not Doug, Doug’s over there. – Oh, here you go, Doug.
– Hey man, you don’t need to give that to Doug! – I wanna show you a trick. (laughs)
– Okay… – And you know what? You can have this
– He deserves it. dollar, in fact I’ll give you one of my
own if you’re able to pull this dollar out without the bottles falling. And you know
what? If I can do it and you can’t do it I get to keep the dollar. How ’bout that? – Party trick!
– I’m gonna share with Doug, it’s a great party. Alright, so I’m gonna pull this out like a
magician pulling a tablecloth? – Yep.
– So it’s just about the speed. You’re blocking my view. – Oh. Pretty close, give me another shot.
– You wanna try again? That was pretty nice, pretty nice, you
were pretty fast. – Oh!
– Would you like me to show you how it’s done? And I get to keep the
dollar. Yes. Okay, you’ve already offset the bill for
yourself. – I did that with yours too, man.
– No you didn’t. – Yeah I did.
– Oh, what are you gonna do? – (both) Whoa!
– Party trick! Okay, okay, okay, let me try that,
let me try that. – Alright, so you just–
– Hold on no you can’t go– I mean I wasn’t– I was like a third of
the way, man. – So you put it here and then…
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. Create a little– – Ohh! First time ever!
– Yaaay! Party trick! – Alright. Screw you Doug!
– See how popular you would be if you knew how to – I’m keeping my dollar!
– knew how to do this stuff. (laughs) Alright, what’s the next one?
Okay. We’re at a party. Put those away. Get out your plate.
It’s just the two of us. Here’s a riddle:
What’s a party with just two people? – A date. Good riddle, right?
– We’re on a date? Can I be Rhettina? – Yes, please.
– (crew laughs) Alright, so, I’ll be like,
(nervous voice) Oh, I’m so nervous, Rhettina. – You’re so hot.
– (girly voice) Yeah. I’m just– I’m–
I’m so shaking, like– Oh! – Oh no what did you do?
– Oh goodness! – (Rhett) Oh no!
– (Link) I’m sorry! I just– I just– I just spilled my strawberry soda beverage
that I keep in a jar at the restaurant. – I’m glad–
– In your bare plate. It’s a southern style restaurant.
We have Mason jars. You know?
I can’t believe you did that, but I’m kinda done with my meal,
so it’s fine, really. (normal voice) And I forgot,
this is a romantic dinner, – and say we’ve got–
– Oh that’s a romantic candle. You know,
it’s been romantic from the beginning. – I just forgot about that part.
– Oh, okay. These are all the keys.
Plate with no food in it, – a jar with some stuff in it,
– Hmm. Okay. and when you spill something in your
date’s bare plate, then you say,
(nervous voice) I’m so sorry, Rhettina, but I just did that in order to show you
that I could get all of my strawberry soda beverage back in this Mason jar without
even touching it. – No you can’t.
– Yes I can, baby. – (crew laughs)
– (laughs) – You wanna see?
– I don’t know, maybe. – It’ll be five dollars.
– It’s weird. I don’t believe it.
Are you a magician? – You’re like David Copperfield.
– Watch closely, girl. – (laughs)
– (Link) (normal voice) Look at that. – Then you just lay back.
– This is weird. What? What?! – (manly voice) That’s right, baby.
– Whaaaaat?! I’m doing it with my fingers.
(makes vibrating sounds) (Rhett) Oh, you’re so magical.
Look, it’s fizzing! Aaah! Look at that!
It’s like negative pressurized! – (vibrating sounds continue)
– This is so hot. – (Rhett and crew laughs)
– (vibrating sounds fade) – Come down for a landing in my arms, baby.
– Am I the first time you ever done this? – For a girl?
– (Rhett and crew laughs) Yes.
(manly voice) Yeah, you are the first time I’ve ever done this.
(normal voice) Okay. – (Rhett and crew laughing)
– Okay. Wow, you clear it right up like
David Copperfield. Whoa. – (crew laughing)
– And then boom. You know what? – You can have the rest of my beverage.
– It’s kinda gross, it’s got a candle in it. – But it was really hot. Except for my lap,
– Tastes smokey. – it’s kinda wet.
– Sorry about that, Rhettina. So lets come back to reality. – As you can see, yeah but then you have
– – That’s a pretty good party tick. to continue drinking you strawberry
beverage with a candle floating in it. – How about this one? You’re at a moving
– That’s kinda the downside of that one. party, your friend is moving and he’s one
of those guys that had one of those huge CD towers that was like a full
wall in his living room – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– like from sky mall. And he’s moving and he’s like trying to
figure out what to do with all of the CD’s. (nerd voice) I actually have kept my CD’s
all of these years, – it’s become less of function and more
– Yeah I can see that. – form, you know it’s decor.
– Oh, okay. – You know it maps my obsession with the
– But now you’re moving and trying to get – Cranberries but I am moving now.
– rid of them. Gotta get rid of them. Well I– Here’s a couple right here just
to illustrate. You wanna use those as coasters or do you
wanna let me show you something cool? – (laughs)
– Oh really? I’ve been hanging on to these – for years.
– Hey, I found your big butane lighter. Oh wow, be careful with that. Whoops. You don’t leave it on, huh?
– Oh Nelly. – Look at that.
– You wanna bet I can make a windsock out – of this thing?
– A windsock? (normal voice) Oh, go! – Ooooh! It’s like I’m at the airport
– Look at that! – Look at that windsock I made.
– (nerd voice) Oh look, the wind’s blowing – east. (laughs)
– Where’s Rhettina? I want her to see this. – It was cooler when I practiced it.
– Yeah, I understand that you can make these – even bigger which I–
– Well you can make them like this long – maybe all the way out to here.
– If you’re not doing it on a webshow. You wanna try? I’ll show you how to do
this one. I’ve got a hunting knife here. So you’re
gonna wanna– Use the whole side of that thing. (Link) So you shave off the paint off the
front of this thing and because if you apply the heat before it just doesn’t work
as well. Side benefit you create confetti as part of it. It’s not edible. You don’t
have to use a torch, you can just use a normal lighter and you have to do this
with parental supervision. – Or you know what, just don’t do it at all.
– And don’t hold it right in front of your friends face but I am going to do that. Move it around more here. Whoa, that one made a little bubble.
And it popped. – Well, you can make a full windsock.
– It’s not a windsock, that’s like a wart. There’s dudes on the internet who can
actually do this. Like they do this for a – living.
– Well, you practiced it, you did a good – job in the practice.
– That was pretty awesome though, I made like a little bubble, you can stick your
finger in there (high pitched) uhh my – finger’s in a bubble.
– We’ll try some more in Good Mythical More but I think you’ve thoroughly equipped to
be the coolest person at a party if – everyone else has left first. Right?
– Okay. Thanks for watching and learning. You know what time it is. Hi, I’m Dom and I’m from (inaudible) Slovakia. And it’s time to spin the wheel of
mythicality. If you like pictures of normal size horses
you’re outta luck but if you pictures of miniature horses it’s Miniature Horse
Monday on our Instagram, check it out! Yeah, click through to good mythical more
where we tell you how to split an apple in half with your bare hands. Link pukes up Rhett. Oh. I’m not feeling good at all. I’ve– I’ve really– Oh no… (makes heaving noises) (Rhett makes splashing noises and
Link makes vomiting noises) – (laughs)
– Wow, oh that’s where I was? – Yeah, welcome back.
– What have you been eating? You, sorry. [Captioned by Whitney and Hayleigh:
GMM Captioning Team]

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