4 Keys To A Successful Podcast | Podcasting 101 For Beginners With Zachary Babcock

– Yo, check it out, I got four keys to a successful podcast
and this is Podcasting 101 with Zachary Babcock, let’s go! (barking) (computer glitching noises) Yo, yo, yo, what up, yo check it out, before we
can dive deep into this, if you’re just starting out as a podcast, you’re kind of a newbie or if you’re looking
to actually launch one, you definitely wanna check
out my podcast Roadmap, Imma link that up in
the description below. What that does, it’s gonna take you from literally having nothing,
no equipment, software, not having an idea of how to podcast, all the way to having
your show up and running on iTunes and all the major directories. Dude, I did over five years of my life in prison before turning my life around and I became and entrepreneur and for years I struggled, nobody ever wanted to collaborate with me, anytime I tried to
collaborate with somebody, nobody took me seriously, man. I was just that ex-convict
turned entrepreneur afterthought that, literally,
nobody gave the time of day to and then I launched my podcast, became a top 200 rated podcast around the third day and the week later we had Billy Gene Is Marketing on the show and we’ve been interviewing
celebrity after celebrity ever since and my brand has skyrocketed, large part due to my podcast. So, I literally went from,
in a weeks worth of time, nobody wanting to collaborate with me, nobody giving me the time of day to interviewing celebrities
within one week, all through the power of podcasting. Now, let’s get into these four W’s, these four keys is, dude,
if you nail this down, you’re show’s gonna go to the next level ’cause you’re gonna be building
a really powerful audience. So, let’s dive into it,
I got a video that I shot in Vegas a few months back
where I just really nailed it and broke it down really
completely, so, let’s dive right into that video. Yo, yo, yo, you wanna know how
to launch a top show podcast? Let me tell you the four W’s
to long term podcaster success. Look man, a lot of
people always come to me and they wanna know all the cool stuff about how to interview celebrities, how to get your podcast
ranked in the top 200’s, which is all cool and that’s something you should be doing with your podcast but if you don’t have
these four W’s locked in, then you’re not gonna have
long term podcaster success and you’re not gonna be able to get to that level in the first place. My name’s Zachary Babcock, I’m the host of The Underdog Empowerment Podcast, I interview celebrities,
professional athletes and industry leaders and I launched top show podcast in five weeks or less. So, here it is man, before you get to all that cool stuff, which I do teach all my students, you gotta have these four W’s locked in and what those four W’s are, first is, what is your podcast about? You gotta be able to communicate that in one sentence or less
so when people ask you about your podcast,
you clearly communicate what it is that your podcast is about. If you go on Facebook
you’ll see all these people with these bio’s are
like, “I help you find “the inner-self to bring out the real you” or, what the hell even is that even mean? What is your podcast about? Be able to communicate that very clearly. Communication is just like baseball. In baseball, a bad throw in baseball can cost you a run, a couple of runs, it could potentially even
cost you a couple games and that’s the same thing in podcasting. People search a keyword,
land on your podcast, firth thing they’re do
is look at your artwork and they’re gonna read your description before they even hear about you if they have never heard about you before and if you don’t clearly communicate what it is that your podcast is about, they’ll keep on moving,
they’ll keep on rolling and you could’ve potentially missed out on someone that could
have been a raging fan that would’ve shared all of your podcasts with all of their friends
and brought you so much listenership and
customers to your podcast. So, that’s number one. What is your podcast about? The second W is who? Who is your audience? Obviously, if you don’t have an audience, you’re just speaking into
a microphone full of air. So, you gotta get really
clear on who it is that you’re serving with your podcast. It’s a lot like business when you make out your customer avatar and for an example, in eCommerce, you might
have a customer avatar, you might have a bunch of
different customer avatars, you might sell expensive phone
cases to people or t-shirts or whatever and you might
have multiple audiences and you necessarily
don’t have to be the face of your business, you could
just be running ads for people. Well, it’s kinda like that in podcasting where you get really clear on
who it is that you’re serving but the difference is,
is that you are the face, you’re the voice of the podcast and people are coming
to the podcast for you, they necessarily don’t have to like you, they could hate you but they
come and check your podcast out because they wanna hear
your thoughts, opinions and views and perspectives
on whatever it is that your podcast is about. So, get clear on who it is that you serve and what I recommend with your podcast, you can’t fake and be
something that you’re not to someone so talk to
who you were yesterday. If you’re in eCommerce, let’s
go back to that example, if you’re doin’ an eCommerce podcast, obviously, you’re really
passionate about eCommerce so you could be sharing
everything that you know and that you’re learning about
eCommerce with your audience and you’re speaking to
who you were yesterday. That’s the second W,
who is your podcast for? The third is, where? Where are you taking them? Everybody needs a fearless
leader to get behind and you need to be able to articulate a future that they have hope in and that they also desire,
it has to be a future that they have hope in and
a future that they desire. People that fear the future
tend to get paralyzed and they don’t take action
and they don’t move forward but if you give them hope in the future that renders them perceptive to change. So, clearly articulate where
it is that your podcast will take them, what’s the mission? What are they gonna get? What’s the benefit from
listening to your podcast? That’s number three, the where and the fourth W is, why? Why should people listen to you? Let’s go back to that eCommerce example. Let’s say you got an eCommerce podcast, there’s hundreds, if not thousands of eCommerce podcasts out there so why should people tune in
to you in the first place? Well, the first thing you got going is you’re you, you’re uniquely different, everybody’s created uniquely different so that’s great, you got a headstart there but that’s not enough. So, what can you do to separate yourself from the other podcasters in your space? What I do with each and
every one of my students that comes through is I
have them do this exercise where you list off the
top ten eCommerce podcasts in your space and then,
now you have that list of podcasts that you can go on and also invite the host
to come on your show but more importantly, you
can look at those podcasts, tune into ’em and figure
out what they’re doin’ and then come at it from a unique angle. With me, I hit on the why
in the first sentence, I say, “from living in prison “for over five years of my life “with convicts, to rubbing elbows “with multimillionaires every single day. “I’m a student of psychology,
business and marketing “with a unique, broad perspective “from both extremes of life.” Now, obviously, you
might’ve not went to prison like I have and might not have that unique why you should tune in
but you do have a way. You might be very
polarizing in your topics versus everybody else’s real
cut and dry and professional or you might be really
good at injecting humor throughout the podcast,
now you’re entertaining and educating at the same time. So, you gotta find out why. Yessir, yessir, if you
dig those four tips, if you dig the video
hit it with a thumbs up, if you didn’t, man, hit it thumbs down. Let me get some feedback, let me know in the comments as well what you liked about this video or if you’re struggling with anything or if those four W’s didn’t make sense or if you have any questions, I’d love to clear it up
for you in the comments and make additional video content for you. Make sure you hit subscribe to the channel if you’re diggin’ what we’re throwing down to build a passive income business and definitely check out
that Podcasting Roadmap that is linked up in
the description below. Imma see you guys on
the next video, peace!

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