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    5:54 – “I’m softer than 95% of CEOs”
    11:33 – companies are either about people or money
    13:32 – its all my fault
    14:15 – the bat phone business
    19:03 – “I value how well you cooperate with your team”
    20:25 – the power of freedom
    27:12 – “one thing every entrepreneur knows”
    28:02 – “my weakness as a business owner”
    34:44 – deploy the humility to recognize your own short comings
    10:30 – “I need to no exactly whats happening from an operation / efficiency standpoint”
    11:50 – the greatest shortcoming of employees
    41:05 – “the #1 driver of engagement (edited)

  2. Create a very safe environment for your people and good behavior follows. People work more eficiently in a safe environment. Totally agree 🙂

  3. Most managers prefer to hire hatchet men to do their dirty work. Low level confrontation is positive when it stops little monsters from growing into giant monsters! Some people are scaffolding when building great until project is off the ground. Latteral transfers work best for temporary building block employees!

  4. Gary you totally hit the spot about freedom in Europe which basically paralyze me in Germany as to date! Thanks for recognizing this problem! Love ya!

  5. Working for Gary has got to be one of the most eye-opening experiences. Not only is he reasonable in the way he runs his business, but there's so many different things that could be learned through working with him that can easily be applied to other aspect's of people's lives. Sounds like the perfect place to work if you want to be in the know, but still want a side hustle. Much love, Gary!

  6. Fuck all these Lizard Corporations who just see bottom line. You will die and blockchain tech will take your place. Gary Vee gets incentivizing his troop

  7. Unbelievable inspiration from Gary as always!

    My buddies and I are starting a golf vlogging channel..would really appreciate any support! Thanks!

  8. It takes 5 years for bamboo to grow its foundation into the ground, after that it explodes and flourishes. Similar to a business it takes time. Be patient!!

  9. That last point on the interview that Gary made is pure gold.
    That's how you change things. Not through protesting, not through force but through communication/information to influence people's minds

    in ways that they can relate to.

  10. I switched my mode of business to a more soft, Gary Vee approach and it's done wonders for the office environment, I highly recommend the 1 on 1 lunch meetings to reverse engineer employees and learn what they really want, and start giving it to them. I am still working on the 'safe environment' that part is not in my nature lol

  11. You come straight in with the garden tomatoes bro? You're speaking my language homie. The entrepreneurial mindset is very similar to the homesteading mindset. Looking forward to what else you gotta say.

  12. Gary Vee my ego is more self aware then you on the same subject your 400 billion to 1 quote is wrong! Kinda

  13. Loved the 27:51 mark and Gary realizing that thread he went down and connected in a weird and subtle way haha. Deep thought at all times.

  14. Does anyone honestly spit more wisdom than Gary? Your business should absolutely be treated like your baby!

  15. "Maximizing tomatoes through good behavior." That right there told me this one would be a great one.

    Edit: I'm not a fan of tomatoes lol

  16. Lots of controversial things being said, not to discourage his originality, I will applaud his positive side. Some sense of ruthlessness perceived as he addresses the entitlement mentality of some employees. Not a bad attribute but he has to understand the ethical aspects of managing employees

  17. In my Gary Vee Voice, This video has given me so much value at scale, that I’m hiring an intern to create more content for 9 of the biggest platform to then run Facebook and Instagram Ads to 5,000 people to get the attention at 15. 🙂 Yes, I watch a lot of Gary Vee, Best free advice in the world. Thank you Gary!

  18. Sweden and Germany are off my list, ever since I learned homeschooling is not legal there, so definitely can't live there but will visit as a tourist may be.
    Nice content, there is always so much to learn when Gary speaks, he is 100% authentic because you can only speak truth causally over and over without changing it at all, lies need lot of covering and people change statements to prove them self.

  19. yep, entitlement, alcoholism , laziness etc.. is the ongoing guesstimate outcome of #UBI payments

    Until we need to test and tweak #UBI like software, already the wholesale removal of slow complex existing tax credit systems that mount to 8-9k anyway, serving poor people far more efficiency and effectively as the system should have been designed from the start, in a town planning manor from a macro perspective.

    Just like new tech, it's never perfect on day one, but has massive freedom and scope for maneuvering .

    The basic leverage on petty crime is obvious …and then positive reinforcement like volunteering ,education, encouragement to better yourself while the resources are available

    It's not just #Automation, It's larger business production disruption through global market failures , #ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction

    The need to move quickly with a preemptive safety, food , solid housing schemes etc.. that at the very least covers the basics, and enable communities to bounce back from catastrophe and thrive

    #UBI will also be a great encouragement for basic business opportunity when there are more liquid cash/digital locally in motion, promoting local business support/advanced efficient credit systems and payment simplifying tax processing gov wastes.

  20. I love this interview so much!! The interviewer kept gary on his toes and in the same breath gary delivered the answers in a very honest way. Gary really showed how on point he really is with his truth. I really learned alot and saw something different from gary in this interview. His awareness is really unmatched.

  21. Not a surprise that her manager thought it must be her fault. Have never met a mid-level boss who would honestly think they could make any mistakes, other than having hired the wrong person.

  22. I am glad I got up early enough to watch this video before work, Even though i don't own a bizz it is great information about culture and people and the need for change.

  23. like omg like money and like … 🤣🤣🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽…. this guy did not go through puberty 🤣🤣🤣🖕🏽🖕🏽

  24. Lady doing the interview did an amazing job of letting gary do most of the talking, lots of good info and probably one of the best interviews with gary she didnt keep talking she let gary vee get into detail with a lot of things that you can see even gary had to think about it. great video!

  25. Brilliant interviewee; but let’s hear it for the brilliant interviewer too. The ‘delta’ in Gary’s pieces is usually whomever he interacts with.

  26. I've tried being soft and good and treat people well and make them feel safe. They have fucked me over, stolen money, lied and burnt servers, sent data to competitors, started endless intrigues, started leaving the office with no reason etc. Maybe in the US it works, but in other countries, excuse me, people work for you, not you for them, and you pay them salary, and you have clear Agreement, and you give them normal perspective.

  27. 36:08 – "I spent 20 minutes just making her feel safe." — One of the most heartwarming things I've heard Gary say! ❤

  28. There is a book called Extreme Ownership by Jocko Wilink which everyone should read/ listen to. It goes into the topic of taking ownership of everything and growing this as a culture for leadership (with Navy SEAL examples). An amazing concept and this video is a testament to how it is used in practice effectively.

  29. https://www.amazon.com/Present-Gift-Elchanan-Ogorek/dp/1632272245/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2ST4Z21CKKGUB&keywords=elchanan+ogorek&qid=1564671232&s=books&sprefix=elch%2Caps%2C181&sr=1-1

  30. GARY VEE IS LEGIT THE BESTTT! I have been watching him a few days ago and it actually inspires me to do something. I created a YouTube channel because at the end of the day i know what the goal is and i know how i will i achieve it. I appreciate Gary Vee so much. You can do something as well if you have deep thoughts and put the hard work it in. NO ONE IS STOPPING YOU!

  31. Realest Gary interview ever thanks to the interviewer. She is boss, asking the tough questions and challenging Gary. Amazing content!

  32. The conversation around time stamp 39:00 …

    The issue I’ve seen in many cases with most people complaining and yet saying nothing to HR or management is if you become vocal, you get black listed. And by that I mean, you loose opportunities and they don’t do it or say anything directly but all of a sudden you see a change in how you’re treated etc.

  33. Yup! My business is basically my first born child right now. Just waiting for it to get to college and start cashing in 🤣

  34. Europe with its insane emphasis on processes and rules is a terrible place to do business, the EU needs to be disbanded

  35. What Up @garyvee. ? Joe C here just letting ya know the username Garyveehelpmehelpmyselfplease is now the username on all accounts now and i will be posting on all your accounts until you contact me. Im not here for likes or clout ect….

  36. garyvee is the man i have been taken all of it advice now i am on it
    target to get million just to follow his advice my 3rd block was drop in 3
    minutes help me and increase my subsribers

  37. garyvee is the man i have been taken all of it advice now i am on it
    target to get million just to follow his advice my 3rd block was drop in 3
    minutes help me and increase my subsribers

  38. Probably one of my favorite long-form vlogs to date. Love the conversation around you creating working environments where people feel safe, comfortable, but accountable.

  39. These one-on-one convos are the best! The deeper we dig into Gary's mind, the more that becomes clear; the more that becomes clear; the more we need to share with everyone. Super simple mindset; even when it gets complicated, we just need to let our heart and soul guide us in the right direction. Why can't everyone simply run their business for the right reasons, not a 2% higher net? Don't they too see the 5-year outcome having a better culture and team?

  40. GARYVEE IS THE MAN!!! Ive taken all of his advice and he has encouraged me to case my dreams of becoming a YouTuber! I post weekly videos and would love some support! Please hit subscribe and check it out!

  41. 20:40 just a bookmark for myself, i hope every managers/bosses/leaders will understand this & think like this, this shit so true, motherfuckers be so scared of letting their *employees do their jobs

  42. Damn If I could have the chance for a vacation in garyvee's organization working as a janitor for 6 months making minimum wage it'll be like a great experience this dude is somethin else.

  43. Gary this is my absolute favourite video/interview you have made other than the one last year when you met and listened with your employees. You move me and I love you, 2nd to my mother 😉 I've watched most of your earlier videos in the past and some I've even watched twice. Currently, I'm listening to this now for the 5th time! Not to procrastinate as I'm listening and making some movie props. Man, this video is really pulling at my heartstrings. <3

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