81 thoughts on “3 Weird Alarm Clocks | Never Buy This

  1. Petition to get Chase's expressions when Rhett said "I like Chase" and "I don't know if I wanna see him every morning" made into emojis

  2. What about an episode guessing what was put in an aroma diffuser?? Like Rhett but deer pee in it, what about other stuff?

  3. It would be amazing if y'all didn't sleep for a day and then you would actually go to sleep to see if they would really work

  4. How my family wakes up:

    My mum Wakes me up
    My dad wakes himself up
    The dogs wake up my mum
    My mum wakes up my sister
    My sister and mum wake up my brother
    My sister wakes my brother up by jumping on him

  5. Someone should make an alarmclock where you have to press the snooze button a diffrent amount of times every morning, and the number of times is random. So one morning you must hit the snooze three times but the following morning you hit it five times and so on and so forth.

  6. The comment takeover video had the comments disabled, apparently they didn’t like being flooded with “Came from Rhett and Link”

  7. Oh my god…I love Rhett's eyes when he notices the drone for the first time…I think I burst several blood vessels laughing.

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