3 Signs That You Will Become Rich One Day

3 Signs That You Will Become Rich One Day

over the years I’ve been fortunate
enough to have spend time with millionaires as well as a billionaire
and during that period I’ve really noticed what’s made them successful in
regards to their mindset and the habits they’ve enforced in their life so in
this video I’m going to reveal to you the three signs that will really
determine whether or not you’re on path to a success so I urge you if this
already sounds like you the signs I’ll be revealing today I urge you and
challenge you to 10X it so you constantly better yourself right and if
these signs don’t sound like you I challenge you to basically try out
and make it part of your identity as these traits will make you successful
there’s no doubt about it as it’s modeled after billionaires as well as
millionaires I’ve spent time with okay guys so let us begin the first point is
all to do with speed of implementation so what I’ve noticed from having spent
time with very successful people is the rate they absorb information and
actually go do it speed of implementation they literally do it like there is no
tomorrow so to give you an example I was on a
Skype call with my billionaire mentor and I was giving him some advice on
digital marketing as that’s my area of specialty and he didn’t really know much
about Facebook advertisement so I told him the tweet he could make to make his
campaign more successful and I got the call and I noticed there was a little
ting sound you get from Skype and I checked the message and he’s like Tim I
finished what should I do next literally in within 50 seconds he’d
really done it that was incredible but this was just a
pattern I noticed amongst very successful people it’s like you know
they read a book they get that little snippet of information and they apply on their life immediately it’s literally like they pulled a
trigger like then then they didn’t even think about it there is no data for
later there is none of the shelf help they literally absorb and implement so
this is something that I ensure that I’m implemented in my life you know because
this is one of those traits that you’ve really got enforcing in on yourself so
nowadays whenever I learn something I’m like boom I do it and in fact I recall
when I was trying to get my first mentor I knew he was challenging me to see how
hungry I was and he told me about where he lived and basically I knew he was
kind of hinting that I should book tickets
as soon as I got off that call within the 30 seconds I’d already booked that tickets so now I messaged him I was like okay so do you want to meet me at the station and we’ll
go to your house and yet you can be assured that he ended up becoming more
mentor as a result you know because I just demonstrated him how hungry I was
so I urge you to increase your speed of implementation the rate you take action
as you really begin to see results faster okay guys let’s go on to the next
point okay the second point is the ability to
take action when you feel uncertain. You see a lot of successful people that I’ve
spent time with right whenever they don’t feel sure about something they
before that mind that even like has that time to basically stop them in the traps
they’d already pay for it and they really move forward one of Tony Robbins
quote summarizes this perfectly he said that success is determined by the amount
of uncertainty that you can comfortably handle this is what I’ve noticed and
regards to you know successful people they literally can handle that amount of
uncertainty when they don’t feel sure they just pulled a trigger to find out
whether or not it’s a good idea right they literally pulled the trigger
they never hesitate because they realize how important time is so they don’t
waste time they let you just do it and figure out whether or not is a good idea
if they end up failing they learn from it but they don’t procrastinate they
just take that action right even if they feel uncertain they’re like boom they do
it so that’s the second sign is about the ability to take action when you feel
uncertain okay let’s go on to the last point guys okay the last point it’s all
to do with how much you value your time if you’re somebody who makes every
single second count towards your dream and you don’t waste any single second as
you realize how important time is that’s a sign that you’re going to be
incredibly successful what I’ve noticed from hanging around with very successful
people is that they value their time and they’re really strict about it they
schedule that shit in and they never waste time they don’t lounge about they
don’t spend time on social media they don’t spend time watching Netflix or all
this bullshit news on the TV they’re out there making their dream happen
right and they also have a really crazy morning and evening as scheduled like
they go to sleep quite early usually they wake up early around 4 a.m. and
they’re out there doing it 18-hour days like literally just
grinding hustlin making it happen and so this is total opposite of average people
if you think about it average people they complain of their 8-hour shifts or
nine-hour shifts at work whereas successful people because
they’re doing what they love they can’t get enough of it they can’t stop that’s
why they’re happy to do their 18-hour days and so forth so this is something
that I made sure I enforced as a lot of you guys know I’ve got crazy more than
ritual which starts usually at around 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. so guys they are the
three signs right the first sign is speed of implementation the rate you can take
action the second sign is about your ability to take action when you don’t
feel sure right the third sign is all to do with how you treat your time I use
somebody who wastes your time on social media or are you somebody who goes out
and makes it happen okay guys that is it for this video thank you so much for
watching if you’re new to this make sure to subscribe as always follow your heart
and take action and let’s go live the life we’re born to live let’s go

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