53 thoughts on “3 MAJOR Risks I’m So Glad I Took

  1. Awesome Mrs. Landino. Have you tried wearing your leather straps on your Apple watch I the inverted position or no? I would love to see a video with you wearing your leather watch straps invertedon your Apple watch buckled on your left arm wrist, Mrs. Landino.

  2. Although I did finish college, I like that you shared that you did not finish college. I find that people that don’t finish college are often frowned upon.

    College truly isn’t for EVERYONE and that’s okay!

    From a self love content creator- Awesome video Amy ❤️

  3. Was just about to snooze my alarm and go back to sleep for a bit, but then I saw you’ve dropped a new video! I’m awake now! 😅

  4. I can not WAIT for your new book. Also, I totally felt the “family pressure” with leaving a career for my own gig. Luckily my parents came around too! 😆

  5. I'm a [SLOOOOW] Masters Swimmer & Coach. A year ago this weekend I saw connections between adult Swimming & Yoga. I felt one could learn a lot from the other. While attending a Coache's conference I realized I needed to deep dive into Ahimsa (the dedication & practice of avoiding harm) within the swimming world… Then 6 weeks later I discovered I was being gaslit. I saw that as the universe nudging me to make that project a reality.

  6. I finished college and still am paying of my loans. I want to do different things but can’t afford to so I have to keep my job so I can pay my bills. I wonder how do people quit their jobs to peruse their dreams when they are in debt?

  7. Sometimes it can be really hard to make decisions like that! But when we follow our heart we can be happier and free ♡ discover what our purpose is and rich our fullest potential !

  8. I love this video. I am about to graduate from college in December, but I am so inspired by you. Thank you for sharing and for being such an inspiration to me!!!

  9. Really solid content. Gets me thinking. I’m working on my final research project for my undergrad and have big digging into the world of birth doulas for it. I’ve dreamt of being a birth doula or doing something in that realm of pregnancy and birth support for years. This deep dive into that world has me more passionate about it than ever so who knows this may be my next big risk coming up in 2020. 😬😍😳

  10. Thank you Amy, listening to your voice and your experiences has been a great help in this difficult period, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work! Sincerely, (probably) your biggest fan. (Tatiana)

  11. Ohh. I'm facing a risk! I'll share!

    The job I'm at now I've been at for 7 years (my first job ever). I make $17/hr (highish for my role), plus retirement and a few other smaller benefits. It's very flexible. BUT. Recently, I stopped being able to work from home, they are soon reducing me to part time, and honestly the environment just isn't as great as it used to be.
    Now, I'm searching for a new job that will allow me to work 100% from home as a bookkeeper. But… what if they aren't super flexible, or what if it doesn't work out and it's hard to find another job, what if the same thing happens again: the job was remote then they wanted me to come in instead.
    But, I know I need to make the move because it's been over two years since a pay raise and I've topped out at how much they can pay me. So, I know I need to move – but boy is it scary.

  12. My risk is to leave my day job and to pursue my Instagram account, YouTube channel and my blog, so that I can live the life I've always wanted. Hopefully before 2020.

  13. Hi Amy, I admire and respect people like you who are willing to take risks not knowing how they will play out. I have always been very much the opposite: I got a civil service job in my 20s and stayed w/ it for 40+ years. I liked the security of a paycheck and knowing that there would be a pension when I retired. The job was in customer service for a federal government agency, and I really enjoyed helping people w/ their questions and problems. So for me, it was the life that I wanted. BUT, I am happy that there are risk takers such as you out there! You make great things happen, and the world is a better place for it. Amy, you are a sweet and charming person; I am happy for your success, and I wish your subscribers well as they go after the life they want.

  14. Love love love this video. I feel like you really let us in and it was great to hear that you had moments of fear, but went for it anyway! I'm here for more of this type of content!!!

  15. I look back on those days fondly when I first met you, interviewed and worked with you. You always had the ‘it’ factor. Best of everything Amy.

  16. I already left college some days ago, actually I had a dilemma about it, I still don't tell to everyone cause I feel kind of embarrassed, but you know, your video made me feel better, I'm actually running for the bigger fish so this is just part of the road and If I have to work for free just make it happen I'm ready for anything!

  17. Can't support someone who dropped out of college. I'm a full believer in following and developing your passion, but dropping out of college is a non-starter for me. Sets a bad tone. I'd wish you good luck but you don't need it as you have this but it sets a bad example.

  18. I’m looking at taking a job in the environmental field which I would love but make less money. What do you all think?

  19. I was so close to dropping out of college. It wasn't for me, but I pushed through and got my Bachelor's. Then people would ask me if I was going back for my Master's..and said absolutely not. Felt bad then but not at all now!

  20. I know people aren’t knocking at my door, ready to hire me. So, as a mom with a supportive husband and family, I need to pick from one of my interests and get certified in something.

  21. I'm actually thinking on starting a blog and maybe (a huge maybe) a youtube channel about web design and web development, to both learn more about it and learn to speak 'in front of people' because i want to be able to give talks on my city on this subject, and also i want to teach people how to make the things i do and love, which is web design and coding. I'm still on a 9-5 job, and not thinking about leaving it because i do love the stability of it after having my own company for 2 years and getting sick of how difficult was to find clients on my country, but i have grown so much now (thanks to a lot of people, you included Amy), that i think i can give this a try.

    Lol, i'm not usually one to share those things on a youtube comment, but writing it and planning for it makes it feel more real, and help me decide if i should go for it. Is actually taking up my brain while i work which is an issue jaja, but well, I'll let you know (because) if it happens.

    Have a lovely rest of the week Amy 🙂

  22. You are amazing! So bold and fabulous and just such an inspiration. You helped me leave my corporate job and encouraged me to leave on a high note. Best advice ever! I'm currently working two part-time jobs that I'm passionate about so I can have more time to pursue another passion – starting up a YouTube channel! Haven't launched anything yet but I'm working on it! Keep being awesome, you're so appreciated!

  23. I love learning more about YOU!
    Please can you talk more about money? And (if you haven’t already) could you also talk about actually starting your business, moving to full time, and growing it? Like long story time type vid? Xxx

  24. I’ve been thinking about dropping out of my masters program and turning down an opportunity that I’ve waited 3 years for to start completely over. I’m not sure if my new direction would involve more school or starting my own business, but I don’t think the track I’m on is,, right 😅😅

  25. Yes, I took a big risk. Got a new job which, after a few months, the supervisor and manager drove me away from. I was tired of being reprimanded for every mistake, tired of being criticised and put down all the time, tired of being watched like a hawk practically every day, being send to the manager for a “quiet word” often to find a Human Resources member of staff in there to write down everything I said. I was interrogated regularly. I was trying to do a job that was so micromanaged I was tripping over people trying to get the work done. The more I was watched the more mistakes I made..
    I had to repeat the probationary period which meant that I didn’t have to give a month’s notice to leave. So I didn’t. One afternoon I walked out of the place and never went back.

    I haven’t had a sustainable income for 3 years so my huge risk didn’t pay off and I failed. Happy days 😒The thing is, I wasn’t even a stupid or reckless person before I started working there. I just transformed into one in the process.

  26. I’d like to leave my sales job (that I completely dislike) and follow three passions at once: IT support or anything IT related – coding, tutoring math, and typing.

    I want to work for a company and possibly later in life work for myself. But I can’t seem to know how to get motivation to start or where to start.

  27. My god Amy I can totally relate to this. I DID go to college and learned important things but it wasnt necessary. A ton of wasted timr and money. College for anyone that is non doctor or lawyer is pretty overrated. Your time is better spent doing what Amy did. Great vid!

  28. LOVE THIS! Your tips are on fire as always. Love the advice and a healthy dose of butt-kicking. I have a channel all about travel and lifestyle design and I swear you have been key in taking it from 0 to 10K in a few months. You're best, can't wait for more! <3

  29. I don’t understand, college or whatever education only takes 4 years and is when you have the most energy and can work and study (age), time goes by so fast and some people do need the accounting and administration knowledge and that some courses teach you, in US it is expensive but rest of the world maybe not, and it is important to learn how to manage a business and some people do need the discipline of college to learn

  30. I wanted to leave college since my 1st year because I want to give all my time and attention to music and my family. But I'm in 3rd yr and I haven't yet left it because of no support from literally anybody. I'm lucky to have all the friends in my life who are ready to take care of all my financial needs to help me complete my degree but I just have to complete it. It feels like pressure and now I try to make it seem like it's my choice. Your videos have helped so so much in managing time to take music classes, learn instruments, work for money and do all this in the morning( when I'm already leaving for college at 5:30am). But it is still very very exhausting. Like very very much. After bachelor's everybody wants me to do a full time job. I don't know what to do. The situation is very complex. Because there are financial needs of my family for me to have a full time job. I really don't know what to do. I'm really scared.

  31. I'm starting my own YouTube channel, even have my first script/notes written out. I've been considering leaving my job for a long time now, basically since I took the job I've been wanting to leave, so I'm really hoping YouTube works out. I'm also making a website after my first video goes up, and I am lucky enough to be a good writer, so that may also be something I pursue in the near future. I'm planning on keeping my job at least until I get my feet wet in this business though, because I am almost completely unfamiliar with YouTube and how to actually work it lol. Please just send some positive vibes my way 😂

  32. I am looking to move to a new place and start the next phase of my life as a empty nester. The company I have been with for 17 yrs was just bought out and sos many changes are happening I am looking for anew start. I feel that the many phases of my life are ending and it is time to go on to something new! Don’t know what it is yet but ready for a new risk in life!

  33. I chose not to go to college because of a really solid career opportunity. I put 100% of my effort into my career, and now, 8 years later I’m crushing it and making more money than most college graduates I know. It was the best decision and I’m so grateful that I took the risk.

  34. I have to say that this was by far my favorite video of yours!
    I think that it is cuz I finally saw what it is that feels so familiar about you.
    I had a similar path, so as you were talking I noticed how much our personalities match haha.
    I went to law school too, but I made the mistake of wasting my time and finished, did the bar exame and only after 4 years I dropped everything to follow a carreer as an artist, an illustrador. It has been working out pretty great so far.
    I did some portraits, then got hired to draw and color a comicbook and now I'm getting hired to illustrate a children's book.
    I've been watching you since you had 10k subs lol

    btw, sorry for any spelling mistakes, english is my second languange

  35. Can't wait for the next book to come out Amy. Is there any chance you will be able to do a launch function in Australia??????

  36. I Finished College in 2011 with a Associate Degree In Business Administration and been working Security for 9 years now but been wanting to try and start my own reselling business and maybe a podcast but my confidence level just isn't there yet to pull the Trigger.

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