3 Channel Audio Amplifier Board with TDA7265 IC DIY HINDI | ELECTROINDIA

today we are going to make 3-way audio amplifier board which have two IC TDA7265 you can use this board for making 2.1 sound system so let’s get started we got this made PCBs from pcbway.com you can buy if you want currently, the offers are going on you can get special discount you can get the benefit of this we will make more boards in upcoming videos these are the components. which we are going to use in this project i have given the list in the description box below. you can buy from utsource if you want let’s start making if you are making a single sideboard. then you need to insert 4 jumpers 4 pcs Resistors 4.7 ohm this is 1/2 watt all of the rest resistors are 1/4 watt we will bend the pins for the larger area with the help of pliers all types diode have polarity so make sure about the plus and minus we have used the different-different circuit for both ICs this ic for two speakers and the maximum output will be 25-25 watt and this ic will play only one speaker and the maximum output will be 50 watt which you can use for subwoofer this type of capacitors have polarity so make sure about the plus and minus make sure about the plus and minus 3 pin connector for transformer if you don’t have connectors so you can connect the wire directly 3 connectors for speaker sockets and this is 3 pins small connector for audio input this is for two audio and this is the two-pin connector for single audio input these connectors may fall off so we will connect these later now cutting after this, soldering now apply liquid flux now soldering now we will connect all the connectors now wash with thinner now we have to connect the heatsink we have to mark the positions for the holes like this and make holes with drill now apply compound we will not attach mica insulator if you want to use this board in a metal cabinet then you must have to attach mica in this and if you want to use it in wooden box or plastic cabinet then you don’t need to attach mica mica and spacer but this rule will not apply to my other boards this is only for this because both ics are the same now attach transformer i have 12-0-12 volt 5 amp transformer you can use 18-0-18 volt transformer but you must have to replace these capacitors to more than 35 volts 35volt or 50 volt only if you are using 18-0-18 now connect speaker socket let’s connect the column let’s attach one more socket for another speaker this is AUX socket of 3.5mm for connecting the phone we have connected another connector from both audio pins here we have used 2k2 resistor and short both audios for mono input let’s connect the wire to both sides our one speaker was left let’s connect it as well our two columns are with 10-inch woofer and this one is a 12-inch woofer let’s connect it as well and this is AUX lead let’s connect the phone this board doesn’t have the volume controller so we will use our phone’s volume controller let’s play now If you like this video, hit the like button if you are watching my video first time so Dont forget to Subscribe Because we have a lot more to show Thanks for Watching this Video

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