25 Most Awkward Halloween Costumes Ever

25 Most Awkward Halloween Costumes Ever

(Link) This, this, this, and this are just a few of the most awkward
Halloween costumes on the Internet. Let’s talk about those. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning. It’s that time again.
Of year… again. – (both laughing)
– “It’s that time again of year.” I meant to say,
“It’s that time of year again, where,” – and so I’ve gotten to that point
– Yeah. – and now we’re just moving on.
– We’re there again. Where you dress up like something
you’re not and get candy from somebody – that you might live next door to.
– That you’re not. – That you’re not.
– That you’re not. Dress up like somebody you’re not
and get candy from somebody you’re not. Some people put a lot of time
and planning, spend the whole year, “What am I gonna be for Halloween
this year?” Other people wait until the last second and just wrap
themselves in duct tape and say, “I’m Duct Tape Man!” which I did one time. – Yep, I was there.
– I wouldn’t recommend that. And then some people, no matter what they
do, just have a knack for being awkward and then posting pictures of
themselves on the Internet, making it even more awkward.
And giving us the opportunity to find them and share them with you
in rapid succession. – Are you ready…
– I’m ready! …to view the most awkward
Halloween costumes on the Internets? Here we go, Rhett. – Number one,
– Whoa. – I’m gonna bring this right in here.
– For a second there… (inhales) – I was like, “Are those eggs?”
– Heh heh, well, I was thinking something else.
But, uh… I think they’re potatoes. Hungry… it’s a TV dinner…
that she’s hiding behind wearing some sort of a
dance leotard. I don’t know. Does she work for Hungry Man?
Is this like if you go to the Hungry Man headquarters on Halloween,
this what you’re confronted with? Because if so, I’m going. (laughing) Evil laugh. Very appropriate. Okay, this is a Halloween family photo. – Whose idea was this? (laughing)
– Yeah. I think the one in the middle, – Mama Bear’s idea.
– Yeah, Papa Bear is doing about as good as he possibly can do
with this situation. He almost seems happy,
but he feels stupid. He’s making a much better expression
than I would be making. Oh, whoa. So, aquarium head.
Now, in theory, this is a great costume. But in practice, it is awkward execution.
There’s no way around it. And we have a point of reference for this,
having done pool head. – (water splattering)
– (Link) As you can see, uh… it leaks pretty quickly,
but he’s really cool now. I was so uncomfortable
in our pool head that was leaking. It’s downright dangerous. – (Rhett) Hm.
– Oh my goodness! (snorts) That’s scary. Like, where does… Oh my gosh.
That’s awesome. I think the thing is is that he
cannot stand up though. He’s like, “Uh, well, they kinda finished this, but if I stand up, all of this cabbage
is gonna fall off of me.” “Bring the candy to me.” And something tells me he’s got
nothing on underneath that lettuce. – I think all this will be fed to the hogs
– (laughing) – after the costume is disposed of.
– “Da hogs.” Wow. Okay, here we go.
So this is like a poop emoji. – No, it’s a Hershey’s Kiss.
– Oh. No, yes, it is poop. I was trying
to clean it up a little bit. – (laughing)
– What would you do if your lady friend showed up like this.
That would be your wife. Not… yeah, your wife. (laughing) If you wife showed up
and this was her idea. I think it’s cute.
I think it’s a cute idea. What would you go as?
A pair of butt cheeks? (laughing) That’s a good idea, too. – Okay, well, you’re welcome.
– Nothing awkward about this one. – (both laughing)
– This is awkward. – Oi.
– I mean, wow. I mean, why you gotta get in that pose? I mean, work with me a little bit, girl. This is how to not train your dragon. (both laughing) – (pleasantly surprised) Oh.
– Again, very inventive, but extremely impractical.
I mean, you open your front door and see this guy just laid out there
on your welcome mat. – Well, you’d give him something.
– Probably a clubbing. (both laughing) I mean, the horn is great,
but the mobility is lacking. You gain a lot of cool points
in your local high school when you do the narwhal thing, though. You will immediately be cooler. Oh my goodness. Wha.. what is this?! – Well, it’s…
– It’s awkward. …no, it’s– well, yeah, it is that,
but it’s pictures of Nicolas Cage. – Including the face. Everything…
– Oh my gosh. … she is covered in a Spandex suit
made out of Nicolas Cage… – (Rhett) …faces.
– (Link) Pictures. Oh, wow. The face on the face… I mean, any face would
have been disturbing, but that face in particular is perfect. – (Link) Remind you of anything?
– (Rhett) Oh yeah. – Yeah, it’s kind of like that, maybe…
– (Link laughing) (Rhett) You know what, maybe I just need
to get a whole Spandex suit made out of myself. I mean, I’m as good of
an actor as Nicolas Cage. Ooh… not true. – Oh, little Bobby is a burglar.
– (Link laughing) – A cat burglar. Yeah.
– Oh! This is genius! But I feel a little sorry for the cat,
which I’m concerned might be dead. (laughing) “I’m sorry to tell you, Bobby,
but little Frisky has suffocated.” Little Frisky. – (Link) Oh, yes.
– (Rhett) Hold on a second. There they are. Finally, I’ve found them:
the dream couple. Now, you do know that
the man is a centaur. – I mean, he’s got extra legs back there.
– Oh, yeah, he does. – You just seeing that now?
– Yeah. And what is she, a two-legged unicorn? She’s a two-legged unicorn.
That doesn’t exist. – Yeah, psh. Awkward.
– Come on, now. Let’s get realistic here. This is going way back. This is an antique photo of, like,
the Michelin Man and the Michelin Woman? Or like “Bagel Boy” and “Bagel Dad.” (laughing) They could be Mr. and Mrs. Bagel. – What’s this dodgeball’s name?
– Wiltson. – Wil… there’s no “t” in it.
– No, there is in my book. – Wilson. (laughing)
– Wiltson. Now, this is smart, man.
As long as you don’t throw him. Or see if he floats in the ocean. His face says it all, though.
“I am so over this Wiltson thing.” Oh. Here’s that costume that
goes along with the poop emoji. – (Link laughing)
– You wear this one on your face, Link. But what is this guy, really,
besides totally weird? I guess it’s just like “Patriots fan
with free-flowing butt.” Don’t you have parents? This costume is the reason parents exist:
to prevent this costume from existing. Maybe it’s the Bills. Maybe it’s the
Buffalo Bills. I take that back. – Butt-falo Bills.
– Ah, that’s it. The Butt-falo Bills. Right. Okay, so this is a mind-bender, here.
I see what I believe to be three legs. – Converse ostrich.
– No face. – Is this two people?
– No, it’s a man… With three legs?
Is that his head down there? Yeah, that’s his head. He’s just a
man bending over with his head… – Oh!
– and he’s got his hands behind his neck. It’s really not that complicated. All you need is some black panty hose
and a black pillow case and a black shoe. And some sort of a pole.
Check, check, and check. – Uh oh.
– This appears to be, um… two young ladies
impersonating us for Halloween. – I’m impressed.
– I don’t know how I feel about that. I think I feel the same way that
the one on the left feels about it: unwilling to make eye contact,
totally awkward, and questioning the whole enterprise. Well, you definitely get the picture
the one on the right playing you is the one who came up with this idea, and
the one on the left was talked into it. – Shall I go on?
– Yes. – (Rhett) Mm.
– All right, now we’re going way back again. Telephone Face. Hey, we could do this. This is a good last minute costume.
This is better than Duct Tape Man. This has got “last-minute”
written all over it. Oh, this is inventive. (laughing) Teamwork. I call this one “Teamwork.” – “Bosom Buddies.”
– (Link laughing) That would be the name on the package. I like the fact that there’s a ultra-large screenshot
of burger behind them. We’ve got three angles of this one. This awkward costume cannot
be contained in one photo. This is, uh, fat dancing baby.
Adult baby, formal edition. – (Link laughing)
– And you can see that – he’s at his place of work.
– Right before he got fired. Yeah, right. The last day
at his place of work when he showed up as the big baby. – (Rhett) Oh. Yeah.
– They’re happy about this. I would be afraid to dress
my kids up like this. I don’t want to be that afraid
of my own children., you know? Well, you can rest assured these kids
did not receive any candy. They’re like, (high, wheezing voice)
“Hi, can I have some candy?” (wheeze) I think that’s how they talk. “Wow, we’re two of the
creepiest kids on the planet.” They look like they’ve dipped
themselves in human blood, at least the one of the left. Oh, they’re capable of it. (both laughing) – Prince.
– I mean, when your kid has a mustache like that, you’re just
begging to turn him into Prince. Right, yeah. It’s pretty much a done deal. Duct tape Ninja Turtles. Okay, so they
took duct tape to a new level. There’s a lot of sweat under
these turtle costumes that’s going to be pouring out
throughout the evening. Okay, I get the feeling that this is
a last-minute Halloween costume. – What makes you think that?
– Uh, maybe because it pretty much just consists of
gray construction paper and red yarn. No, no, no. No, no.
It also has a brown shirt, – brown pants, and a brown belt.
– I’m thinking he got those from the old closet.
I think he had those on standby. I really think that this is
an interpretation of the Man with the Iron Mask.
Remember that old movie? This is the Man with the
Construction Paper Mask. – (Link) Oh! (guffawing)
– (Rhett) Okay… (high-pitched voice) Wow! That is scary. This is the perfect confluence
of simplicity and creepiness. If I saw this on the street,
I would shake this man’s hand. Maybe I’d shake the little baby’s hand. – I don’t know.
– (Link laughing) He should be smiling in this photo.
He really should. – Okay, okay. What is happening?
– Well, this is, uh… (Rhett) this is a play on that cat meme. But is that a re– is that a…
is that a cat mask? Or is that a cat? I don’t think it’s an actual cat, Link.
I think it’s a person. That’s an amazing makeup job, though. You ever seen a cat wear a jean jacket
and it actually that well? – (both laughing)
– I haven’t. Oh my goodness.
Koala… mask… So, this could be a last-minute costume.
He’s like looking around his kid’s room and he’s, “Oh, my kid’s favorite
koala stuffed animal.” “It’s got a little rip in the butt
already. Lemme just… – (Link makes a tearing sound)
– …put my face in it.” “No, kids, Mr. Koala just
sat down real hard on my head and I had to cut through so
I could drink this soda.” Ugh! So okay, there you have it: the most awkward Halloween
costumes on the Internet. – You have been warned.
– Maybe you know what to do or what not to do this Halloween.
Hopefully you were inspired. Thanks for liking and commenting with whatever costume
you’re gonna wear this year. Remember, you can support the show
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You wanna learn how to make “pho-ta-tos”? – You wanna learn how to make music?
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visit lynda.com/rhettandlink. You know what time it is. Hi, I am Dan from Hungary. And it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality. ♪ (Wheel of Mythicality music) ♪
– All day today on our Twitter, that’s @rhettandlink,
we’re going to be retweeting the spooky
tweets that you tweet. 140 characters or less, a scary story,
#spookytweet. Click through to Good Mythical More
where we discuss the topic “should you or shouldn’t you decorate
your home or apartment for Halloween?” – (Rhett laughing in a silly way)
– Controversial. “Rhett is obsessed with office supplies.” (raspy voice) (grunts) Hey, man. – Hey, man.
– (stammering) You got any staples? – Uh, I could probably–
– What about pens?! – Pens? Staples? Stap–
– Sure, I could get a… Staple removers is the best.
You got any tape? – Yeah, I could–
– Tape dispensers! Give me everything. Give it to me! – I got all of that stuff, probably.
– (groans) I want it so bad. – Get, oh yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Here it is right here. – Oh yeah.
– Some tape… – (tape squeaking as it’s pulled)
– (offscreen laughter) (chomping) Here’s a marker. It’s scented. Can’t get enough of this.
It’s like spaghetti. (tape crinkling) Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team

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