$22 MICROPHONE VS $3600 MICROPHONE | Andrew Huang

$22 MICROPHONE VS $3600 MICROPHONE | Andrew Huang

Hey, it’s Andrew Huang you’ve seen the title, you know what we’re doing today I have with me here a Neewer NW-800 I picked this for our comparison today because it’s dirt cheap But also pretty popular on Amazon This thing will run you $21.99 And we’re gonna pit it against an industry standard Neumann U87 This one costs $3599.99 I do not own this microphone I rented it for one week. Which cost me 115 dollars So for the price of renting this for a week you can buy 5 of these and have enough money left over For this much candy So I am going to do some tests with these and I’m also add in 2 more mics to compare some other price points The Shure SM58 is 99 dollars Reasonably within reach for most budgets and it’s probably the most iconic vocal mic of all time If you’ve ever seen a live concert, you’ve probably seen one of these Also from Shure, this is the SM7B. This is the mic I’ve settled on for all my vocals and most of my instruments as well after a decade of home recording and experimenting with lots of different things It’s also fairly popular as far as mid-priced mics go. You can get one of these for $399 dollars So I am going to start with a very quick test of just talking into each mic So I am going to start with a very quick test of just talking into each mic So I am going to start a very quick test of just talking into each mic So I am going to start a very quick test of just talking into each mic Everything you’re hearing right now is coming directly from the mics With no post processing You do need an audio interface to record from a microphone onto a computer I am using a universal audio apollo twin I am actually surprised by this little NW-800 I thought it was going tinny, $20 garbage It’s not amazing but I think it definitely could be usable if you’re just starting a podcast or something Sound is a little bit harsh though and I think you’ll notice when we switch to the 58 There is a significant improvement in tone there’s a lot more clarity here And as we move on to the SM7B I find this one is a little bit cleaner, uh, the character is very similar to the 58 though And that kind of makes sense they’re both made by the same company And I don’t know if there ever was going to be any doubt but the really expensive mic Sounds the best But you just heard them back to back too so let me know, maybe you disagree let’s move on to some singing tests I just had an idea actually if you want to do a blind test of how these mics sound when I sing into them close your eyes for the next part of the video see how you like the sounds and then you can go back and check out what mic I was using for different sections and maybe we’ll discover something surprising or maybe a $3600 mic can never be beaten ♪ “Sink or swim again, I’ll give you my hand” ♪ “Till we reach the end, there’s never dry land” ♪ “we’ll catch a glimpse of life, when the stars are out tonight” ♪ “we can make it there, we can make it all alright” ♪ “might drift until we die, and reflect that lonely sky but” ♪ “I’m fine if I just have you by my side” ♪ “I made you a promise” ♪ “I’ll keep though we are just” ♪ “two bodies of water” ♪ “I made you a promise, I’ll keep though we are just” ♪ “two bodies of water” so hearing, singing through these microphones has basically just amplified the opinions I had before even more surprised by this little guy for some kinds of songs, I think you can get away with this the frequency response is noticeably worse than the other microphones this one is definitely a little too heavy in the mid-range, doesn’t provide as much low end and the treble can be a bit harsh I feel like the SM58 in all respects is just like straight down the middle of the road, you don’t notice it being awful or amazing it is a microphone doing a microphone’s job The SM7B is a little bit more full and more detailed and the Nuemman… what a gift what a beautiful beautiful gift I want to kiss you but you’re a rental and are probably covered in the spit of a thousand people definitely the crispiest the most clarity, a richer sense of detail and I guess you have to be $3000 richer to have one.. [ba-dum tst] so there’s your comparison from something dirt cheap to something insanely expensive and here’s my verdict for sound quality out of 10, I would call the Neewer a 5 let’s say 1 is like what a phone call sounds like The Neewer is a 5 it sounds better than what I would have expected for it’s price and I think some people would find it fine for their projects the SM58 is a 7 it’s decent, it’s definitely usable but it sounds a little bit duller a little bit less dynamic than you might want The SM7B i would call an 8, it’s really solid it doesn’t leave a whole lot to be desired I’ve been really happy with mine for the last few years and the Neumman is clearly the best one we have here it represents the sound source the most accurately and in the most detail so I’m going to give it a 9.5 out of 10 just to leave room for the fact that there are way more expensive mics out there to visualize the price points let’s say each of these sour apple rings represents $100.00 american dollars, the NW-800 looks like this the SM58 is almost exactly a $100 bucks. Here’s the SM7B at 400 and for the U-87 we need to put down 36 of these tasty green Benjamins that is astronomically more candy on the board there so which microphone is right for you? I’ve tried my best to present the audio from these mics as objectively and equally as possible but I do carry around a couple of philosophies with me in all my work. First I will work with whatever is available if all I could afford was this $22 microphone I wouldn’t let that stop me from creating I would buy this thing and use it to its full potential I have used the built in mics on my laptop and my phone the mic I started with was called a midnight blues and I think it cost me eighty dollars back in the day and it sounded worse than this thing and I used it all the time the second thing is when you get past a certain threshold of sound quality and of dollars the improvement you can make get smaller and smaller worth it maybe if you have the money and if pristine quality is what you’re going for but you can absolutely do great work with less expensive tools. I am a career musician this has been my living for 13 years now I’ve released something like 40 albums I’ve never used one of these before if several thousand dollars fell into my lap I sure would but this Shure would also serve me well for just about anything for the results you get this is like the difference between 90% and a 100% and that last 10% is going to cost you $3000. And I think the microphone that’s right for you is the one that you can afford. I feel like most people can put aside $99 for the SM58, but if you really can’t do that or if you’re just working on small personal projects or never doing any singing: $21.99. I will say that the build quality on this isn’t great and who knows how long it will last this part especially is very cheap plastic it feels like a kid’s toy. And as a matter of fact the Neewer is $2 cheaper than this Deadpool action figure and half the price of the stuffed Barry from Bee Movie. I could probably do an entire hilarious video comparing cost between this mic and other things. It’s so cheap! I hope you enjoyed this video I’ve linked to all these mics in the description if you want to learn more about them or buy one just casually add a U87 to your cart there and I’ll be back in a few days with a new video so please subscribe!

11 thoughts on “$22 MICROPHONE VS $3600 MICROPHONE | Andrew Huang

  1. In my personal opinion also it depends on what headphones or speaker that the people are listening from to because I think that some will make some microphones sound better or worse.

  2. Thanks Andrew, I gave it to my girlfriend for the birthday together with the iRig Pro Duo audio/midi interface. She is very satisfied and she independently started recording some good quality songs just with the iPad and this gear!

  3. REally enjoyed this experiment. Listened on JBL LSR305 speakers (of course, there is nothing to be done for Youtube's compression and sound quality), and I'd be hard pressed on the singing part to tell any significant difference between any of the mics. My own personal experience tells me that I get better detail and sound quality out of condenser mics than I do out of dynamic mics, but based on this test, there is no way in hell I'd shell out money for the Neumann. It did seem to me (and I don't pretend to have great ears or anything) that the Neumann and your preferred Shure mic were both very transparent. The SM58 had a distinctive sound (I didn't think it was good or bad… just noticeable). The cheap mic sounded perfectly reasonable to me, and I doubt I'd ever hear a recording done on that mic and think "wow, they used a crappy mic." We live in a golden age where a person can have perfectly usable tools for relatively little money.

  4. Lol😂 through my computer and through my iPhone cannot barely hear the difference between the $22 microphone and a $3600 microphone. Sorry to say the $3600 microphone should only be $36 what a joke. You don’t need deep Low base for human voice and you don’t need extreme highs with the human voice.

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