2018 Favorite Podcasts (Advice, Crime & Business) || VEDO 20

2018 Favorite Podcasts (Advice, Crime & Business) || VEDO 20

– Oh hello. It is pretty early in the morning. I am going out to Long Island to spend the day with my family, visiting one group and seeing the other and then taking the train home just in time to get back to sleep because I did not get
much of it last night. But vido stops for no man and here we are. So I wanna tell you about
my very favorite podcasts. Now I subscribe to a lot of
them, I make a lot of them, and these are the shows
that whenever a new episode pops up in my feed I drop
everything to listen. Now while working in finance and desperately trying to find things on the internet to read to keep my mind occupied in my downtime I came across advice columns:
Dear Prudence, Ask Polly, all kinds of really wonderful,
Dear Sugar, columns, that were coming out in the
earlier part of this decade were just the fricking best. And Slate Magazine has an ongoing column called Dear Prudence
where the advice columnist changes over time. And currently that is
Daniel Mallory Ortberg, who was formerly the co-founder
of the website The Toast, which was the best place on the internet. Danny is really fantastic. His advice comes from a very
queer and trans centered point of view, which I didn’t
realize how much was lacking in the advice columns I was reading until I read his work. And there was a podcast of Dear Prudence. It comes out every week. It actually got me to pay
for a Slate Plus membership, which I cannot believe I do, but I want it because
there is extended episodes of the podcast released
every week for those members. Okay and part of me does like hearing about other
people’s wild problems. But moreover I love how Danny approaches kind of self advocacy. One thing that he repeats is if someone says something
insulting or shocking to you you can just say what
a strange thing to say. And I have used that in life because how else do you know how to say or react in that situation? In a similar vein the show Friendshipping is about advice, but
moreover, about friendship and boundaries and being an inclusive ally and progressive and feminist. My friend Leslie Datsis
suggested this show to me and it’s become one of
my very very favorites. The two co-hosts work at
Cards Against Humanity. They are extremely funny and their advice comes from a really great and empathetic but also healthy boundary setting place. A recent addition is The
Good Place, the podcast. The TV show The Good Place is obviously the best thing that every
happened to television since Elementary. And NBC is producing a podcast
where Mark Evan Jackson, who plays Sean on the
show, you may recognize as Captain Holt’s husband
from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, host of the show, does
a really fantastic job. It’s a well done podcast,
which is a relief, because it would suck if it was bad. And they talk to writers and directors and set dressers and
assistant camera people. It’s really really fabulous
as a look behind the scenes of making a TV show. And talking to the cast is also really fun because I think all those actors are just really lovely people. So I always listen to it the
day after an episode comes out. So usually an episode comes out Thursdays and then podcast comes out Fridays. They did the first two seasons and they’re now doing
season three as it airs, which is so cool. And now for a true crime
section of this video. Okay I love white collar crimes. I love grits. I love them very very much. But, Uncover: Escaping NXIVM is a podcast about the NXIVM multi-level
marketing scheme, cult, no one’s quite sure. It is hard to listen to in some places because the abuses that the protagonist, or the main interview
subject I guess, describes, are horrific. But it is also a really
fascinating kind of view into how a self help program verges on the line of
cultiness, and I love cults. On a somewhat lighter note,
The Dream is a podcast about multi-level marketing schemes. And the main reporter is
from a town in Michigan where all her friends
and family are into MLMs. And it’s like pyramid
scheme or people will sell vitamins or handbags
or whatever, or makeup, on Facebook to you and
they only make money when you buy but then they have to kind of buy from people above them
in order to get supplies so people above them make money. It’s somewhat fucked up. It’s a really great podcast,
only five or six episodes out, but it’s gonna be continuing
for a little while. And it is really lovely as a women focused economics podcast because things like Tupperware
parties or direct sales, which is kind of the broader umbrella term of people going to someone’s house and selling them a thing, comes from women being
unable to participate in the economy to the
full degree that men do. So it’s fascinating, the ways in which people view this as an empowering thing, and maybe it is empowering,
even as it is exploitative. So it’s really nuanced. It’s really great. Sound’s beautiful. And that is The Dream. And I think I mentioned these before, but Someone Knows Something
and Up and Vanished are two really wonderful,
ethical, serious minded, really well reported crime podcasts. Someone Knows Something has covered several different stories,
and then Up and Vanished is the story of one
person who’s gone missing. And both of them are serious. They are sad. They’re unsolved. But the kind of attitude with which the reporters approach the story, they’re not just talking
about the grizzly details of a crime. They’re talking about
the life of the subject, the person in question. They’re talking about
those that they left behind and the ways that that disruption breaks a rift through whole communities. So it’s, especially for a person like me who enjoys crime novels and TV shows, I think it’s a much needed kind of pairing to the more cheap thrill
style novels or shows because all this has
really real consequences. And the two businessy podcasts. Skimmed From the Couch is by the co-founders of The Skim, who are like business
people, work in tech, got VC funding, have MBAs,
and they talk to women who are CEOs or otherwise
kind of high executives at other companies. And it is really wonderful. It’s very real. It’s not like overly businessy. It’s basically the only
business related podcast that I listen to because everything else is intolerable and super
masculine and bro-y and entrepreneurial in a gross way. But this is great. They talk about the
emotion and the realities and the excitement of running a company. And especially as I do more of that myself it is really nice to have
those examples in my ears. And No, You Go is hosted by three women who are friends and who
work in various fields. They’re in their I think like mid-30s. So for me anyway it’s nice to have this kind of cohort of
women who work in tech, in publishing, in media. Some of them are self-employed. Some of them work at companies. And they are just dealing
with a different set of challenges than I am. And in so much of the
blogs and media and stuff that I read and consume, people are my age or they’re in their late 20s or they’re coming into their
careers for the first time. But these women are different. They’ve gone through different
phases of their careers. They have families, some of them, or have dealt with that question. And the folks that they talk to range in age from their 20s to their 60s. So it is really nice,
again, like complement to the more millennial focused blogs. Like The Creative Independent is a blog run by Kickstarter where
it interviews artists and does all kinds of
really valuable guides on how to run a creative business. But the people they talk
to often feel like my peers and No, You Go feel like my older sisters. So they talk about running a
career in different fields, in specialized fields,
like as a UI designer or as a web designer or as a writer. They really kind of run the gamut. So I really like listening to those when I am going on a long train ride or going on errands in my neighborhood. It feels like I am in the company of women that I really wanna be like. And that’s always a really good feeling. Alright, I am going to
edit this real quick and then head off to
brunch with my brothers. It’s gonna be very fun. I wish you all a very lovely Saturday. If you have prompts for my
one take Sunday tomorrow I am happy to hear them, Otherwise, I will see
you then for more vido.

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  1. After you talked about escaping NXIVM I cam down here to mention The Dream and then you said it :D. Some of my other must listens include Popcvlt (it's about the intersection of pop culture and witch craft, it's fairly new, and the audio quality gets a LOT better after the first episode), Snark Squad Pod, and Keep It.

  2. Wow! So many great suggestions. I can't wait to start listening although I think my listen list needs to be purged to fit all the new ones in 😖

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