20 Style & Grooming Essentials (UNDER $20) You MUST Own

20 Style & Grooming Essentials (UNDER $20) You MUST Own

20 Style & Grooming Essentials (Under $20)
You MUST Own [0:00:00]
In today’s video, gents, I’m sharing with you over twenty style and grooming accessories
under $20 that I think every men should own. [Music]
So, as we’re making our way through the video, make sure to keep track of the items
you don’t own. And let me know down in the comments do you
agree or disagree should every man have these items. So, coming in first, gentlemen, we’ve got
the tongue brush also known as the tongue scraper. The goal here is to dislodge bacteria on the
back of the tongue. And, this is something that, yes, a toothbrush
some of them are going to advertise they’ve got a scraper on the back. Believe me, this does not work very well. You want to actually have a tongue scraper
or tongue brush that’s going to get back there and dislodge that bacteria. When you’ve got all that bacteria back there,
what’s going to happen, you’re going to get bad breath and that can also lead to,
you know, tooth decay and infection. You want to get in there and dislodge all
that bacteria, so that when you use a mouthwash you brush your teeth, it does a better job
of cleaning your mouth. Next up, let’s talk watches. So, have you ever bought a watch, you love
the look of the case and the dial, but that watch strap, ugh, maybe it’s the quality,
maybe it’s not providing much contrast. You know that a better looking watch strap
would just add so much, so that’s what you need to do. Go out there and get a watch strap that’s
going to level up your watch. When it comes to straps the issue is there
are so many options. Maybe you want to go with a fabric, you want
to go with a muted color, you want to go with a brighter color. All of these are relatively inexpensive and
what’s cool is you can buy some of them even in packs. And, don’t forget about leather silicone
rubber, these options are great. They’re usually going to be a little bit
more expensive than the fabric, but what I like about this is you can find still some
pretty good options under the $20 range. Now, you can go into any jewelry store and
actually get this done for a few dollars or a watch repair shop, but I would recommend
that you just simply get a nice tool that enables you to do this. The only thing you got to be careful is don’t
scrape the case. Because, gents, this can make a huge difference,
when you get the right dial, the right case, the right strap, you get that perfect combination,
it can turn an average watch into an amazing looking watch. Next up, we’ve got the styptic pencil. This is an anti-hemorrhage kit which is basically
it stops bleeding. So, whenever you get a cut on your face, your
shaving, guess what? You apply this right there, don’t use the
toilet paper, this will do such a better job. Next up on the list, gentlemen, I’ve got
Chassis. Now, I probably could have said ball powder,
but in the next ten to fifteen years, those two words are going to mean the same thing. Why? Because these guys are the leader when it
comes to the best ball powder on the planet. Now, Chassis is the sponsor of today’s video
and I’ve been talking about them for years because I believe in their product. They use amazing ingredients. When you go look over on their website, you
see – you’re going to see just everything right here is safe to use on the boys. That’s what I love first and foremost. Next up, it works and it really does. They’ve got this hydro shield technology. So, basically when you put this on the boys,
it is going to protect them throughout the entire day. If you deal with any type of chafing, if you
have any type of swamp crotch, this is the product that’s going to solve your problems. And, I also love how these guys are innovating. So, they didn’t just rest on their laurels,
they had a great initial product, but what they decided, hey, let’s create an unscented
version, let’s create an ice version which is a little bit more of the cooling feeling
if that what’s you’re looking for. And, they’ve got a wide variety of other
products, so there’s Shower Primer. This is for those of you that really have
a lot of sensitivity down there and you want to actually have something that you can apply
in the shower. Chassis is talc and aluminum-free. And this bottle right here is going to last
you over four months. Gents, I’m linking to Chassis down in the
description of today’s video. Click on that link. Go check them out. You’ve got to love a company that saw a
problem and they created a deck of products that all work together to solve that one problem. Guys, they’ve got you covered. Go check them out. Next up, a good quality pen. I like to have a pen that’s got a bit of
weight and for $20, you’d be surprised what you could find out there. One area that I like to bring in, tactical
pens. I find a lot of them under that $20 point. And I just love being able to take something
like this and, yes, I have taken this on an airplane, have not had it taken since. It does work as a pen and if I need to let’s
just say break to some glass, it’s got me covered. Next up, we’ve got trimmers. Now, this one in particular is for the nose. You can find some that actually have a variety
of heads all well under $20. This one right here are more for the sideburns,
the back of the neck. This right here is going to save you a lot
of money because you don’t have to go to the barber all the time. This one is just going to save you a lot of
embarrassment because you’re going to get rid of those nose hairs. You should be using a trimmer like this at
least once a week. Next up, we’ve got keychain tools. Multi-tools are cool, but most of them are
going to be well over $20 and TSA loves to take these things, so I wouldn’t recommend
these ones right here. But, what I would recommend is looking at
a variety of options out there when it comes to a $10 to $15 simple multi-tool that’s
going to fit right on your carryon, has a nice little cutting, you know, edge has maybe
a screw driver, has a bottle opener. Those are the things I find most people use,
these come in very handy and I like to have a few of them just on different key rings
on different vehicles. Next up, we’ve got the shoe tree. I know, not sexy, but you know what? This is going to save you tons of money because
it’s going to make your shoes the upper part of your good dress shoes last twice as
long. Why? Because it’s going to retain its shape and
they’re going to help pull out moisture and they’re going to help kill odor. Those are the things that you’re going to
kill your shoe, you’re going to have to throw it out, but if you use and leverage
good shoe trees, guess what? Your shoes are going to last a lot longer. [0:05:13]
And, speaking of making your shoes last longer, you’re getting more miles out of them, make
sure to change out those laces. Yes. A lot of times people stop wearing shoes because
the laces make the whole shoe look ratty, so just get some new laces at least once a
year and bring in a variety of colors. Have fun with your dress shoes. Now, it’s going to make them more casual,
but you know you can change out the lace pretty easily, have some options here, but change
out those laces. Next up, let’s talk sunglasses. So, I’ve talked about the classic styles
before – Aviators, Wayfarer, Club Master. But, let’s talk specifically about a style
that I haven’t really covered and that’s going to be sport glasses. So, you probably see me wear these in a video
or two. What I like about these is when I go for a
run, they’re incredibly lightweight. They don’t even – it doesn’t even feel
like they’re on my face and these are going to be sport glasses that just do a great job
of not weighing not really getting in the way. Now, when I’m out and mowing my lawn, if
I’m riding a bike, I’ll wear a pair of wraparounds. Relatively light, these are going to actually
provide protection and do a good job. Now, let’s talk about lenses. The thing that everyone is going to focus
in on is polarized versus non-polarized. What polarize lenses do is they protect your
eyes from light coming from a variety of sources. So, if you’re out on a lake, you probably
want polarized lenses because light is going to be hitting you from a wide variety of angles. But, just because something is non-polarized
doesn’t mean it’s bad, it just simply means it’s non-polarized and that it’s
not going to block light from all those different angles. Now, another thing you’re going to see are
colors. When you’ve got brown or orange lenses,
those actually enable you to see better detail, so I’ve got some brown lenses that I like
to wear when I’m driving. Next up on the list, I think every man should
have a business card holder. Why? To be able to protect your business cards,
keep them in one place. Here’s the deal, if you’re handing out
a business card and you don’t want it to be folded, you don’t want it to be bent
up, torn, you don’t want to have markings or some type of stain on it. No, you want it to look great because it represents
you. In this person’s mind, you want to really
make an impression and that’s where a calling card or a business card can come in very handy. And let’s not forget the money clip. Money clips keep your cash looking good, they
keep it organized. Oh, you’re not a cash guy, you only use
cards? Well, make sure that you’ve got an RFID
wrapper or an RFID protecting wallet. What are these things? They actually prevent your card from being
read. And, yes, there are people out there that
have readers that they can basically pick your pocket. They can go in there and pull money off of
your credit card using those readers. So, make sure that you’ve got protection
for your wallet. Pocket squares and handkerchiefs, I think
a well-dressed man has both. What’s the difference? Pocket squares. These are made to go into the breast pocket
of a jacket and they’re going to be made oftentimes from silk from very luxurious materials
that can be made from cotton, but these are really for show. Now, the handkerchief, this is for blow which
basically means for blowing your nose. This is going to be made from cotton, it should
be durable it should be washable and it’s something that usually goes in the back of
your pocket or an inside pocket on the jacket. Shoe trees, know what they are and use them. So many men ruin the back of their shoe because
their foot is going in and out and they’re just crushing and bending the back part of
that. So, use a shoe tree, it’s going to make
it so much easier especially when you put on a Chelsea boot or another type of boot,
maybe it’s a little bit tight, you want to make sure to use that shoe tree, it’s
going to allow the foot to go in and out so much easier. Now, with the quality shoe I love a leather
sole, but one of the issues with leather soles is they become slippery when it gets wet. So, guys, make sure to go out there and look
for they’re very inexpensive just add a bit of traction to the bottom of your sole
right there and it’s going to prevent you from slipping and falling on your backside. And, let’s talk about edge dressing. So, hopefully on the upper part of the shoe,
you use a conditioner you use a polish to protect the upper. But, what about the sole what about whenever
we get discolor here especially on black? Use edge dressing. This is – this is a lot of dye in here,
so be very careful with it. Once you get it on your fingers, it’s very
difficult to get off, but this is going to dye this a very dark black, bring it back
to its original look. So, let me ask you two questions. Would you like to save a few extra minutes
in the morning? The second question, why don’t you shave
in the shower? The reason for most men is I would cut myself
because I can’t see what I’m doing. Well, guess what, guys? They have mirrors that are designed to be
in the shower and are going to be anti-fogging, apply a little bit of lotion and just get
the job done right in the shower. Next up, a variety of different hair products. As men, we fall into habits, we find one product
we like and we use it again and again. You should go out there and try something
new. So, if you’re using a putty, may be look
at something that’s more wax based, maybe bring in a pomade, maybe look at all of the
different options out there and you’d be surprised at what you can get for well under
$20. So, you had that old sweater you absolutely
love it, but guess what? It has shown its age, it’s peeling all over
the place. It looks like it’s coming apart. Well, guess what? Get a sweater shaver, a tool like this, you
just run over, it’s going to make the sweater look like new. [0:10:01]
Next up, we’ve got collar stays also known as collar bones. These are going to keep your collar points
looking great. But, a lot of guys are confused about should
you go metal, should you go plastic. Now, quality wise, it seems like metal would
be better, but here is the issue with metal. If you forget and you leave them in the shirt,
when you wash it, you can damage the shirt. For that reason, I think plastic is a better
option in most situations. Next up, we’ve got brushes and combs and
the issue here is that most men never explore, they never actually look at what the different
brushes and combs can do for their hair. So, what is this brush going to do? It’s a paddle brush and notice it’s got
a little bit thicker of a bristle there. This is actually going to give a pretty good
comb down look. But then you bring a brush like this, this
is really going to push down hair and do an excellent job giving you a very sleek look. Something like this is going to add a bit
more texture and you’ve got other brushes out there that can be used with hairdryers. Now, a comb, a lot of guys they want to travel
lighter. Well, have you ever tried putting your hair
together with different types of combs? You’re going to find the thickness of the
teeth and the length of the teeth can all have an effect on how your hair looks. A simple catchall, at this price point, leather
ones are going to be relatively small, other ones made from different materials you can
find them actually very inexpensive and what I like about these I put it right through
on my desk, I always know where my phone or my keys where are at because they go right
into it. And, let’s talk about the tie bar. What I like about tie bars is that most men
don’t even use them, yet they’re very functional. Why? It keeps your tie in place. So, you’re going to be out to a meal, you
don’t want your tie falling into your soup, guess what? Use that tie bar. So, where to actually wear the tie bar on
your tie? Okay. So, let’s break a tie into four parts. The bottom half, don’t wear the tie bar
down there. That top quarter, don’t wear it there. It’s going to be in that second quarter
right there where you want to find a place for the tie bar. The boutonniere, wearing a flower in the lapel. I’ll tell you most men can’t pull this
off, but if you know the history if you know that men going off to combat would have this
pinned under their lapel to remind them of their loved ones and how fragile life is,
all of a sudden you understand the history and that this is something that any man can
pull off and look great. So, what video to watch next, gentlemen? How about this one right here, what not to
wear. In this video, I talk in detail about clothing
items that you just want to avoid, they’re just – they’re just going to make you
look bad. Avoid these items, guys. I’m linking to this video right in the description. [0:12:18] End of audio

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