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  1. Watch bloopers and outtakes from this video here: https://youtu.be/fsPN0v7h0qs
    If you're wondering "What do the letters meeeaaan????" 🤔 just Ask Jeeves "MBTI"
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  2. Omg Frank, you always make the ESTJ out to be such an asshole. I would maybe say that but only jokingly to my kids. I do however 100% make the trick or treaters say thank you….,but again, in a nice friendly way 😂

  3. I love your videos. I’m doing a side project for studying INFJ which is my personality, but I suck at projecting myself in a certain way because I don’t know if I can. I look up to you and I love your videos, I just don’t know how to apply these things to myself. Maybe make some yourube videos? Maybe start journaling? Maybe display my thoughts about psychology and my thoughts on the world? I can’t talk about my personal life because I have close ones that would watch me, but I’m just not sure… any tips? I read a lot about INFJ on reddit and watching these YouTube videos, plus I’m thinking about transferring but idkkkkk

  4. HAHAHAAAAAA LMAO… wow Frank it's so weird how when you pull off the infj you look just like me I can always recognize myself right when you start the infj personality LOL

  5. For INTP, I think you should have had them make an amazing, complex costume. I'm INTP, and some examples of this that I've done are:
    Dracula that actually transforms into a bat Working vending machine Trash can with rabies

  6. How I celebrate Halloween as an infj:
    Lock the door
    Turn off all the lights upstairs
    Shut the door to my room
    Spend the whole night watching YouTube and eating the candy meant for the trick or treaters that are nonstop buzzing the doorbell upstairs

  7. Don't drink while watching this… I almost choke several times! 😂😂😂

    ⚠️ Spoilers below, don't read if you haven't finished the video yet!
    I recognized the ISTJ 0:39, the ISFJ 0:44 and the ENFP 1:04 right away. They're on point! 👌🏻
    1:33 ISFP had me crying! 😂
    2:45 INFP, that's me! My emotions! My emotions! 😭

  8. ISTP was spot on!! My bro is an istp and I could see him shutting the door and hoarding all the candy for himself 😂😂

  9. The moana thing was too funny. You could have done it about a bride costume, but you might not have heard abt that yet. Also, it's probably still too controversial to joke about, nevermind….

  10. INTP is always so accurate in these (except the camping one, but that might just be my nature loving, human-hating self).

  11. Can i be both ENTP and ENFP ? i am really asking because eveytime i take the test i get one or the other . Also in your videos i would definitely be either one of them! HELP!

  12. This is so funny…and uh yahh INFJ too accurate…(so Halloween is coming up, let me have some time to decide how I feel about getting up and down off my couch to potentially maybe engage in conversation, or be given the life history of each child by the parent, who may or may not ask me for some sound parenting advice………..🤔 think I might hide in my shed)

  13. I think I'm one of the only people who would actually prefer an almond joy over a reese's peanut butter cup(blasphemy, I know).

  14. That's freaky I'm an ENFP and I literally just had a coversation with someone that went like:
    Me: Hey its nearly Haloween what are you dressing up as I'm being the alt-universe Peter Parker/Spider-Man from Into the Spider-Verse.
    Them: Uhhh what? You still dress up for haloween, dude your an adult, guys in their 20s don't dress up.
    Me: ………. (dies inside)

  15. Which personality type is the one most likely to leave a big bowl of candy at the door with a "take only 2" sign?

    It seemed like every year there was one house in the neighborhood that had that and every kid around me would grab a big handful while I would grab only two (usually a Reeses cup and a mini Snickers if it was in the bowl).

    Happy Halloween (early) FJ! 🙂

  16. INTP lmao I’m like..nah, he can’t be that spot on…you life stalkin me? How do you find that thing we do that we don’t think much of and master it in these films?

    One year the setup was so bad, I had to apologize. It started with a skateboard sideways, half in and half out of the door (denoting an obvious struggle, of which the victim nowhere)..me: bloody skin torn zombie that eats kids..saying “you want candy, so tasty”…as I’m sucking in and out my own slobber and mumbling about how good to eat, barely audible over the nightmarish torture music in the background—was all so horrifyingly awesome that kids ran screaming..muah..hahahaha

  17. All the outgoing aspects to my INFJness (I made up a new word) all seem to come out on halloween, that's probably the most social period of my year.

  18. FJ [🎸], I Don't Handout Candy on Halloween Either, I Just Buy My Favorites (Reece's, Snickers, Zeros, Etc.) and Eat All of Them Myself!!! 😂
    [🍫] Pierre-Lee Gordon

  19. 0:54 I didn’t realize talking about the pagan origins of holidays was an INTJ thing. Guess I’m just one big stereotype.

  20. Moana I think there will be more neglect with those wearing the Elsa costume and wig lol!! Especially the skin tone hahahah

  21. I dressed as a grim reaper one year and hid behind a gate. And I'd come out with blood curling Nazgul scream… I scared one kid so bad he wouldn't come up to take the candy. Oh man I felt so bad. Poor kid.

    I've also caroled Xmas songs while trick or treating with my siblings… if kids caroled to me or did something silly I'd probably give them a bit extra candy!

    ISTP here… so yeah we like to have tricksy fun. 😅

  22. Christian INFP here. As much as I love dress up and candy, I don't do Halloween because even if it's not strictly pagan, it still celebrates witchcraft and horror and things that are ugly… instead I post Reformation Day memes to celebrate the Protestant Reformation (an actual, noteworthy event to celebrate) and then if I can, I head out to buy candy on sale the next day.

  23. I watched this video for a Halloween costume idea for a party I'm going to only to see that the INTJ character is costumeless and looking to share the origins of halloween and like….. accurate

    Still need a costume tho, rip me

  24. Me, an INFJ, obsessed with Halloween, milk duds, and almond joy (and the better mounds), who just returned from a haunted house.


  25. I absolutely disagree with the infp one. I love halloween and no one will ever force me to wear a lame pink unicorn outfit 😛

  26. Ohmaighad, i couldnt tell which was which, but when the intj came up i already knew it was THAT personality coz damn thats 100% me HAHAH

  27. I was watching the INTJ one and before I saw the letters I was like "This is me. Literally me" because I'm pagan and I often point out these cool bits to children because they find it interesting 😂 then I saw the letters and nearly died because it was so accurate for my type and me 😂

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