13 Surprising Truths About Sermon Podcasts

13 Surprising Truths About Sermon Podcasts

– Today on Pro Church
Daily we’re talking about 13 surprising truths
about sermon Podcasts. – Well hey there and
welcome to Pro Church Daily. The show where in 10
minutes or less you’re gonna get a daily dose of
tips and tactics to help your church share the
message of Jesus while we try and navigate the
biggest communication shift we’ve seen in the last 500 years. I’m your host Alex Mills joined
as always by the boss man. It’s Brady Shearer. And today, we’re talking
about 13 surprising truths about church sermon podcasts. – We’ve got a lot of data to go through. A lot of exciting and fascinating, at least I found to be, data points and statistics
on church sermon podcasts and podcasts in general. So let’s dive right in. – Let’s get to it. – First one, as of 2018
26% of all American adults listen to Podcasts
on a regular basis. – Wow – That’s number one.
– That’s not a little bit. – No, that’s… And it keeps going up, which is what’s also interesting. Secondly, podcast
listenership has increased across every major age demographic in each of the last five years. – Oh, wow. – So this is Millennials,
Gen-X, and Boomers. You know, young people,
medium people, older people. (laughter) Podcast listenership
has gone up every single year in the last five
years for each of them. So even though, as we’ll see, podcasts trend a little bit younger, even those that are older are starting to dive into the audio listening game. – My dad is a medium person,
as you just described him, And he loves listening to podcasts. And I’ve seen it. I’ve seen that truth in his
life the last five years. Just the increase in frequency in which he listens to podcasts. And you and I are listening to podcasts basically all the time. – I’m listening to one right now. (laughter) I’m creating a podcast and listening to a basketball podcast as we talk. Moving on, podcast
listeners have increased their weekly listening
by 40% in the last year. As weekly podcast fans
listen to an average of seven different shows each week. And so what does this show us? No only is podcast
listenership getting wider, it’s also getting deeper. Before we started recording this weeks episodes of Pro Church Daily, Brandon, one of our employees, was like “yeah, I have 82 shows in my queue.” And I have something similar. There’s more podcasts
than I want to listen to then I even possibly can. – Yeah. I’m listening
to a handful every day. – Most listeners choose
to consume podcasts from the comfort of their own home. And this was something
I found interesting. You know, you think about
listening to podcasts on the go. You especially think about listening to shows in your car, maybe. But the majority, or the largest cohort of listenership areas, is the
comfort of ones own home. – That’s interesting. – The vast majority of
podcast listeners, 80%, consume most or the
entire podcast episode. 42% of Millennials listen
to podcasts regularly. And here’s where things get really interesting for Christians. 17% of practicing Christians are listening to podcasts on an every day basis. Compared to just 6% of
non-Christians of all ages. Said differently, three
times as many Christians listen to podcasts compared
to the general population. – Wow – So I know that was a lot of data. Let’s talk about three
take-aways from all of that data. Take away number one. Podcast listenership is on the rise, and has been for the better
part of the last decade. And perhaps most importantly. Millennials, the largest
living generation in the North American workforce,
represent the age group most dedicated to podcasts. So not only has podcast
listenership gone up in the last decade, it project to continue to increase in the coming decade. Take away number two. Podcast listenership
is three times greater amongst practicing Christians. And this presents a meaningful
opportunity for your church. A lot of the times when we think about digital media and Christians, we think about how Christianity
is behind the times. – Right – Well, when it comes to podcasting, we are significantly ahead of the times. – We’re three steps ahead. – And so that’s a huge opportunity for your church to take advantage of. – Yeah. – And take away number three. Four out of every five podcast listeners consume the entirety or
majority of a podcast episode. So, in a digital world of limited attention spans and mindless scrolling,
podcasts represent a significant divergence from the norm. Because it’s a long-form medium where long-form content is not only accepted, but actually celebrated. – Yeah. – You create a 30 minute,
a 60 minute podcast, the vast majority of your listeners are listening to the whole thing. – I don’t know if it’s just
me, my personality type. If it’s my one-ness on
the Enneagram scale. But, I can’t delete a podcast episode until that listened bar is fully complete. Even if there’s an outtro, I skip it using the 15 second skip ahead to
make sure I get to the end. I listen to every episode in its fullness. – This is not an episode on the Enneagram. But Alex and I are both ones. Which is the perfectionist,
also known as the reformer. – Right. – This is the perfectionist side, because I do the identical
thing, I do the exact thing. And there’s like 30 seconds
left, and they’re just like, “and make sure to check out Blue Apron,” and I’m like, I’m not gonna delete. 15 seconds, 15 seconds, 15 seconds. Complete! I did it. No, we’re terrible. Three more secrets slash takeaways that we want to talk about. I labeled these three secrets because, when I discovered them,
I was either shocked or they made a meaningful
difference on our own podcast. Things that you don’t really know, but are hugely important to know. Secret number one. Podcast listeners are gonna
be your biggest supporters. So, almost certainly, your
podcasts download stats for your churches sermon
will disappoint you. They’re not gonna be glamorous. They’re not gonna be extravagant. Especially when you compare
them to hits on your web site, or even social media reach. But here’s the thing. Podcast is a medium that’s
all about depth, not width. When we go to conferences,
when we do meetups. When people come to talk to us. Our biggest supporters at Pro Church Tools are almost always podcast listeners. Because if you spend an
hour plus with somebody in your ear every single week, that represents a huge
commitment from them. So don’t be discourage by
podcast download numbers or metrics that are kind of discouraging. Because it’s all about depth, not width. – Awesome – Secret number two is a tool
actually called smartURL. Even though Apple Podcast
is still the biggest platform when it comes
to listening to podcasts, there are so many
different applications like TuneIn Radio, like Spotify, like Overcast, like Breaker, like Google Play. There are so many different ones. And so, what you should consider doing is using a tool like Smart URL. You can see an example
of this will look like at our Pro Church Daily website. – Dot com. – URL, like Alex said. Prochurchdaily.com Basically, this page is
what’s called a pivot page. So someone lands on prochurchdaily.com, and it shows all of our podcasts. And it gives them an option of
where they wish to subscribe. – Anywhere. – Exactly. So it shows Spotify,
TuneIn, Overcast, YouTube, Apple Podcast, Google Play. And whatever destinations
you want to include. And so that way, your visitor can choose where they wish to subscribe. It’s a great way to kinda create a pivot page for your podcast. – That’s so helpful because when we first started hosting podcasts and uploading our sermons to podcasts, I
was doing it exclusively to the Apple Podcast store. And I got some push back from a small number of people
in our congregation saying, “Hey, I would love to
listen to the sermon but “I’m on this phone or that phone.” And I was kinda scrambling,
so I’d give them the direct RSS feed link, and be like well you can listen to
it here, or whatever. This is perfect. You set up a pivot page on smartURL, and then whoever lands on
that page can choose to listen or subscribe wherever
their little heart pleases. – The final secret, and really
the most important I think, is to make sure that
you’re hosting every single episode of your podcast on your website. You don’t need to host
the audio file there. But you need to have a page
dedicated to your podcast as a whole, and then every
single episode of your podcast. And the reason for this is because, it’s one thing to point
people to another location. But when it comes to SEO, and when it comes to
owning your own content, you need to have control of that as well. So this isn’t necessarily
an either or thing. It’s a both and. We call this a sermon engine. Where all of your content is in one place. Where it’s easy to find, easily organized, easily categorized, your
visitors can sort through it. But it also makes sure
that you have a home base for all of your podcasts. They don’t just live on Apple, so they can make a decision
and change the rules They don’t just live on YouTube, where they can make a
decision and change the rules. You own that content as well. We call it a sermon engine,
and we just put together a free guide called the
Essential Sermon Series Bundle. It’s not just one guide, actually. It’s five different free
resources in a bundle. It’s called the Essential
Sermon Series bundle. It’s the featured resource for this episode of Pro Church Daily. It’s linked in the show
notes for this episode. It’s 100% free. Go and download it, and you
can start putting together your own sermon engine today. – There you go. – And that’ll do it for this
episode of Pro Church Daily. We’ll see you next time. Hey, thanks for watching this
episode of Pro Church Daily. Make sure that you
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  2. Question! We currently podcast our Sunday message and would like to start making an interview show. Would you recommend creating another podcast to host the interview show or just adding it to our current podcast at the opposite end of the week? Thanks!

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