12 Golden Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Starting a Podcast

12 Golden Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Starting a Podcast

hi i’m karthik from DesignYourThinking.com and in this video i’m going to share with you 12 questions
that you should be asking yourself if you plan to launch or start a new
podcast i’ve been podcasting for the last two years and i’ve had the
opportunity to help a few others start your shows now one thing I’ve learned
from all of this experience is the fact that it takes some preparation before
you even consider buying a microphone or going and starting a show
now when I say preparation preparation comes with careful planning and careful
planning comes when you ask the right set of questions so in today’s video I’m
going to share with you 12 questions that you should consider asking yourself
if you plan to start a podcast now I don’t know if this is something that
comes because of my background in making products every time I think of doing
something I tend to think them as a project this is one thing that’s worked
great for me and I really suggest you do the same think of your podcast as a
project now what I mean by a project is something that has a finite duration and
requires a bunch of resources for you to execute this one perspective itself
helps you think about your podcast beyond just a podcast it helps you think
about the resources that you require to start that podcast and also think about
what you really want to do where you want to end what is your goal now I
don’t mean to say that you need to complete the podcast by a certain set of
time well that could be the case but the whole idea here is to think of what you
want to achieve what do you want to accomplish with this podcast so when I
say think of your podcast as a project the first thing I really want you to do
is give your podcast a name now this is a project at this point so you could go
ahead and give any name it need not necessarily be the final name that
you’re going to give your show but think of a name that you can start to use and
refer to this project so that you can mentally visualize so that is the first
question what is your project’s name take a piece of paper and start writing
down the question and leave some space for you to write the answers question
number two what is the podcast all about what is that show
try and describe this you need not necessarily write this but take your
phone and start recording your voice whatever works for you start describing
what that podcast is going to be all about is this something that going to be
about project management or is this going to be about something like life
and purpose or is this going to be a business or is it going to be about
movies and films write that down and be a little descriptive about it because
the more descriptive you are the better the outcome is so try and explain
perhaps in a paragraph or two what that podcast is all about now in my case my
podcast is all about helping people follow the heart it’s about interviewing
people from across multiple disciplines who have followed their heart so that I
can inspire my audience so that’s about my show what is your show going to be
all about that’s question number two now question number three imagine you are in
an elevator and you have somebody standing with you now that person is
somebody who could potentially help you in taking your podcast forward perhaps
he’s going to give you some money to run it or something else now you want to
explain this to that person and you have very less time say 15 seconds what would
you explain how would you describe your show in one line describe all that you
wrote in two paragraphs in just one line one sentence in 15 seconds how would you
describe your podcast to somebody in an elevator that’s question number three
question number four now this is the most important part of your entire
podcast who are you building this podcast for who is going to be your
audience in other words now one of the mistakes I’ve seen a lot of people do
and make is they think that guest is the audience or they are the audience now
these are great assumptions to be made but the minute you start writing down
you start to realize who is going to be listening to your voice and if you’re
going to have a guest on your show listening to them so write down who your
audience is and the best way to imagine this is actually think of somebody if
you’re probably creating a show that’s four people lie
Hieu that’s going to be a very bad example because we have a lot of
prejudices about who we are and what we think but a great example would be if
it’s going to be someone like your mom or say someone like your brother or
sister whoever it is think about that and start to write in detail about them
what do they do what does this person do when he or she wakes up what do the
mornings look like could they have a dog that they take them to for a walk do
they travel to work anything that everything that you can think about that
person start writing that down now there is a reason why I’m saying this because
the minute you start to think about all of this you start to know more about
this kind of person it helps you think about the challenges what are the
challenges where are they struggling where are they looking for help now it
helps you think as to how your show can be helpful for them and it’s a great way
to think about other things like how they listen to your show and things like
that as well so that’s question number four the next question is something
that’s very related to question number four question number five is what would
happen to this person after they finish listening to one of your episodes now
think about this we all think that we have the best product we have the best
solution to a problem which is nice but the minute we start to think about what
happens when someone starts to use our product starts to use a solution that is
a moment of truth because we start to realize whether this is actually a
solution or is it actually adding to the problem so in other words how are these
people getting transformed after listening to your show now this helps
you think about what your show should be all about should it be about inspiring
them or perhaps you want to have the show like something that’s going to help
them do something now to kind of a show or something else this is a great wait
for you to actually start connecting with your audience question number six
how long are you going to be publishing these episodes for now remember I talked
to you about thinking about your podcast as a project now this is essentially a
part of the project thinking because you want to actually give a timeline because
most often what happens what I’ve seen people do is they
get on to starting a project they get on the starting a podcast and after some
time they start to see that something’s not working and they stop doing it what
I really urge you to do at this point with this question is start to think
about how long you’re going to run the show and this actually helps you commit
yourself to that in some sense because the minute you say that I am going to
run this podcast for say four months with one episode coming each week now
you know that it’s going to be 16 episodes that you are going to commit
yourself to do because the minute you start to commit yourself your audience
starts to see it these starts they start to see where you’re going with what
you’re doing and that helps them connect with you as well
question number seven what do you need to keep you motivated until you finish
publishing all the sixteen episodes now sixteen is just a number I took from the
previous example but then the whole point here is we all have a we all
exists under a bunch of circumstances it could be money it could be support for
editing your episodes or whatever it could be what do you need to feel
motivated now there are two things here motivation and real help now I’m talking
about motivation what do you need to feel motivated the biggest mistakes I
have seen people do is to assume the motivation to be number of downloads and
to tell you the truth when you start off with a new podcast the chances that
you’re going to have a million downloads or even tens of hundreds or thousands of
downloads is going to be really tough so have a realistic motivation is it going
to be appreciation from one of your listeners or perhaps it’s just going to
be the for the joy of doing it right down that motivation and how are you
going to get that motivation right on what would you need to motivate you to
get through sixteen episodes out so that’s question number seven question
number eight who is going to be a part of your team now I know we all start
doing this as individuals but this question is not about making you think
about actually the team but stop thinking about who do
you need in order to have this podcast the 16 episodes out now it could be that
you probably don’t have skills on editing shows or it could be that you
don’t have a laptop or it could be the case that you probably don’t know how to
do a few things now what you really need to do in this case is not really go and
hire somebody perhaps it’s about going and learning a few new skills before you
go ahead and start announcing about your podcast so think about who is going to
be a part of the team now again I repeat this is not to help you think about who
you need to hire but understand the gaps in skills that you have or in
requirements or resources because if you don’t have a laptop perhaps it’s about
going and boring a laptop from your friend
so think about all of this question number nine what else would you need to
get these 16 episodes hours now this is one thing that a lot of people just
don’t think about we all think about the show that goes out and then people all
listening to it and clapping yeah these are all nice rosy pictures but I think
these things don’t really happen when you start or launch a new show
especially when you’re somebody who’s not a celebrating so think about what
else would you need now I talked about one thing like a laptop I talked about
it in the context of team but now think about other things now it could be that
you probably need a hosting platform it costs X amount of money and you probably
need to have those money lined up or it could be that you need guests and you
don’t have the right connections at this point and you need somebody to help you
connect now all of these things are very important for you to get those 16
episodes out on time so think about all the other resources to get those 16
episodes out that’s question number 9 question number 10 this is probably
going to be the reality check for you in some sense can you create a sample
episode now I know this probably sounds a little crazy you’re probably asking me
hey Karthik I am actually planning my podcast how can I actually create a
sample episode now this is one thing I strongly recommend you do and I’ve
this and I even did this recently when I actually tried to come up with a season
two the whole exercise here is to see if what’s in your mind is something that
you can reproduce in reality most often what happens is we have a very nice pink
picture of what a show should be and we go with that imagination and start
communicating with people about this thing that that’s in our head and when
we actually start doing things we start to realize perhaps there are some gap
that you probably need to seal oh I I really didn’t know I sound this way or I
didn’t know that my anything is going to be like this now all of this can be
answers answered in only one way which is actually to try it out so go ahead
and try it out this could take a little bit of time but let me tell you one
thing it’s going to be rewarding because you start to realize how much of what’s
in your head is something you can reproduce in reality so that’s question
number ten so question number eleven how will your listeners find your podcast
now this is a reality check again because you are asking yourself the
toughest questions first because that helps you think about everything before
you put in the hard work how are people going to find you what channels are
people going to find you are they going to find you in social media if so how
with social media and what are you going to be doing you know in order for them
to find if they’re going to be finding you from your website how are people
going to get to your website in the first place and if they’re going to be
finding you from through word-of-mouth how are the first set of people going to
know about you show all these questions it’s better you ask yourself now then
actually wondering about them when you actually have each episode out and
finally question number 12 why will your listeners keep coming back this is
another big question I’ve seen a lot of podcasters ask well you know what I had
10 people listening to my first episode and the second one had just fired I’m
just throwing numbers here but the fact of the matter is people are going to
come in and go out of your show and the key question is always about engagement
how are you going to engage your listeners your listeners need to feel
connected with your work and something they feel that they need to keep coming
back to and that’s the best way for you to grow
your podcast listener ship so how are you going to get people coming back to
your show that’s the last question question number 12 now these are twelve
questions I really think you should spend some time on before you go ahead
and start to pick up a microphone or even think about discussing this idea
with someone else because the minute you go to someone else they are going to ask
you the same set of questions who are you building the podcast for how
frequently is going to come out where can I find them what is it all about all
these questions are the questions that people are going to keep asking you
every time you go and share this idea of your podcast so think about these twelve
questions not just think but even write answers for these questions trust me
it doesn’t really matter if you’ve write these answers on a paper or using a
computer I think the point is do it because the minute you start writing
these answers your brain starts to think and the more you think about these
things and put these ideas out your brain gets freed up and starts to think
about ideas and gets a little creative and creativity is the key when it comes
to actually doing something like this so I really hope this video was helpful for
you if so go ahead and leave a comment right below I would really appreciate
your feedback your experiences what did you learn from this how was the
experience of actually going through this exercise leave all of that in
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