100 thoughts on “1000 Years of Pie Taste Test

  1. These guys completely forgot that the depression happened and kept thinking all famine and poverty was the dark ages lol

  2. Around 13:15 Rhett lets Link have his way, because nobody wants to deal with Links not getting his way, and throwing childish tantrums 😂

  3. Around 08:05 In the dark ages lemons or any citrus fruits were very rare if not existent at all, and were a novelty that could only kings and royalty family could afford to taste in anywhere, especially in europe, so anything consists of lemon is certainly not from dark ages 😂

  4. I went to pasty school for awhile.i could make many things like beautiful cakes, breads, puff pastry. BUT I could never successfully make pie dough and I melted sugar cookies in the oven 😂. I went to the culinary side soon after

  5. 🙄🙄 okay I've been with rhett and link since 2012 and I'm not seeing this "passive aggressiveness" yall are seeing. They're always cracking on each other. Its what guy friends do. There is no tension and to be honest I think you guys are bringing the tension.

    They probably look at these comments and start blaming each other for why people think they're fighting even if they weren't. Just stop making nothing something.

  6. Rhett says: hmmm🤔 not even raspberry vinaigrette can make it taste good.
    Rhett said: that was a hard time for who ever enjoyed this🤣🤣

  7. I love how they had to specify that they're straight
    Almost as if most people don't believe that straight people exist in Cali
    Almost as if they didn't want you to think there was something up
    Almost as if they wanted you to think that, but then would think it was a joke, disregarding the reverse psychology, making it reverse reverse psychology

  8. Why does everyone complain when their mood changes a bit? They've been friends most of their lives and they are also business partners. They are allowed to have feelings just like the rest of us. Stop being so sensitive. I'm sure they're fine.

  9. Me: Nice! Another great video.
    Now lets see the comments.
    Me: *captain america "Oh god"

  10. Remember when they were younger and had stomachs of steel? Now it's all steak and restaurants vs other restaurants. They aren't young anymore.

  11. They do seem short with each other. It happens sometimes. It will pass. Usually you take some time to be without your friend but they can’t really do that.

  12. Wait, that pigeon pie couldn't have tasted the correct way since the species of pigeon that was likely used for it back then has gone extinct since.

  13. The lemon one I would have chosen 1770+ because people realised it helps with scurvy and probably started using it in dishes.

  14. This comment section is so sensitive lol. They're practically siblings and the way they interacted is really not that serious

  15. 1670 is waaaaay pre-Victorian era. Victorian era was 1837-1901 🤔 Unless there's another Victorian era that I'm unaware of…

  16. It’s kind of clear the people commenting about “passive aggressiveness” here haven’t watched the dart videos

  17. Thought I was being extra sensitive picking up on your guys weird and hostile vibes lately.. I'm not according to the comments! What's going on? It's no fun for the viewers!

  18. 🎻 It's a wonderful day for pie you won't ask why, Apple cherry and even strawberry It's a wonderful day for pie 🎻

  19. Ihaye it when the guys ate dealing with resentment towards each other and tryi g to hide it so they can make videos. It's natural when they spend so much time together… but it's hard to watch the passive and not so passive aggression xoxo

  20. Rhett: "I think this is from the Dark Ages. Dark Ages are like 1050, right?"
    Link: "I think currently"

    that hit me hard

  21. Do they seem kind of pissed at each other, but for real? It's like they are mad at each other but are keeping it together on camera.

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