10 SIMPLE rules for living your BEST life ever

As we age, we lose a great deal of our childhood
innocence. Our curiosity and imaginations succumb to
adolescence, hormones and the complexities of adulthood. We become concerned about our appearance,
popularity, and success. We compete in the workplace and learn that
communication involves what we say versus what we really mean. We worry about things like status and social
rank. We try to create a safe little world for ourselves,
devoid of risks and averse to vulnerability. Only to find that over time we’re still
not happy. In order to achieve the best life ever, we
need to get out of our own way. Let go of our petty insecurities, accept our
strengths and weaknesses, and rediscover the joy found in being present and helping others. What’s up, everybody? Tanvir Ahmed here. Welcome back to another video. And if you’re new here, this is your roadmap
to a more meaningful life. So, without waiting any further, here are
10 rules that, if you follow, will help you live the best life ever. Number 1. Accept the reality of your body. We are born in weakness and we die in weakness. There’s nothing wrong with trying to improve
your body and health, but learn to accept yourself as you are. There are so many more important things to
focus on, like being present and helping others, which enrich us far beyond our physical appearance. Number 2. Talk about your emotions and difficulties. We tend to have difficulty expressing our
emotions, yet they drive so much of what we do. Worse, we compensate with drugs and alcohol
to mask our feelings of not being successful. Talking about how we feel, honestly, can free
us. Number 3. Don’t be afraid of not being successful. We mistakenly equate being loved with being
successful, but you are beautiful as you are. The true measure of a person is not defined
by the size of his/her bank account. It’s defined by their emotional bank account. How kind they are. How they treat others. We might envy Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth,
but we admire people like Mother Teresa more. Number 4. In a relationship, take the time to ask: “How
are you?” You’re married to your spouse, not success. Yes, work is important to provide for our
families. But being there for our families is even more
important. Take the time to check in. Ask how your spouse and your kids are doing. They’ll remember your thoughtfulness and
love much more than your career success. Number 5. Stop looking at your phone. Be present! The digital age has brought us instant communication,
but are we really talking to one another? Number 6. Ask people: “What is your story?” Here is a little secret for you. Everyone has a story to tell if you’re willing
to listen. Stop trying to change other people and truly
meet them. Just because they don’t share your views
doesn’t mean they don’t have their own stories, experiences, and wisdom. Learn their story, and stop judging. Number 7. Be aware of your own story. You are just as precious as every other human
being. Appreciate your own uniqueness and talents. Number 8. Stop prejudice: meet people. My group. My party. My culture. Yes, be proud of who you are and your culture,
but not at the expense of others. Become a member of humanity. It just might transform you. Number 9. Listen to your deepest desire and follow it. Unlike animals, human beings have moral and
spiritual needs. Beyond eating, procreating and existing, we
search for the infinite. The reason why we are here. All of us have an inner voice that guides
us. Our hearts often tell us when we are off course. Learn to trust your heart. And number 10. Remember that you will die one day. We’re all here, but we are just local people. Passengers on a journey. We get on and off the train and the world
will continue. Facing our mortality can help guide our actions
today. It can reshape the kind of person we want
to be. The wisdom of aging is that many of the things
that we thought were important, like our looks, wealth and social status, really aren’t
that important. What matters more is our character. How we treat others. There is much more to the world than money,
competition, and material pleasures. While there’s nothing wrong with having
ambition and becoming successful, the trick is to never lose sight of your moral purpose. The minute you trade your kindness and humanity
to make a buck or get ahead in life, you really end up shortchanging yourself. In the twilight of your life, the sweetness
of ill-begotten success succumbs to a kind of bitterness. That’s it for me, guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you got something out of it. I hope you liked it. Hit that like button if you did. Subscribble and hit the bell if you haven’t
already. And I will see you in the next one.

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