10 Reasons Why You Should Start A Podcast (Ep9)

We’re talking about the 10 reasons you – yes
you, should start a podcast. There are many great reasons to start a podcast and you can
build a massive audience by podcasting and you can grow your business in significant
ways. We are going to break it down and look at some of the reasons that you should start
your podcast. The first reason is that podcasting is an
unsaturated market. If you look at blogs and how many millions of blogs there are out there
or if you look at YouTube and how many thousands of hours are uploaded to YouTube every single
minute, they are very saturated markets. However, with podcasting there are not nearly as many
podcasts as there are videos or there are blogs and so it’s an unsaturated market. In
fact it can be very hard to find good content in the podcasting arena. Therefore this gives
you a massive opportunity if you can come in and offer good content then you can gather
people’s attention and you can get readers, get listeners and get customers. The second reason is that smart phones are
now absolutely everywhere. It used to be very difficult to download a podcast. You would
have to go into iTunes search for podcast, download it, sync your iPod and then take
your iPod with you. However now that everyone has smartphones podcasts are just one click
away. In fact Apple, on their new operating – the latest updated – their operating system
now has the podcast up in there as a default and you cannot delete it. So everyone with
iPhones have podcast and with Android devices as well. It’s very easy for people to get
podcast. They can stream it on the go and they can download it on the go. They don’t
have to log into a computer and sync anything, they can do it all from their phone. Therefore
it is getting easier and easier for people to get access to podcast which means the audience
is going to continue to grow. The third reason is that there are over a
billion podcast subscriptions. Apple announces in July of 2013 that they had over a billion
podcast subscriptions which means someone has gone into a podcast episode and hit subscribe
to that person’s channel so that they can get updates of their podcast. One billion
is a big number and that means that there’s a lot of people listening to podcast and there’s
a lot of opportunities for people to subscribe to you and to get every single episode that
you release delivered directly to them. Thus it is a great way to build a consistent audience. The fourth reason is that people can listen
to you and people can listen to your podcast on the go. With all the media these days,
with text, with video, it’s getting shorter and shorter because people have shorter attention
spans. However podcasting is bucking that trend because people can listen on the go
while they’re doing something else. They can listen to a podcast while they’re driving.
They can listen to it while they’re going for a run or while they’re working out. This
means that your episodes don’t have to be two minutes long. In fact if your episodes
are two minutes long podcast listeners get disappointed because they run or they work
or they drive for more than two minutes. People like long phone content on podcast
so it gives you more time with people which leads to benefit number five which is you
can build a great personal influence and great trust with your audience because people are
listening to you for long periods of time. Maybe half an hour a day, maybe in an hour,
maybe 20 minutes here and there but because they’re spending a lot of time with you and
because they’re listening to your voice something about the voice that just doesn’t come through
when you write a blog post or people read written text. You can build massive personal
influence with people which can really help you get business and can really help build
that loyalty with your audience if you do launch products to try and make money down
the track. The sixth reason is that you can get diversity
of traffic and attention. If your business is just reliant on one stream of traffic and
attention, for example maybe you’re relying on people finding you through Google then
that can be very risky because if Google disappears today then your business is going to disappear
as well. However if you can podcast as well then that’s a different set of customers,
a different audience that you’re attracting. Therefore if your one traffic stream like
Google does disappears then you still got the podcast there. For my major podcast which is onproperty.com.au
(it’s a property podcast) I get about 800 to 1000 people a day to the blog but I also
get about 400 to 600 downloads every single day of the podcast as well. So if Google was
to go away and I no longer got any web traffic at all I would still have 400 to 600 people
downloading my episodes every day and that is a great deal of people for that particular
niche. The seventh reason is that when you’re running
a podcast you have implied credibility. People think you are credible. You’re listening to
this podcast right now and you probably think due to the confidence in my voice and the
fact that I know what I’m talking about that I’m actually credible in the podcasting space.
However chances are you probably haven’t Googled me or worked out exactly who I am, however
because I have that confidence in my voice because I’m talking directly to you and you
can hear me then you understand that I’m not trying to jazz you, that I’m actually trying
to help you and you get this implied credibility that comes with having a podcast. You can
also use this credibility when you go and talk to people and say, “Yes I have podcast.
It’s downloaded by one hundred people every single day or thousands of people every month.”
And that’s going to give you some implied credibility outside the world of podcasting
as well. This series is really all about how you can
get your podcast off the ground and once it’s off the ground how you can grow it. But if
you need help choosing a niche for your podcast that you can get that implied credibility
and become a credible source of information then get my free mini course on how to choose
a popular niche for your podcast. Go to www.podcast.com/niche to get free access to that. If you already
have a niche then it might be worth going through that mini course anyway to work out
whether your niche is actually profitable or if you should consider switching. The eight benefit of having a podcast is that
you can get global exposure. You can reach people all over the world with your podcast.
For example, my On Property Podcast – this is an Australian property podcast specifically
for Australian people and Australian investors. However, I look at the stats before creating
this lesson and I saw that my podcast had been downloaded in 81 countries, places like
Yemen and Jordan and European and everywhere all over the world even though this is a podcast
specifically for Australian people. So imagine if you had a podcast on a more general topic
that appeal to people all over the world you could get even bigger global exposure for
your podcast. The ninth reason is that you can create your
podcast from anywhere. I’m currently creating this podcast in my small home office which
is actually in my bedroom. I’ve created podcast while I was going for a walk to the shops.
I’ve created podcast in my car. I’ve created podcast in my home office. You can create
it from anywhere as long as you have the right equipment. Right now all I’m doing to record
this podcast is using my phone and using the iPhone headphones that came with that so it’s
very easy. We will go into more detail on equipment in a future lesson, but you can
create a podcast from anywhere which is really exciting. The tenth reason you should start a podcast
is that there is a larger barrier to entry for competitors than there is with something
like a blog post. It is harder to create a podcast than it is to create something in
text. The text, for example you can outsource it for very cheap. However, when people are
listening to you, when they’re hearing your voice you really need your personality behind
it and you really need to have that trust because people are going to be listening to
you for a long period of time. Therefore there is a larger barrier to entry to get into podcasting. The other thing on the barrier to entry is
that once people listen to a podcast if they like it they tend to subscribe to the podcast
which means if you’re releasing podcasts on a weekly basis or a daily basis those people
are going to get your podcast delivered directly to their phone or their listening device.
And what happens after a period of time is when someone subscribes to a few podcasts
they’re actually not really looking for new podcasts so this is going to make it harder
for your competitors to get those listener’s attention. So there is a larger barrier to
entry for competitors. Starting a podcast is pretty exciting. I hope
that you are excited about the benefits of podcasting, reaching a large audience and
being able to get their attention and get their trust and help them as much as you can.
If you’re still unsure of what particular niche you want to start a podcast on then
check out my mini course on how to choose a profitable niche for your podcast by going
to www.podcastfast.com/niche . That completes today’s lesson of the ten reasons
you should start a podcast. And lastly, if you’re oving these tutorials
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fast! 10 Reasons Why You Should Start A Podcast
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