10 Mysterious Phone Numbers You Can Call Right Now…

10 Mysterious Phone Numbers You Can Call Right Now…

– We all have cell phones,
and therefore all over the world, we are connected. And while being connected
is good for the world, there are some connections that
are very much the opposite. In fact, there are still some numbers that you can dial right
now that will leave you confused, scared or even worse. Dial these at your own risk. (breathing) Here are 10 mysterious phone numbers that you can call right now. Number 10 is Binary Man. Originating in Marion, North Carolina, this Voice over Internet Protocol line has been confusing and creeping out people all over the world. Calling 828-756-0109
will get you a recording of a man who sounds desperate to get a message out to the world. The first thing that you’ll hear is a loud staticky sound that will likely make you pull the phone from your ear, followed by the frantic and
out of breath man listing off a binary code, a
series of zeros and ones as he tries without success to stay calm. The recording ends with a monstrous sound, as whatever’s chasing him finally catches up and you hear what sounds like a scream. Then the call abruptly ends. But the most disturbing
thing is that converted into text form, the binary code that the person in the recording delivers spells D-E-A-T-H, death. Number nine is Harvard Sentences. If you’re looking to hear
something mysterious, then call 858-651-5050, and listen to the prose left in the recording. The poem, if you can call it that, begins with the lines
fishing in a mountain stream is my idea of a good time, spoken in what sounds like a man’s voice, and after the dance,
they went straight home, said in what sounds like a woman’s. The sentences continue
on for several minutes, none of them seeming to
make much of a connection to the next one until the recording ends. The lines are all what’s
known as Harvard Sentences, developed in the 1940s in a secret lab in the boiler room at Harvard University. They’re designed to be
phonetically balanced and are the result of experiments involving the effects of
sound on the human ear. Despite this, they can cause an unsettling feeling in those who hear them. Number eight is sobbing. Registered in Billerica, Massachusetts, the number 978-435-9163 will connect you to a truly unsettling recording full of fear and despair. As soon as the message begins, the sound of a man sobbing
uncontrollably can be heard. His wales and cries echoing off the walls, as if he’s moving slowly
through a tunnel of some kind. Combined with the occasional sound of something dripping,
it’s been widely suggested that the recording took place in a sewer that the man is somehow lost in. Adding to the already unsettling audio, a loud screech can be heard near the end of the message as
if an evil hungry creature is making its way closer
and finally reaches the crying man before the
recording suddenly ends, only to play again and again in a loop. Number seven is The Red Numbers. On April 13th, 2007 an
email began circulating in Pakistan that warned people not to answer their cell phones
if the number calling them appears on their
device in red numerals. When they answer, the
recipient of the call would hear an incredibly high-pitched tone that would cause damage to their brain. The frequency was said
to be so ear splitting that it could cause devastating and potentially lethal nerve damage. The calls began happening more frequently and the story spread
quickly across the globe. Telephone companies which
launched investigations into the story could not find any evidence that the phones were taking lives, however many still claim that the numbers, a list of which can be found online are still in service and causing damage. For obvious reasons and for the protection of you guys, I’m not going
to give you those numbers and I highly encourage that
you do not look them up. Number six is 666. To many, the number six
has long been associated with evil, with the number 666 often being referred to as the number of the beast and being directly linked
to the devil himself. So naturally it shouldn’t
come as a surprise to learn that dialing Satan’s number would bring with it potential dangers. In fact, numerous people have claimed that the phone number 666-666-6666
should never be called, as they’ve experienced
horrible events shortly after connecting with it. It’s also been claimed by many that simply dialing 666 can
bring about a terrible fate as it’s a way to contact
the devil directly. While some claim nothing happens, others have reported hearing eerie music or even Satanic tones. Regardless of which number you’re dialing, it might best to try another number. Number five is I Am Friendly. Calling 701-347-1936
will get you a recording of what sounds like garbled chatter, at one point accompanied by ominous music. But what many claim it also brings you is a curse which will
do more than scare you. The number, the source of which
is Casselton, North Dakota, is connected to the game
Five Nights at Freddy’s. However exactly how is unknown. It could be a number that
simply hasn’t been found in the game or the work
of someone who loves it, but either way fans can almost immediately recognize the connection. At first, it almost seems
like whoever’s speaking is talking backwards,
but many have made out the phrase I am friendly, how are you, and even I will kill you. If the stories are true,
then they just might. Number four is Susie’s Drowning. Started in the 1970s, a phone number based in the United Kingdom was often called by young people looking to be creeped out. Using payphones, they
could dial the number for free and reach a
recording of a female’s voice. Sounding distressed, the
woman would urgently call for action on the part
of the caller saying things like help me,
help me, Susie’s dying. Or help me, Susie’s drowning. Neither of which left those
listening feeling particularly good about what was happening. Today, it might be hard to find the exact number as although many people can remember calling
20-20-20, or 20-20-20-20, the exact digits are disputed. Still, it’s chilling to
think that either someone kept changing the message or there’s a paranormal entity bent on
haunting those phone lines. Number three is The Most 8’s. When 48-year-old Vladimir Grashnov, the CEO of Mobitel, a mobile
phone company in Bulgaria, first issued the phone number
0888-888-888 to himself, he obviously had no clue just how bad an idea that was. Shortly after getting
it, an aggressive form of cancer took hold, ending his life. Grashnov wasn’t the last to
fall to the number either, as every person who had the
multi-eight phone number has lost their life in tragic
and often violent ways. So many lives were taken because of it that it was permanently taken out of circulation by the phone company. Today it’s said that although
it’s no longer connected, calling 0888-888-888
will bring about horrible and potentially fatal consequences. Oddly, eight is considered
to be a lucky number in many cultures, but in this case it most certainly wasn’t lucky at all. Number two is Boothworld Industries. If you’re looking to have
some remodeling done, then calling 630-296-7536 could get you in contact with the right organization. That is, if the type of
remodeling you’re looking to do consists of someone
losing their life. At least that’s what you’re led
to believe when you call it. Dialing this number will connect you with a landline in Illinois, USA belonging to Boothworld Industries
where you’ll either hear the recorded message that they’ve set up or the voice of an actual
ridiculously creepy operator. Whatever name you give
them apparently becomes the company’s target and will be dealt with by Boothworld’s employees. Said to be a way to
continue a horror story by Christopher Bloodworth, this number brings with it a true
eerie feeling when called. And number one is Sadako’s Number. It’s without question that some of the best horror
movies come out of Japan, but sometimes the legends here in the real world are even scarier than those portrayed on the screen. Many who have dialed 090-4444-4444, a number out of Japan,
have reported hearing unsettling noises coming
from the other end. Some claim the number summons an Onryo, a vengeful grudge spirit
with an unrelenting wrath towards anything and anyone it encounters or is foolish enough to summon it. (scary orchestral music) It’s believed that once you
call this cursed phone number, similar to the curse
in the movie The Ring, you have seven days to
get your affairs in order. Then you’ll suffer a terrible accident, one which will severely injure you, or worse cost you your life.

100 thoughts on “10 Mysterious Phone Numbers You Can Call Right Now…

  1. just wanna say back in 2013 i called the 66* number multiple times with no result although i have had a lot of bad luck in my life could it be linked to that, or maybe something else ive done?

  2. Hey guys, binary man here. Just wanna let you guys know the monster noise was my stomach after taco bell. Now you can stop calling

  3. I called the numbers from 8-10 a few days ago and since then I have been getting voicemails of a man saying "Thank you." and then silence for the rest of the voicemail. He whispers something in the beginning but I can't detect what he says. I feel like its either 8 or 10 because it seems to fit more with the background of the numbers (saying thank you for detecting the code or maybe listening to him crying?). If anyone has called these numbers and have been getting the same voicemails, lmk.

  4. i can't call any :'( im from the uk and mostly all these numbers are us numbers so it would cost a hell of a lot and by the way my last phone number had 666 in the middle. who's wants to call me ;D

  5. I called boothworld so they can “remodel” my teacher in middle school……SHE WAS STILL THERE THE NEXT DAY

  6. Binary man
    Binary man
    Does whatever 0’s and 1’s can
    Type out numbers
    Spelling death
    Runs like hell,
    Is he on meth?
    Look out, here comes binary man

    I know it’s bad I did my best

  7. After watching this, I am gonna call those numbers. I tried 666 a bunch of times. It didnt get through. But i will try to do ones that dont get me killed

  8. Thumbnail: DONT CALL!! overreacted face of shock

    Also the thumbnail: shows the numbers he told you not to call

  9. You should have called the numbers and post it in the video! 👎🏼 I want to hear the actual recordings not hear you talk about it. I still like the vid though.

  10. I remember the number causing people to die in Pakistan… I was there and I received several texts not to attend phone calls from that particular number but I didn't actually saw anyone I know personally dying from it and I never got a call from any such number though I thought it was very much possible and I had the same idea of a high pitched sound because I read a story about it once …. Nonetheless very interesting stuff … Will never know if it was real or not…

  11. I'm from Bulgaria and that 8 8 8 story is complete BS. After that guy died the number belonged to Hristo Stoichkov – a great bulgarian footblaller who used the number 8. He's still alive and in perfect health today.

  12. Love how he warns us not to call the number that causes brain damage by high frequency but not to warn us against calling the 888 number that can kill us 😂

  13. Called the Binary man using *67 it said my phone number has been traced. Finally! Some excitement in my life. Will I die? Will I live? Mystery

  14. I remember that number (828-756-0109). It was for this online "game" that was being played in ICQ chat. YOu called up someone and left a message as fast as you can in binary. or left it on an answering machine. It didn't really matter what the message was, but a few people started doing themes and around holloween that number put that. It had other stuff before it, and would change every few weeks, or monthly, up until that point. And that it just got stuck on that one. The guy wanted to play that "oops he died." so it stayed on that. Meanwhile he was on message boards and chatrooms trying to pretend that he never set it up in the first place and that it was someone else's number.

  15. Do you imagine!? My phone rang now while watching! It was my friend calling me a video call on whatsapp 😂

  16. I am calling numbers 2 I need someone to get rid of a bully

    Jk I will never do that and no one is bullying me 😂

  17. I posted a video of me calling them not all work tho but I did it a 2am lol I put it up I love this channel broski I come daily for 50 facts

  18. It was actually wild, but a couple of years ago, I actually got a missed call from the number 666. No jokes. I don't have the screenshot, as far as I know since the phone itself died and got lost, but it was a wild experience.

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