10 Creepy Things Caught on Family Monitors

10 Creepy Things Caught on Family Monitors

– Parents will go to
incredible lengths to keep their families safe, and this
includes getting monitors. But what happens when the
technology that they use to keep an eye on their kids
become sources of sheer terror? What happens when those monitors
catch something unexpected? (monitor beeping) Here are 10 unsettling things
caught on family monitors. (monitor beeping) Number 10 are alien voices. When it comes to baby monitors,
the only voices that parents want to hear coming through
them is that of their child. But for at least one
mother, she found herself scared and not understanding
the fact that the voice was not only not her child’s
but not human at all. The woman who goes by
YouTube handle celerity789 was in her baby’s room when
she heard a bizarre voice coming through the monitor. Turning on her phone’s camera, she recorded the strange audio
and eventually uploaded it. Whatever voices are
coming through the speaker are heavily distorted, and
a number of people who saw the video commented that
they sound alien in origin. Regardless of the source of the voices, they were enough to
terrify the young mother. (incoherent chattering) (monitor beeping) Number nine is daddy’s looking for you. Some of the most frightening
things that can be experienced with a baby monitor aren’t
paranormal at all but the result of sick individuals
looking to torment parents. A couple in Washington, D.C.
had a baby monitor set up in their three-year-old
son’s bedroom which connected to Wi-Fi so that they could
keep an eye on things going on at home while they were
at work or otherwise away. Of course almost anything
that’s connected to the internet is susceptible to hacking,
something the parents learned when their son began complaining
that he couldn’t sleep because of the man on the monitor. Investigating, they discovered
that the lens from the device was following them, then a
deep voice called through it, wake up, little boy,
Daddy’s looking for you. The couple immediately
changed their Wi-Fi password after this event. (monitor beeping) Number eight is the singing woman. After a 10-year-old boy became stressed over the supposed paranormal
activity surrounding him, his parents decided to go
on vacation and get him out of their house in Connecticut. While away, they left
their younger son at home with his grandmother. Almost immediately after
the eldest brother was gone, the supernatural entity
seemed to become attached to the infant. One night, his grandmother
heard noises coming from the boy’s baby monitor,
followed by the soft voice of a woman who was clearly
in the room, talking to him. As the grandmother went to investigate, she heard singing coming
from the baby’s vicinity. Thinking it was simply the TV left on, she was alarmed when she
went in to find the room dark with nothing there to make the sounds. After that chilling night, the grandmother refused
to return to the house. (monitor beeping) Number seven are the bells. Reddit user winglamo had a
truly unsettling experience with a baby monitor, though in their case no
children were involved. They worked with elderly
parents in their homes, taking care of people with dementia and other debilitating conditions. One such client was prone to falls. So to warn the care workers
that she was getting up, they pinned bells to her
sheets and used a baby monitor to watch her when they heard them ring. This elderly woman would do
creepy things such as talking to empty rooms and asking,
who are you and what is it, as if she could see someone. Checking the video feed,
nothing else was in the room, unless of course you count
the ghosts that the old lady was clearly conversing with. (monitor beeping) Number six is talking to grandma. A Reddit poster with
the username FredtheFish uploaded his own creepy
story about a baby monitor, his complete with the ghost
of his long-lost grandmother. One night Fred’s uncle heard
his daughter whispering quietly to someone else in her
bedroom through the monitor, someone his uncle was unable to see. As he listened, a second
voice made itself heard, this one sounding an awful lot
like the girl’s grandmother who hadn’t been alive for over a year. When he questioned his
daughter who he was talking to, the young lady declared
that she’d been conversing with her grandmother and
that the old woman’s ghost had helped her get her dolly back. Sure enough, the doll, which
had recently been on the floor by the crib, was somehow now
in the child’s bed with her. (monitor beeping) Number five is the stuck friend. An unidentified woman was
babysitting her young niece when she heard the girl
whispering to someone. The child had an
invisible friend for a bit prior to that night, so the
woman thought little of it. That is until she glanced
at the video baby monitor in the young girl’s bedroom
and spotted what appeared to be a dark shadow-like
figure moving in the room beside the girl’s bed. The girl meanwhile was
standing there talking to it as if she knew the ghost well. Alarmed, the babysitter
ran in to investigate, only to find the room only
had one visible occupant. The little girl would later
inform her that the ghost she was speaking with was her friend, an older grandfather-esque man. When the young lady’s
family moved years later, she was devastated as the
old man couldn’t leave because he was stuck there. (monitor beeping) Number four is the bright face. While at a friend’s
house, Redditor GRZMNKY had a terrifying experience with the help of a video baby monitor. The two adults were watching
a movie with the receiver for the surveillance system
on the table in front of them. Suddenly, the baby’s crib was replaced by a bright white face
which proceeded to stare into the lens and smirk. Alarmed, the pair jumped up
and ran to the child’s room only to find the baby alone and asleep. A few minutes later,
the face appeared again. While the baby’s mother stayed
behind to watch the monitor, the other crept up to the
baby’s room only to find the infant standing up
and smiling at the camera. The woman laughed it off. That is until days later when
the mother saw the face again, only this time her baby was in her arms. (monitor beeping) Number three is just a teddy bear. In 2016 after their
18-month-old son Sebastian attempted to climb out of his crib, 39-year-old Laura Haigh
and 42-year-old Dean Evans of Plymouth, Devon, England
decided to keep an eye on him using a video baby monitor. But the scariest thing they
spotted wasn’t actually an escape but an unexpected visitor. On the night of June 8th,
2016, the couple looked to the monitor to see
Sebastian fast asleep. However, also seemingly
asleep was what appeared to be the ghost of another baby. Dismissing it as just a teddy bear, Evans went upstairs to his son’s room only to find the bed completely
devoid of toys of any kind. According to Laura,
there were several other paranormal events that took place prior to the ghost infant’s appearance. But since it didn’t seem malicious, they remained in the home. (monitor beeping) Number two is ghost scratching. One night in early March of 2019, parents Heather Brough and
Josh Higgins were having a night in in their Highland
Township, Michigan home when they spotted something strange on their video baby monitor
that would ultimately terrify both of them and
change their lives forever. The couple’s 15-month-old
daughter Lilly was in her crib when something else in the
room caught the attention of her and her parents. In the recorded footage, a
translucent figure seems to be walking past the front
of the infant’s crib as she stands up and
follows it with her eyes. Running to their child’s rescue,
Heather and Josh discovered that she had scratches on
her as if she’d been attacked by an unseen force. The family decided to all
sleep in the same room until they could save
enough money to move into a less haunted home. (monitor beeping) And number one is impossible balance. On March 9th, 2016, YouTuber
Chris Buell uploaded a video that quickly went viral. In the clip, which was captured from a friend of Buell’s video baby monitor, you can see an infant
named Conner displaying a strength and agility
that most adults don’t have as he pulls himself up onto
the railing of his crib before standing up. Somehow Conner is able
to maintain his balance on the precarious edge
for nearly 20 seconds, though he seems to be
supported by something that we can’t see,
something that also appears to pull on the child’s arm several times. At one point, the infant bellows
loudly and calls out Mommy before he falls back,
luckily into the crib. Though if you watch carefully, you may notice that he
doesn’t just seem to fall. He seems to be pulled down
again by some unseen force. (baby babbling) – Mommy. Mommy. Mommy.

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