10 Creepiest Subreddits You Won’t Believe Exist

10 Creepiest Subreddits You Won’t Believe Exist

– Reddit is a website which
hosts discussion groups known as subreddits for
almost every topic imaginable. It’s one of the most
popular places on the web, but it’s also one of the darkest. Hidden in the shadowy
corners of its subreddits are discussion groups for the weird, the strange, and the outright terrifying, and those are exactly what
we’re going to dive into today. Here are the 10 creepiest subreddits you won’t believe exist. Number 10 are Urban Myths. Growing up, most of us
heard famous urban myths and legends in one form or another. Whether it was the babysitter tracing the psychopath’s phone call
to the upstairs bedroom or the escaped Michael
Meyers-esque criminal with the claw for a hand
clawing at the roof of the car, we’ve heard them all. At least, we think we have. The subreddit Urban
Myths deals with popular internet mythologies like Slender Man, but it also archives local urban myths, ones you’ve probably never heard and many of them terrifying. These include supernatural
beings which prey on innocent people in remote
towns and villages, underground government
experiments gone awry, and information about dangerous relics which bring misfortune to those nearby. Number nine are Three Kings. There’s a distinction that can be made between those who have a
passing interest in the occult and those who actively pursue it. The Three Kings subreddit
is a halfway house between these two groups. Named after an online ritual
which was first posted to another famous
subreddit called No Sleep, Three Kings compiles ways to
contact supernatural entities, discarnate souls, and unspeakable things which should not be allowed
to walk among the living. This includes entries such
as Counsel of Mirrors, the Shoebox Telephone,
and the Devil’s Toybox. Most of these rituals involve either conversing with or
summoning a desired entity, but if you follow them, be
careful what you wish for. I personally recommend that
you would say away from this, that is, if you value your soul. Number eight is a Glitch in the Matrix. Have you ever encountered the uncanny? That feeling that
something about the world is out of whack or wrong somehow? Most of the time, this
feeling can be disregarded as a product of a tired mind, but in some cases, it suggests
some more sinister origin. That’s what the Glitch in the
Matrix subreddit is all about. It compiles user entries
about strange phenomena and occurrences which
suggest that the world is not what it seems at first glance. Some of the posts are subtle in nature, such as a street name changing randomly or thinking about someone
that you haven’t seen in years when suddenly you bump into them. However, there are other posts which are dramatic and frightening. This includes your parents being replaced with different people
and no one else noticing, or even being caught in
a terrifying reality loop from which there’s no escape. Number seven is Creepy Wikipedia. We’ve all fallen down the Wikipedia rabbit hole at some point. The website remains one
of if not the greatest collection of knowledge in human history. Almost every topic imaginable is included in some form or another,
and often in great depth, but some of those topics do not simply illuminate the mind with new knowledge, some of them shatter it
with dread and horror. That’s what the Creepy Wikipedia
subreddit is all about. It’s a repository for Wikipedia articles which contain true accounts of eerie and frightening occurrences. Entries include things
like the crematory operator who hoarded bodies
instead of cremating them. Another includes the
story of Carl P. Schmidt, who was fatally bitten by a snake and proceeded to write
down his experiences through the entire
processes until the end. Number six is The Truth is Out Here. This subreddit has well
over 100,000 readers, and all of them are in
search of the truth. Each user-submitted post
on The Truth is Here contains either a first-hand
account of an experience with the unknown or the
thoughts of someone close to those involved in an encounter. Popular posts involve
experiences with shadow people, aliens, and the supernatural. Some of the most
frightening posts describe abduction experiences, with
strange elongated beings, though there’s debate about
whether they are actual aliens or possibly inter-dimensional creatures with the technology to enter our world and snatch us while we sleep. Other experiences are more subtle, such as eerie animal noises
surrounding a house at night and the moving around of household objects when no one is in the room. Number five is Unresolved Mysteries. With the current trend of
true crime documentaries making headlines around
the world as they probe long-standing mysteries,
it’s not surprising that the subreddit Unsolved Mysteries
continues to be so popular. Many of the posts cover unsolved crimes, with users poring over available evidence for each crime with the
view to solving the mystery. While most of the mysteries
involve disappearances or unsolved murders, Unresolved Mysteries also occasionally delves into paranormal and other anomalous cases which
aren’t so easy to recognize. These include archeological puzzles, such as the discovery of human remains dating back 2,000 years or
why a Hindu temple vault going back to the sixth century has been sealed by India’s government. Some of the mysteries are solved, while others remain elusive. Number four is Old School Creepy. This subreddit deals entirely
with how relics from the past appear creepy through the
eyes of a modern audience. There are two types of content to be found on the subreddit,
photographs, film footage, and documents which through
time now appear sinister, and items which were always
creepy or frightening, regardless of how much time has passed. In one example, the
grim expression of a man staring through an undertaker’s window is enough to cause a subtle chill, while another painting of
centuries-old autopsies is the stuff of nightmares. Then there’s another unsettling photograph found on the subreddit
that is of Adolph Hitler. The picture shows Hitler as a young boy. To think that this young child would go on to become one of the most
reprehensible people in history is more frightening than
any fictional horror. Number three are Skinwalkers. This Skinwalkers
subreddit documents claims about beings of the same name. Skinwalkers originated from
Native American mythology describing people who commit
the most evil of acts. Once these acts have been committed, the person transforms into a
skinwalker, taking the form of a human but being something
else entirely underneath. These creatures are said
to be able to transform themselves into animals, mimic voices, and even curse villages and
towns through occult knowledge. What makes the Skinwalkers
subreddit so frightening is that these stories
are not just consigned to superstitious history,
they are relayed by people who live today, suggesting
that these malevolent, once-human creatures still hide among us. Number two is True Creepy. The True Creepy subreddit
has over 50,000 subscribers, and stays true to its name
by only allowing posts which are truly unnerving. Its subscribers share their experiences of creepy events as well as images, video, and documents exploring
the sinister side of life. For example, Redditor Katie87 discovered a Ouija board in her new home. However, it only appeared
after she moved in, and was being used by an unknown
person within a crawlspace. Other types of posts describe
real-life disappearances, but much of that content is made up of creepy YouTube videos, social media posts, and even bizarre recordings
of distorted live broadcasts which are as unnerving
as they are a mystery. Whatever haunts you, you’re
sure to find it on True Creepy. And number one is Creepy Kids. A theory in parapsychology
states that children can see supernatural
creatures while nearby adults are oblivious to their presence. The only evidence that anything is wrong is when a child talks about it. That’s what you’ll find on
the Creepy Kids subreddit. In one post, a mother’s
son would talk about the skeletons which lived in their attic. Some children also talk
about their previous lives before they were born,
with one telling her mother that she picked her as her
mom because she was sad. In another post, a child would
wake up in her parents’ car every time that they drove by a graveyard, telling her parents that
the voices were too loud. Who knows what these kids are seeing, but if you were going to read
the Creepy Kids subreddit, best do it with the lights on, just in case those unseen things are peeking over your shoulder. This video was sponsored by Audible. Audible is where so many inspiring voices and compelling stories open listeners up to new experiences and ways of thinking. They deliver bestsellers, business, self-improvement, memoirs, and more, all professionally narrated
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100 thoughts on “10 Creepiest Subreddits You Won’t Believe Exist

  1. #8 Is how I felt in school. It might have been because I was tired cause I did fall asleep in class, but when I got up. I felt like I was in a different class and I didn't know who my classmates was for some reason.

    There's another time where a YouTuber posted a video of a play through and for some reason when I check again. It was gone.
    They made another video on it, but it was like this was their first again.
    I comment about it and no else seem to had noticed but me. It was weird

  2. This video is a real eye-opener that the very thing we love & use everyday of our lives (The Internet that is) can also be an extremely scary, frightening, horrifying and terrifying place indeed!!

  3. I honestly thought u were gonna have r/fearme on this, but I guess not. It's really wierd. Apparently it's supposed to show life through the eyes of a schizophrenic, or something.

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    That God is real

    I had a weird dream which I'll never forget….

    I was walking upstairs towards the clouds and suddenly at the end of the path, appears an Eucharist floating
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    So…. my reaction was like… "Okay it taste blood… alright its time to leave" then I head back down stairs.

    Then suddenly…. I woke up the next morning.

  5. @Matthew Santoro
    There's a guy I met he looked exactly like u I forgot his name he too talked about conspiracy he was a traveler lived in L.A, everything about him looked exactly the same looked like ur Twin no lie no BS I thought I met u.🤯😎

  6. 2:52 Yep, happened to me a number of time At first, I was thinking about something and all of a sudden there is that picture of events in my head of a boy that I was in class with approximately
    a 6 years ago. A few (2-3) days passed, I was going for a walk with my dog – stopped, checked to see if my dog's collar is ok, looked up again and saw some person walking next to me. The person said hello to me in a friendly voice – despite me having a few friends and a bit more acquaintance's -, I turned around and saw him , the now grown up boy from school that I saw up in my head. I was baffled after the talk, to say the least.

  7. They still don't have a few subreddits. I tried to find some subreddits of Black Metal bands, but they didn't have any.

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  14. I came across a post on r/confessions where a man admits to raping a chicken because it deserved it. And then proceeded to kill it and cook it. It was detailed and horrifying. I will never visit Reddit again

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