10 ASPERGER Symptoms you MUST know

10 ASPERGER Symptoms you MUST know

in this video we’re looking at 10
Asperger symptoms so you can identify Asperger’s in somebody fast coming right up hey I’m Dan I have Asperger’s syndrome
ADHD OCD and dyslexia I make weekly videos on the subject so if you want to
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also some of the symptoms I’m sharing in this video may actually shock you hey
what’s good Aspie World farm what’s going on you guys are the best before getting
into the video just ask a simple question what do you guys prefer
minecraft or Pokemon let me know in the comments below so 10 Asperger symptoms
this is a retake on my first ever video on youtube and if you’re interested in
watching it I will leave it in the description that below so number one is
stimming now stimming happens when you need to self-soothe and what that
actually means is that sometimes i used to stim like this with my hands or
twitch like this but then i’ve got used to rub in my hands like this another one
is using my my hands here it’s inside a rubber on the side of my chin when I’m
feeling kind of stressed or anxious or excited or happy it’s kind of weird
things when I’m like super concentrating or something like right okay this is
give me like the best video in the entire universe and don’t watch it or
it’s like in like a new episode of something cool like Stranger Things I’m
like I’m gonna’ get so into it I start kind of maybe rocking a little bit or
I’ll kind of like soothe myself by stimming with my hands a little bit and
this is kind of super common with people with Asperger syndrome and autism so
it’s a very good one to look out for if you’re trying to look at somebody and say
hey does this person have an autism spectrum disorder and you go well I
don’t know do they have any symptoms this is something that pretty much
everybody I know on the spectrum has this symptom of this trait okay
number two is changing routine and what I mean by this is that people with
Asperger’s syndrome like to have specific routine so I know that I like
to go to this store buy this sandwich with this bread and everything’s cool
but sometimes the routine doesn’t always go to plan and sometimes things can
change but when things do actually change it’s not a good thing when when
when change happens it disrupts the whole pattern of it because you’re used
to having these things and that’s how you perceive it’s going to be and you
know that I’m going to go from my house to the store and do this when something
happens and it just sets you off it’s kind of like
somebody flicking the dominoes over when you haven’t even set them all up yet I
find this one of the most difficult things about having the condition
because it’s difficult to think abstract that okay well something doesn’t happen
what’s gonna what’s gonna happen but one of the tips that me my partly is is she
helps me kind of come up with scenarios so we have three options we go to
something we didn’t before I have my diagnosis but now we’ve had the
diagnosis this is one of the ways we deal with this issue but again it’s a
great one for identifying if somebody is used to very strict routine when you get
very upset and can’t deal with the change then this could be a factor okay
so the next one number three is sensory issues with foods now essentially issues
with food people with autism and Asperger syndrome generally have sensory
processing disorders and sensory issues and for me the worst one is it is
kind of like food so so sloppy cold food so I can eat my food when it’s hot but
it soon as it cools down I can’t even touch it kind of look at it don’t like
anything to do with it when it’s cold freaks me out it makes you super nervous
I can’t explain why it just does and it’s something that I know that people
on the spectrum actually deal with a lot of the time you know so certain sources
if they’re cold or like you know soup goes cold and it just freaks me out oh
that reminds me um this video is set from my perspective as a guy on the
spectrum actually did a video about symptoms for girls on the spectrum if
you’d like to see that video make sure you hit that card above here that will
show you that video maybe watch it after this video okay so number four is
sensory issues with smells now the smells are super big ones a big trigger
for me so one of the one of the main smells or two the main smells I can’t
stand it is onions and garlic I can’t be around them no way no way no way
another one is perfumes and like cents like me with body lotions or probably
washes things that may be super overpowering and like it just triggers
me I go know where it is I can’t get comfortable I feel kind of irritated by
it the garlic and onions make me really kind of I wouldn’t say upset but really
annoyed it triggers me in something I’m like you’ve got to go away from the
smell just gonna I don’t know I feel like this skin is gonna just burn off
and I’ll die or something a bit too exaggerated okay so number five its
sensory issues with noise this time again this is how sometimes things can
be like super loud and super noisy and like way overpowering I actually wear
headphones I have specific headphones I wear which are noise canceling headphones so to
stop the the overwhelming noise of loads of people or or certain environments
like cafeterias or like I don’t know like days out with your folks or
whatever a shopping mall I wear headphones and at home as well to kind
of chill out so you know zero noise total silence I can just zone out and this
again is a huge essentially issue of most people on the autism spectrum do
have I’m not saying that everybody’s gonna have it but I’m saying that like
you know a lot of people will have it and this is another way to identify the
symptoms in seventy oh and if you’re interested in watching more I do have a
playlist that’s linked in the description below in the first line or
whatever all about autism I did a bunch of videos and waters and stuff so you can
learn more about it you can always click that video and there’s a playlist full
of different videos in there okay so number six is obsessive topics of
interest and this called kind of like persons resonate to me for a few
different reasons but I have a variant amount of different topics that I Iike
obsessed oh but one of the main ones is aliens UFOs conspiracy theory all that stuff I love it I just like
super focus on it I buy loads of books on it and audio books and videos and
research and I listen to podcasts and do all that kind of stuff if you guys are
interested and learn more about my obsession I’m actually doing a video on it
which will be on my channel if you’re watching this video right now make sure
you click the subscribe button so you don’t miss out
obsessive topics of interest is a huge huge common characteristic with people
with an autism spectrum disorder now they may get obsessed about things like
minecraft or Pokemon or Thomas the Tank Engine or numbers or anything that they
can really just dive into that they feel like really technically into I was also
really into chemistry I’ve done a degree in chemistry because I got really into
it then I’m also into kind of like making videos which is what I’m doing
now I’m making a video but I also do other kind of videos like more vlog
style videos but you know that this this is one of the main reasons why you can
spot somebody with an autism spectrum disorder quite easily because you’ll be
like wow look they’ve got an extreme obsession you know and not a lot of
people on a nurotypical sense will kind of do this ok number seven is basically
repetitive clothing and repetitive clothing basically means that I wear the
same thing every single day well not the exact same t-shirt be super smelly and
stuff yeah we’re the same type of t-shirts oh I plain brands I wear black
jeans I wear black vans and I always have a hat so I have a lot of hats I
have lots of plain t-shirts either grey black white or like a dark maroon colour
and I always wear black jeans I don’t really own I do own other colour jeans
but I don’t really why there’s like for special occasions and crap I be forced
to wear other coloured jeans what is up with that but I also wear black socks
and black underpants every single day that’s it I just buy loads to them at
one go this has come through a few problems also when I’m trying to buy
things again and again they don’t always have them in so I have to kind of bulk
buy things so I don’t run out in time where I can find another one or a place
but that’s good enough or or better than the one I already got which is similar
which is also kind of crazy but you get the idea
you know if you walk into somebody’s wardrobe Asperger’s syndrome they me
usually have repetitive patterns of what they like to wear this is all from my
point of view I mean these can’t differ because everybody on the spectrum is
individual but this is commonly what we kind of you know are about okay so
number eight is sarcasm and jokes now this one is always getting
so people on the autism spectrum don’t understand the sarcasm and jokes that
often I mean sometimes they do and sometimes they can get it for me for
instance if I know my family members really really well I know my friends
really really well then most the time I can get their jokes but a lot of the
time I just completely don’t get it and actually my friends use this to their
advantage they kind of tell me stuff that to make it like once we were in the
studio recording because I’m in a band and we were recording music and they tried to tell
me that the Tom on a on a on a drum kit was actually called the Tomual and I
believed them for ages until I Googled didn’t realize it didn’t exist
so they do it just to kind of like have some fun but this is a common kind of
trait where people kind of take things literally where people kind of just who
are on the spectrum don’t understand jokes and don’t some start a sarcasm
that well okay so number nine is social anxiety now comorbidly Asperger
syndrome and autism does come with an anxiety but social anxiety is probably
one of the worst ones so going to like cities and traveling or going to
airports these things are like super triggering for people with autism and
Asperger’s and don’t because of the social overwhelmed there’s too many
people there you get overwhelmed sensory input is going crazy smells
slight sound all the stuff is crazy and a lot of time will end up in a meltdown
and if you want to see a video on a meltdown I will link that in the card
above here somewhere so you guys can see that but it may cause a meltdown and by
causing a meltdown it could like put a bad tone or trip or whatever so you know
anxiety it’s something that is super difficult to deal with I have it really
bad with travel anxiety and when I go to cities I think is probably the worst I
going out to big cities there’s almost like agoraphobia in a away but it’s not
as I was diagnosed first like a phobia but it’s not really agoraphobia it’s
something different it’s obviously social anxiety and being out there in
the general anxiety disorder kicking in okay so I did a video on autism life
hacks I’ll try and link it in the description below so you guys can check
that out in case it’s something that you may be interested in you know how to
deal with certain things if you’re watching this video on your on the
spectrum then these autism life hacks may come in handy
okay so number 10 and this is probably my worst one which is talking too fast
now I’m trying my best in this video to make sure that you guys know that I am
talking at a moderate speed but most of the time people tell me to slow down
dude you’re talking way too fast I can’t understand a thing you say what did he just say
most of my family members can’t even understand what I say because I talk too
fast and if you look through a bunch of my old videos and look through the
comment section you’ll see people saying dude you need to slow down and even in
this video maybe you’re thinking Done you need to slow down on that talking son
but talking fast for me is because my Asperger syndrome comes come comorbidly
with ADHD and I know a lot of people who have Asperger’s syndrome also have the
ADHD so we kind of get a bit hyperactive and might like my voice starts going kind of
crazy and I’ve kind of hyperactive about things and I speak really really fast so
my apologies for that but that is another symptom of autism I’ve met a lot
of people with Asperger’s syndrome who have this trait and then it just I find
it quite funny people get super triggered by it I’m super sorry okay so
I’m actually gonna give you guys an extra bonus this is number 11 and I
thought was kind of fun thing just to check in here to give you a free one
because you know you guys are awesome and stuff
so this one is taking things literally and I had a really funny story about
this um I remember when I was doing an access course to to go on to do my
degree I was actually hanging out in the kitchen eating some food like a sandwich
or something and then the woman I was talking to who son also had Asperger’s
syndrome was having some soup and she like put like a banana peel inside the
cup that she was drinking a soup from and gave me the the cup with a banana
and she’s “Ah Dan can you put that in the bin?” like okay so I threw the whole
thing in a bin and she was kinda like Dan what you do thrown out in a bin and
I was like oh my goodness you know dang it and I didn’t realize that she didn’t
mean to throw the whole thing in the bin just a banana and then put the couple of
sites or things like that and I get a super bad with taking things super
literal and it’s because of the way the brain of someone with an autism spectrum
disorder work ssso that they take things quite literally but this is a key to
understanding typical common symptoms of people on the autism spectrum make sure
you guys watch the next video which is also awesome and you think you’ll love
it and make sure to subscribe if you want it become part of this awesome
family on YouTube and learn more about autism and Asperger’s

100 thoughts on “10 ASPERGER Symptoms you MUST know

  1. How did you come to be so open to this? I'm personally not infact I will go to incredible lengths to keep it hidden or of I'm cornered I'll flip out.

  2. So I’m pretty obsessed with ksp. Does this mean autism? Also some social anxiety, like just constantly thinking everyone’s watching/judging

  3. 21 year old son intellectual disabled and dyslexic and on spectrum. Life is a challenge for him but he lives it to the fullest.
    You seem so positive and lovey also.
    And your eyes are stunning

  4. I'm a female currently getting checked for autism. And the food thing is so relatable. There are certain foods I cry if I get it on me or get sick when I look at it. I also talk fast, and thank you so much for linking the headphones!! I struggle so bad with noise akd have been looking for good headphones!

  5. Thank you from a mom of a 7 year old and figuring out if he has asperger. (We are in the middle of testing)He has alot of those symptoms that you say and it is nice to see that it is well adaptable as an adult. Thank you

  6. OK, so, I had already been diagnosed with: C-PTSD, MDD, GAD, PD. I have been tested & given a score of 163 for IQ, INTJ/ Mastermind, by professionals (Whatever that means). I lived a couple of years in the '60's, so, I'm an Aquarius (Early-Mid Feb) for the zodiac reference. Then, last year, diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, which I already knew (but couldn't get help for & still haven't). But, the Autism diagnosis, I didn't expect. (Since Aspergers isn't a "real" thing, in the US anyway). Once I started researching, I have found many similarities between them all.

  7. I am on the spectrum and I tend to talk fast. However, I'm from Newfoundland and we regularly talk fast, so fast that we combine words together and leave out syllables. This is noticeable around the bay (Newfoundland talk for "rural areas"). A local comedian (can't remember who) made a joke about this: "I'm not talking too fast, your brain is too slow."

  8. 😂 It’s funny… here I am watching you on double speed and it’s fine. I’m grateful for fast speakers. Slow speakers trigger me 😅

  9. Im the same, with a lot, so maybe theyll diagnose me, maybe not. Cold is a huge factor for food, because believe it or not temperature changes the flavor

  10. I have the same headphones as you…and I was obsessed with The X-Files and aliens too, especially as a kid. I actually went to a Christian private school (although I am an atheist) and they just gave up on converting me…but for my birthday they had a giant X-Files themed birthday party for me with an X-Files cake and posters of Mulder and Scully on the wall. Good times. At the time, I could recite entire episodes verbatim, tell you the name of every episode and just a ton of trivia. LOL

  11. My Twin bother has Asperger and he is definitely obsessed about the UFO stuff once he starts discussing it he doesn't stop. It used to get annoying but now that I understand it's just his thing I let him talk, I have ADHD so focusing on what he is saying and not appearing like I don't care can be difficult. Aspergers and ADHD seem to have some overlaps.

  12. I speak even faster!! haha!!! I have asperger's/adhd/tourettes !!! LOL
    My Girlfriend hates when I speak so hyper-mega-fast because she has the contrary autism wich is High Funcioning Autism, so I chose not to even talk for many hours!!! LOOL I also have that sounds problems, I could SUICIDE if I travel on public transport without EARPHONES WITH NOISY METAL MUSIC ON THEM!!! LOOOL!!!! I PREFFER THAT OVER PEOPLES TALKING SOUND!! HAHAAA


  14. I think I have Aspergers and I don't know if I should tell my parents, because all the masking makes me look neurotypical and all the meltdowns make me look crazy. Should I tell them?

  15. If you think that autism is so great, then why don't you get a job working as a caregiver, and cleaning up piss, shit, menses, cum, loose pubes, and dickcheese?

  16. The routine symptom is something I have a question about.

    I guess in some ways I do because when I my wife and I go out to eat, wherever we go, I 100% always get the same thing I do whenever we go to that place. But I don't have daily routines that I have to do. However, when I do have a plan set in place for anything at all, it stresses me out beyond belief for that plan to need to change; legit get angry as hell at the situation and person who caused the change in my plan.

    Would that be considered under the routine symptom?

    The sensory issue with food I 100% have. I cannot eat something if the texture is gross. Even if it tastes terrific, I just can't.

  17. I never knew the term for stimming!!!!! Thank you! I rock back and forth and I tend to rub my hands through my hair behind my head

  18. Speaking of hange, I have very little flexibility regarding change and things not going as planned. I am also obsessed with government skullduggery. Sometimes the world is too loud for me.

  19. Stimming is very common in almost every mental disorder that is connected with some type of anxiety…I've got ADHD and bi-polar and stimming is very prominent with me.

  20. And someone should make very low profile noise cancelling headphones. Something that just fits in the ear. Because headphones help me so much. But I feel like everyone is starring at me when I have them on. So I just don't go to places with a lot of people. But I'd like to be able too.

  21. I am undiagnosed, because I don't have insurance. But I have seen a professional that handles Autism and he said after our first session he was pretty sure I was on the spectrum

  22. Awesome. Aliens and UFOS are totally real and here! 🙂
    Quirky, creative genius is another positive way to look at some attributes.
    Talk too fast?? No way. Hilarious and fun energy.
    I was also super shy and relate to social anxieties.
    But also super aware to many things, particularly feelings.
    What are your thoughts on feelings? Or do you feel more on the logical side?
    I certainly wouldn't call Nikola Tesla autistic, yet he also had some interesting quirks.

  23. Interestingly stimming is very common in people in general, that's probably why most with ASD also do it. The most common in people is playing with hair or tapping x

  24. This is really helpful. My son has ALL of these traits but according to the "experts" he does not have Aspergers. His teachers think he does but you have to be diagnosed by an expert to get the right support and help. He is mainstream school and gets no help at all other than his teacher. I am frustrated as hell.

  25. My older brother has Asperger's and ADHD. I've lived with him my whole life and still live with him as my roommate. I love him more than I can explain. Checked out this vid to see if it was accurate (it is)

  26. I dont think i have it, a bit of things i can relate, specially OCD and ADHD, also EXTREME Social Anxiety,( actually i think AvPD instead of social anxiety cus of how bad it is) but alot more i cant relate

  27. I do the hand thing all the Fucking time. Like I never notice it but I’ve had people literally put their hand on my hand to stop me from doing that throughout my life. I’ve always wondered if I’ve had autism through my life. Im 26 now.

  28. I’m curious to know what others think of those ASPR videos. I feel my skin crawling when I watched one.
    I also wonder if there’s any study with the sensitivity of those on the spectrum and senses. Like do people on the spectrum literally have better hearing or a better sense of smell.
    Btw if you have issues with sound maybe consider learning sign language. I did some classes and it was lovely. Though coming out of the class was a bit jarring. I’m not official but these lists feel oddly familiar so I thought it might be something that others enjoy.

  29. You are so wonderful. Thanks for helping me to understand my son and his struggle. Please keep doing these videos. Bless you always.

  30. You just described my 6 year old son 🙂 I know it's very hard for him but I love him just the way he is, with all of this and always trying to make him easier

  31. Love the thomas shout out that one of my kiddos obsessions, btw in my opinion it's not a disorder it's a reorder we are the new human evaluation 😁

  32. I have sensory issues with noise and light but not with foods (that I’m aware of). A weird one I have is….buttons. Had horrible “tantrums” when I was a kid. I don’t like them. I don’t they they look or feel. I avoid wearing them or even looking at them on others. If I see someone with buttons I automatically find them unattractive regardless of what they look like.

  33. I have extreme sensitivity to loud noises, especially sirens and alarms. When I hear them I will scream and curl up in the fetal position. Often it will trigger a panic attack and will completely ruins the rest of my day. I don't know what is wrong with me.

  34. Having my 9 year old tested in two days. Any advice on how to bring it up to him? Or if I should wait until he can understand it more? Your videos have very very helpful!! Thank you! Beyond words!

  35. I love heavy metal music and playing my guitar with my man and love geology and seismology and volcanology and a lot of other things

  36. Hmm. What you have described covers 90% of the young people I know. The world is full of young people with aspergers disorder….

  37. I had a really bad meltdown in public really ugly. I kicked out whilst stimming and next thing I knew I was hospital been drugged and torture techniques it took 2 specialists realize what happened this was 2 weeks later when I had repeat episodes in those 2 weeks because I was overloaded and in sensory overload. What triggered the meltdown was too much info and threatening ex-partner also no one listening communication not my strong point. I still have meltdowns I had three already these past 2 weeks. Not pretty but this is me and I am at present zoning my energies on my topics and focusing on the smallholding. As I am struggling with controlling my Autism and consist of changes at the moment so I can respect others in a similar situation and big hugs to all those with autism.

  38. My water has to be ice cold. Anything else makes me want to throw up. Now days I force it down and it's horrible, but it's better than going days without water and almost dying because I can't chill it ~(oxo)~

  39. I just found your video today. I wish I had known about it sooner because I truly believe my 16 year old daughter is high functioning autistic. Every one of the signs you pointed out she exhibits. She is undergoing counseling and therapy now and after watching your video I finally understand what she is going through and I can talk to her therapist about what I can almost definitively see is autism. Thank you so much for making this video.

  40. I’m really sensitive to change.. the most difficult thing is new year or birthdays.. absolutely terrifying for me and throws me off for at least a week :/

  41. While travelling can be difficult for aspes, it is also the most rewarding for us. AAAAAAND we make the best travellers. Never really ever having much of a comfort zone means we can easily immerse ourselves in ways that others cannot. I think this is also why we are often considered good language learners 😉 I would nearly go as far as to say that all the world's most avid adventurers and navigators probably fell somewhere on the spectrum!

  42. I'm an Aspie 🙂 These are my interests.

    Pokemon. I'm a Pokemon expert and also a Digimon expert.

    Play doh/clay art. I like to make Pokemon/Digimon out of play doh, if you say make "Ampharos" I can make it in 5 minutes.

    Ocarina. I started to play the ocarina a month ago. It's fun to play and a great hobby.

    Astronomy. I can name most of the moons in our solar system by just seeing a picture of one.

    Mushrooms….. not the hallucnegetic ones! The ones that are edible and delicious.

    The SCP foundation. Why did I get interested to this series? Markiplier, that's why. And I like horror so reading SCP files at night is great. Probably not SCP 016, SCP 231, SCP 942, SCP 575, SCP 4666 or SCP 4667, those creep me out too much.

  43. oh! I get it! This is for RICH Aspergers! Dude, do you know how much money is £244.99 for poor people like Mexico? No? Food for almost 3 months. For a Family! Really insensitive!

  44. Omg these adds are pushing the limits on my anxiety. Love the video, you just discribed 95% of me. My 10y old was diagnosed 2 months ago and as I learn about aspergers I see so much of myself. Thanx for your videos.

  45. Repetitive clothing!!! I almost cried…my oldest wears the same type of pants and shirts constantly. Makes dressing him easier and harder at the same time. He outgrew his favorite kind of pants but thankfully we found another style in adult sizing in time 🙌🏻Thank you for these videos, I’m understanding his mind so much easier ❤️

  46. My husband has Aspergers. He eats anything so I’m lucky. We have an “old fashioned” marriage and I get emotional intimacy from my female friends so it’s easy to live and let live. He’s a good traditional husband and has a very successful career. Love from Australia 🇦🇺

  47. Would you say that pulling at chin hairs and trying to feel your skin for something to pop (whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, etc) are stimming?

  48. I can get jokes as in humour, like I love comedians and comedy but I want to properly intensely laugh
    Puns can take a while but if it's a witty joke I just park it and maybe I'll get it 5 hours later and randomly laugh.
    I can only detect really obvious sarcasm, like in a cartoon.

  49. I wear a uniform everyday to work so that's simple. I don't know if I have aspergers. An ex suggested I do but I understand sarcasm. I'm called weird. I'm told I get obsessed about things. I don't know, I don't really pay attention to people's concerns that much. I won't bother getting tested though. I'm happy enough with my quirks and haven't had a bad spell of depression for years now.

  50. I am neurotypical, and I a a teacher, watching to help myself understand a new 15 year old student who I suspect has Asperger's. Anyway, I loved your video…and I didn't think you talked too fast at all.

  51. I tend to talk fast when I'm really into something.
    I hate going to the hospital or airport by myself because It's not something I do often.
    I hate getting food on my fingers. Like putting sauce ontop of fries. I figured that out a few years ago after my wife put stuff on our fries while I was driving I reached over and lost my shit. It comes off as me having a very very bad temper when something gets to me.

    I sometimes have problems talking more softly too.

    I can wear the same clothes everyday. 90% of the time I just wear my work clothes on the weekend. ( I think it stems from a comfort thing to us )

    I laugh or crack a smiles while fighting with my wife. I feel really bad because I can't control it and she feels like I don't care.

    I would also like to say that I just figired out this week that I'm clicking a lot of the boxes associated with this condition.
    I literaly sent my wife a video and she told me I should go to the doctor. I asked for help because I never go to the doctor LOL. I'll make it there real soon though. Can't wait to talk to a specialist and work on my issues that have plagued my life.

  52. I am just getting started on this as I suspect my grandson has Asperger's. He is 23 and I've noticed almost everyone of the common signs and even have some myself like the noise sensitivity and social anxiety. One though, that he seems to have is to take EVERYTHING literally. Is this a common sign?

  53. I have all these 10 ''symptoms'', I guess I have it then, lol. Except I like the outdoors and crowded places, I just don't like if all people are staring at me as in a public speech, I think it's creepy. I don't know if I would put the cup in the bin with the banana, if the cup was mine or if it was a glass cup/expensive my mind would question and not let me do it.

  54. I like this video, it feels more woke than some other videos that describe symptoms of Asperger syndrome and autism. Most of what you listed I experience, some not as much or to a certain extent.

  55. You dont seem to have this condition at all, but you seem to know alot about It.
    Good video for someone I care for.

  56. I hate cheese, I’m socially awkward and I hate change, man I’m wondering if I’m on the spectrum, I’ve always been super different and I’ve never wanted to be

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