100 thoughts on “1 Star vs. 5 Star Product Test

  1. I have been watching this show for about 5 years now. Watching Rhett up Chuck that ink is the first time I have ever gaged because of GMM.

  2. kinda sketchy on that first one. The majority was indeed 5 stars, but the next biggest was 1 stars.

  3. Watch 6:40 in .25x speed, watch Link's hair and listen to him talk, its hilarious!!!

    Also watch 12:20 is 2x speed, they look like idiots without brains!!

  4. In my opinion i say the face bank toy is five star rating🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 i love the face bank I'm getting it from ebay😁

  5. it's not a gender stereotype if it's your actual gender, male or female which is, of course, the only options and unchangeable no matter what you do

  6. best part of the ufo detector is that all of the reviews are ridiculous. the one stars say it didn't detect so they got probed. one claimed to be a scientist and said that it actually attracts ufos, but still gave it 4 stars

  7. The UFO detector got mostly 5-star reviews because only crazy people bought it and reviewed it. And they already believe it works.

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