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  1. Greetings Kevin,

    I have watched many of your videos and podcasts. They are very informative and, in my opinion, very good in general. That being said, as an educator of a diverse group of students (age, culture, socioeconomic background, goals, eduction, learning ability and style), they can tend to sound a bit academic.

    OK, let’s use a martial arts analogy—and specifically use The Last Samurai movie example. It took Capt. Algren lots of practice with Katsumoto and Ujio to learn the 'skill,' didn’t it?
    In the same way, it takes practice to be able to form Socratic-type questions from someone’s assertion(s), to use critical thinking or spot rhetoric and fallacies in an argument, right?
    So, if after your critical thinking or fallacy course(s) are finished, and a student cannot watch a few-second clip of, say, Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, Sean Hannity, a debate hosted by CNN, a video on BBC, etc, or read a blog or a story in the Huffington Post. and be able to ask a Socratic question, spot the rhetorical ploy or fallacy employed, or a biased question by a host or moderator, then what have they accomplished? If a person cannot make decisions, 'argue,' or question ideas with family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances, what is the utility?
    And given the numerous fallacies alone, there would be hours of clips and articles to analyze and test the students mastery of the subject, no?
    Rote, Understanding, Application, Correlation: How will your courses provide this practice and advancement to the last two levels? E.g., it’s one thing to talk about switching the burden of proof via red herrings to a straw man. It’s another to see if someone can consistently spot them in a variety of random forms.

    Talk about “pillars” or powerpoint presentations will not, in my opinion, get these abilities into people’s heads! Examples, practice, taking a test, more examples, practice, taking a test, still more examples, more practice, taking a test, etc. is key. I’ve yet to see this provided in online courses.
    In my opinion, forums can be a poor place to discuss certain concepts without having, first, demonstrated a certain level of ‘understanding.’ Ask yourself why many people shy away from being questioned and/or forums where they will be held to task by a moderator in keeping on-topic.



  2. "If you're a skeptic about reason, then you think they can't be integrated."

    Is there's no way for a person to (as I do) believe that we actually use rational reasoning much less than 1% of our integrated mental activity?

  3. It seems like you are building atleast one foundational argument on the presumed self evident assumption that trump voters do not have rational reasons for believing what they believe without even making an effort to present a case for this. You don't even feel the need to support this assumption in any way? It's just posited as a self evident axiom? It feels a bit like you are setting this podcast up as some sort of exclusive club only for people who already agree with your politics. I imagine most trump supporters will probably stop listening about half way through this video, and not entirely unreasonably so. It seems like you are being very condescending towards them.

    Please correct me if I am missing something.

  4. Hi Kevin,
    I'm an academic (Neuroscience) and was interested in your suggestions towards teaching Logic to children (age and resources). I was specifically interested in the Categorical Syllogism for young children.
    Also, after this semester (when I have free time) I'll purchase your lectures. I lecture medical Ss and so my background is heavily empirically biased. My background in Logic is limited.
    Kind regards

  5. To sum up …
    The is/ought dilemma is only a dilemma of perception. A better perception is that is/ought is a solution.

  6. Hi Kevin- Great topic and informative videos! I wonder if you can reverse the order of the videos in the playlist so they will play in order from the top. I jumped in and went to episode 009 first.

  7. Sounds good. Thought if there were a Playlist with the episodes I'd hit play and listen to a few. I abandoned the idea when I see the playlist is in reverse chronological order and I'd have to tend to the videos' duration and end, stop, queue the right one, etc.

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