– coffee pouring –
*happy background music* – milk dab –
*happy background music* – sugar drop –
*happy background music* – spoon stir –
*happy background music* *happy background music* – coffee slurp –
*happy background music* *happy background music* AHHH!!! Good morning guys. How are you all doing today? Today I’m very spending the afternoon with Trent & Siobhan and their five boys from the channel Everyday Family Adventures. They were just in Prince Edward Island last Sunday and I am ninety minutes away from the island so I figured I’d pop Trent a message, see if they wanted to spend some time in a quaint little town, see the sights, and that’s what’s gonna be happening. so I hope you guys will stick around and join in the fun. But before they get into town and we start having some fun outside I want to take a minute to promote an awesome podcast from Brizzy Voices and Tessa Netting: Fantastic Geeks And Where To Find Them! These two have been doing weekly episodes every Friday on Harry Potter since they are huge Potterheads as I am myself, Nickelodeon, Marvel, so many wonderful geeky properties. They talk about them in a way that is encouraging and inspiring. For example today’s episode is all about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the staged performance of what happens after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Both of them have been to London to see the play and they are giving all their thoughts and opinions, and discussing what the content and just how bizarre or appropriate it is, and whether or not Curse Child should actually be classified as canon. I will link them down below; at least one place you can find them. They are literally everywhere you can find podcasts: iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud. Please go check them out! They are fantastic, pun intended, I really hope that you guys will enjoy their podcast in addition to their YouTube channels since they are very much fantastic geeks in themselves. *happy acoustic time-lapsey music* *flowing river water* Yeah. Right? I think, I think that might have been, like, a landslide that happened here a number of years ago and then it just permanently made this. It’s kinda wild. “Like a slide?” I mean it’s a dangerous slide, but a slide nonetheless. Siobhan: “Mud comes just washing down.” Yeah. It’s one of those natural formations that just kind of happens. Finally made it out to Victoria Park. Thankfully it is a gorgeous day, and met up with Trent and his kids. Siobhan and the others are over there checking out the gym equipment. We’ve been planning on meeting up for… what has it been like, a month now? You said you were coming to PEI? “We played at a church in PEI this weekend which was a lot of fun, and we just had the extra time We’ve never been to Nova Scotia. We want to just kinda see the area When Zach started following our channel in Seattle I knew you were in Nova Scotia and so I always just kinda checkmark. Like, I want us to meet these people. That the best part sometimes about travelling is… is you get to see a lot of the people that you know you’ve gotten to be a part of their lives and they’re a part of your life.” I’ve been trying to show a little bit more of emphasize a little bit more is that everyone has a story and we through YouTube and through expressing what we love are able to be a part of one other- one another’s stories. “What you get a chance to see is- is an opportunity to be… to see something different and to present something different. If you’re a Christian and you only hang out with Christians, chances are you’re not being a great witness or an example to people of what the body of Christ is like. YouTube or vlogging is a great opportunity just get started with that and be able to share your testimony and who you are. Which is amazing because you may be shy at doing that. There’s a reality that you really want to share your story, and that- that’s a big deal. We get the opportunity to do this all over the- all over North America. We used to always say, like, all over the nation ’cause we’re from the States, but we’re not in the States right now which is awesome. We saw New Brunswick, we saw PEI, spent a week there, we’ll be here for a week and, uh…” Eventually hittin’ the, uh… hittin’ Hawaii. “Ya. This year we’re doing a missions training program with a program called YWAM.” Youth With A Mission if you guys don’t know the acronym. “We’re actually in a fundraising, like, process this summer too for that and our whole family is going, and we’re gonna be doing three months of training in Hawaii and then we’re gonna be doing another three months of World Missions somewhere. Definitely check out… oh, where are you? There you are. I’m still getting used to the screen. Haha! Definitely check out Everyday Family vlogging. I’ll, uh, link their channel down below and, or pop them up in the “i” in the sky. So definitely go show ’em some, uh, some warrior love. Here we see the natural hunter in his natural habitat. Look at the way he goes after that water. I think he’s been lookin’ for fish. You lookin’ for fish there survivor? I’m so glad I’ve been able to hang out with this family for the afternoon. It’s a great time to spend an afternoon. I think I just said afternoon twice. English is hard guys. Remember that. English is hard guys yep yep Siobhan: “English is hard.” English is hard guys. It’s much better to speak Canadian. *suppressed laughter* Yep… yep. *Price Is Right losing horn sound* ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch
*skateboard wheels across* It’s been a couple of hours since Trent, Siobhan, the boys and I have split up. They went on their way down to Halifax. I had a really great time hanging out with Everyday Family Adventures. Their boys and I really click. We got into talking a lot about Super Smash Brothers… the GameCube version, mainly the Wii U version because that’s the game they play. I was telling them about the stuff I had heard for Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Wii- for the Nintendo switch that’s going to be coming out… uh… later this year? I think? Yeah. December 7h, ’cause all that was announced at E3. It was really great to be able to chat with them about that: things that I love, things that they love. Having this time to connect with other people who do YouTube was so refreshing for me. From when I mentioned in my Pressures of Being a Small YouTuber video that I have felt isolated I meant that and not being isolated for three hours… that’s all it took for me to feel rejuvenated and re-energized to pour my heart and energy into these videos for you guys. No matter what you are passionate about, no matter what story your life takes you on, you have something to contribute that will benefit the lives of others and from my words and Trent’s words a little earlier I hope you guys will take that to heart. That’s all I have for this video today. I hope you have enjoyed it. Let me know down in the comments what the microphone sounds like. I’m using the internal mic from my new Canon SX730 HS and although I did do some vlogging out at Acadia I didn’t get a very good sense of whether or not it would sound good. If you If you guys haven’t already, please subscribe to help me grow this community of warriors who believe that individuality and authenticity is the most important thing we have to share with people in our lives. Until next time, don’t be afraid or discouraged to embrace what you are truly passionate about because you really have no idea who in the world you can make an amazing connection with.

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