🔘How to Download Torrent files safely and wisely 2019 (updated)

yeah what’s up guys my name is Dale and
this is how to torrent files before we start this video is just for educational
purposes this is to show you the steps that normally people take when
downloading torrent files just remember guys you guys are fully responsible for
whatever you do with this information thanks alright guys so the first thing
we need to do is we need to go and download a torrent client
what’s a torrent client well a torrent client is pretty much a download manager
this is something that actually allows you to download torrent files now
there’s many different torrent clients out there but I highly recommend to use
Cubitt torrent and that is the one we’re going to be using for this tutorial
right so head on over to your web browser and go to cuba torrent already
once you here guys you’re gonna want to go into a little download tab and you’re
going to select the one for your operating system it’s gonna take me to
this page i will need to wait for the time once the time is done my download
will start once the download is complete you’re going to want to open it up alright guys so now that we got that
either way we need to go and download a VPN what’s a VPN well VPN is a virtual
private network and what this allows you to do is it allows you to have encrypted
connection over the internet so that way you can give you an extra added layer of
protection while you’re surfing right so the one we’re gonna be using is proton
VPN for this tutorial now it’s available for many different platforms just choose
the one for your operating system so pretty much once you’ve downloaded it
you’re going to want to open it up and now that your you guys are gonna
want to make a brand new account so now that you have your account enter your
credentials all right so pretty much now that you’re
in here you’re gonna want to always make sure you always run your VPN when you’re
downloading any torrent and this is really simple guys are you just gonna
want to click on to any of these locations and we’re going to connect to
let’s say Canada all right cool so now that we have a secure connection
now we can go and download torrent files so now we’re gonna head on over to a
torrent website guys so the website we’re gonna be using for this tutorial
is going to be the Pirate Bay now if you guys are trying to look for a list of
different torrent websites make sure you guys check out my video on that and now
what we’re gonna do guys is I’m gonna show you guys exactly how to download a
torrent file from one of these torrent websites right so we’re gonna head on
over to the search bar and in here we’re gonna put what we’re looking for all
right so the first thing you guys need to learn about is cedars and liters now
cedars are pretty much people that are uploading the file onto the web and
leechers are pretty much the people that are downloading the file now something
you need to know is that if there is more cedars then your files going to
download faster but if there is more leechers than your files gonna take
forever to download you might even be put on a waiting list to download that
file so make sure that when you’re downloading you always have a lot more
cedars than you do leechers now we’re gonna click the little cedars tab and
we’re gonna download this file if this is the one we’re looking for okay so
before you download the file make sure you follow these simple steps to give
you an extra layer of security when you’re downloading any torrent file so
number one is you need to make sure that it has comments and make sure that
there’s at least two pages of comments on the file before actually downloading
if it doesn’t have any comments make sure you do not download the file unless
you want to be the first person to take the risk of downloading the file number
two is you can always see if the person that you’re downloading from is a
trusted user on the actual website that you’re using normally there’s like VIP
markers or trusted markers on the websites that you have so that way you
know that these are regular uploaders that are trusted by the community and
the third and final one is to make sure that you’re never downloading anything
that’s recently released because that tends to be the time when people tend to
send out the more harmful things on torrents for instance viruses or
trackers or any to other type of software that it’s neck that it’s not
when you’re trying to get now that you pretty much ran through these steps now
you can definitely go and click the download button and it’s going to prompt
you to open it up on your torrent client you want to want to say yes and now I’ll
show you guys how to use your torrent client okay so you’re gonna be prompted
with this little box right here and what you’re gonna want to do is make sure you
select the file path that way you know where you can find the file that you’re
just about to download click OK okay to view the file you need to go into your
torrent client so open that up so you’re gonna want to head out and over to
downloading and right here you guys can see your file downloading and pretty
much all the stats about its downloading process how long it’s going to take
etcetera etcetera once it’s done downloading guys you’re gonna want to
head on over to this CD folder over here on the left and right here you’re going
to see that it’s a hundred percent done you’re just gonna want to double click
it to open it up alright so once you’re done guys
make sure you see the files just for a little while just to give back to the
community that allowed you to download the torrent file but also make sure to
never ever ever seed without the VPN being turned on and just in case you
want to be safe all you have to do is highlight the seeds and you’re gonna
right click them and delete make sure you read the box and don’t delete the
file from the hard drive and click okay so
that we only delete the torrent seed alright guys and that’s pretty much it
that’s all you need to know about torrenting if you guys need to know
anything else make sure you head on over to my channel and check out the other
videos I have on torrenting files peace out

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