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Do you want to start a podcast for free only
using your smartphone? I’m going to tell you how. Hello everybody and welcome back to our
channel and if this is your first time here we are the Pod Sound School. We help entrepreneurs,
content creators, business owners, and podcasters to plan, develop, launch and promote a successful
podcast. For today’s video, and by popular demand,
I decided to ask our audio engineer, studio Steve, to come out of his studio to show us
how to record a podcast using only our smartphones. So, I’m going to record a podcast episode,
publish it to the web, submit it to the different podcast directories, create a cover art only
by you seeing my smartphone. So, make sure you stick around until the end
so you can see the launch of my brand new podcast, Tango with Veronica, but before we
dive in don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and tap on the bell to be notified
every time we release new videos. Okay, let’s get to it. Hey guys, I’m studio Steve here with Veronica
and we are going to podcast using a smart phone. This is something that we’ve been asked
a lot about, is two things that are commonly asked, can I podcast for free and can I podcast
using my smartphone? So, we’re going to do the whole thing using just this smartphone.
We’re using an iPhone and we’re going to be using two apps. We’re going to be using Anchor
and we’re also going to be using Canva, both of those apps are available on Android too,
so you can follow along whether you’re on an iPhone or on an Android. So, what do you say we get started? Yeah, let’s get to it. Veronica has written a script here. It’s a
short script for her podcast just so that we can get a trailer episode of her podcast
done, and we’re going to do that using Anchor. So, the first thing we’ll do is we’ll just
open up- Well, and one of the things I was going to
mention before we get into recording the podcast episode, we are assuming that you have done
your due diligence with finding your niche, finding the title for your podcast episode
and all that pre recording, planning of your show. And if you haven’t done that yet, we have
a lot of videos here on our channel that will help you with finding a podcast topic. And another thing that we recommend before
you’ve released a podcast episode is that you have all your social media in place and
that you have built up a following. Yeah, built up a little bit of a following
that will help. If not, you can use a trailer episode like we’re doing to have and to take
time to post to the many podcast directories so that you have something to send people
to as you’re building your social media. Yes. Okay, so let’s get to it. The first thing
we’re going to do is we’re going to open the Anchor app here and this is the first time
pretty much that Veronica has opened the Anchor app. You can see it’s a very intuitive program
and you’ll notice at the very bottom there’s a plus inside of a purple circle, it says
tap here to get started. If we tap that, we have many options along the bottom here. We
have voice messages, we have record, we have library interludes, which is some cool musical
interludes, sound effects that it comes with, and also a songs option where you can search
your own library for songs that you can use. You want to make sure if you’re going to use
songs that they’re royalty free, but Anchor comes with a bunch of royalty free music that
we’re going to be using and applying to Veronica’s podcast. That’s pretty cool. Yeah. So, first I’m going to hand this over
to Veronica to press the record button and to record her script. And I have my script ready right here. but before I do- By the way, it’s a real story. Yeah, it’s a real story of her Tango with
Veronica, but before we do that, I just want to talk about a couple of things of how you
can get the best results from your phone. One thing if you’re going to just hold your
phone, that can be hard reading a script and holding your phone at the same time. So, one
thing you can do is to purchase a cheap iPhone holder that people use to take pictures with
and stuff, and this will clamp and spin around and different things. You can find this for
less than $10 on Amazon and put your phone on it that way, and then if you’re going to
do that, you can also get a pop filter, which you can incorporate. You can clamp it to a desk or clamp it to
this thing as well and put that right in front of the microphone on your phone in between
your voice and the microphone. That will allow you to get really close to the microphone
here on your phone without getting a lot of pop noises. That’s really cool and well, actually,
you’d be surprised at the results you can get from just a phone, but if you’re not using
a pop filter, if you’re not using a little stand, you just want to use your phone, then
you want to hold it about eight inches or so- So, eight inches is like two hands, right? A couple of hands, maybe about a foot, like
a ruler link. Okay. Yeah, so you just press the record button. Okay, here I go, press the record button,
hold it right here. Hello everybody and welcome to the first episode
of Tango with Veronica. How did my passion for tango start? My passion for tango started
watching my grandma dancing tango with her partner at a competition in a nearby town.
I was mesmerized with the movements, the synchronicity, and the trust the dancers had for each other.
It was beautiful. I stood there in awe and I traced every single movement. I was only
10 years old, but somehow I convinced my grandma to be her assistant so I could go to the different
towns to the different competitions with her. I would help her with her outfits, her makeup,
her hair, it all ended when at one of the competitions, my grandma broke her foot. And now I press the stop button? Now you press stop, yep. Okay. Okay, and now that you’ve pressed stop, it
will bring up this menu here where it says preview your audio where you could actually
play your audio, or it has this right here where it says trim with the scissors. This
will allow us to turn the phone on its side and you’ll see the whole audio there, which
is pretty nice. If we just start previewing this, you’ll see that first little bit there
where I’m talking and you’re talking about pressing record. Let’s play that and if you
press the play button in the right corner here, you can preview it from this menu. Hold it right here. Hello everybody- So, we’re going to actually take the start
and drag it right before you said “Hello everybody,” and we’ll do the same at the end, so that
we can chop it right where we want it chopped and we can preview how that sounds. Hello everybody. Perfect, and then we go ahead and say save.
Anchor won’t allow you to actually edit inside of your audio clips. Okay. So, just to make clear, if I have a
10 minute recording and at minute number five I completely screwed up the thing and I keep
recording two more minutes, than I cut the last two minutes and I start over from minute
number five? Yeah, you could cut the last two or three
minutes and then say, I need to redo the last half of this, but you can’t do advanced editing
in Anchor. It’s very simple editing, but that’s okay. Yeah, you can take a chunk of it. Yeah. Okay. So, now that we’re in here, we’re still in
the preview your audio menu. You’ll notice here it says, add background music, so that’s
pretty fun. Let’s click on that and you’ll see here in the background music, they have
tons of royalty free music that you can choose from, beats, we have calm, we have cheerful.
Since this was kind of a melancholy story, let’s go down we’re going to have melancholy. They have a playlist. Oh, cool. And we’ll just listen through a couple of
them. I like that. That’s pretty tangoey. Okay, so we’re going
to use [inaudible 00:07:44]. You just press the plus button and it will add it as you
can see here to your file. How cool. Now if you listen to it, what’s pretty cool
is, it actually mixes the audio, the music, into it in its own way. It will do that by
starting with the music at full volume and then it will naturally duck, is the industry
term, or turn the volume of the music down once your voice comes in talking. Let’s take
a peak. Hello everybody and welcome to the first episode
of Tango. That’s pretty cool. Yes, so now a Veronica is going to do, well,
now that we’re done with this, we like the audio, we like the way it sounds, we can say
save and it will give us the option to add to episode. You can also name this segment
and I would recommend doing that especially as you start getting more and more segments.
So, we’ll call this intro. You could also call it hello everybody, and it gives you
an option to add recording to episode. Now, we are starting to build. It gives us
this, it asks us this, are you ready to publish the episode? If you just want to do it that
quickly, then yes, but if you want to add more stuff to your episode and continue editing
your episode, you say not yet and you’ll see it says intro processing and it’s really nice,
especially as you get into an hour long episode with lots of different clips, to name your
clips. So, one episode can have different chunks
of recording? Can have tons of different chunks of recordings
and you can edit each chunk as you go on. You can trim the chunks from start to finish
and you can add music and soundbites. Can you change the order of the chunks too? You can also change the order of the chunks
by dragging them up and down, yes. So, while this is processing, what we’re going to do
is we’re going to go back to tools again, that same, and Veronica is going to record
the next part of her script, which is just a little administrative stuff that you would
commonly do at the end of a podcast episode. Okay. So, I hit the record button again. Mm-hmm (affirmative). Tango with Veronica will be a biweekly podcast
where I not only discuss my own passion for tango, but I will be also sharing interesting
stories and history from the fascinating world of tango. I will also interview amazing tango
dancers. My hope is to share my passion and to build a community around this beautiful
dance. Find me on social media anywhere, [email protected] and make sure to subscribe, rate and comment
on any podcast app. Thank you. Cool. Okay, so now that we’ve recorded that
administrative stuff, it’s the same process. Let’s find some background music that would
be cute or cool for administrative stuff. Or cute. Or cute, yeah. Let’s try this compton one.
Yeah? Yeah, I like it. Okay, she’s easy to please. So, I think this
is just really cool and I have to say, I was a little reluctant about Anchor. I was like,
okay, no, let’s use professional equipment to make our podcasts, but I’ve been very pleasantly
surprised. We were just talking about how this is so
convenient for somebody who has been thinking about getting into podcasting, but is very
hesitant about making the investment as far as the equipment or other memberships or websites,
and this is just a perfect way for you to start and like dip in your tiptoes. Yeah, sort of test the waters. The podcast waters. Okay, and then here we are, we’ve added the
music. Now, I haven’t trimmed the audio yet, so let’s make sure to go in there and do that
and you can see just by looking at the wave form what we need to do here, but let’s listen
to it too. See, we hear all the rustling papers and you
see a little clip there, that’s Veronica’s mouth. Did you add the music? Well, it doesn’t play the music inside this
menu. Okay. You see that little clip there? That is Veronica
little mouth noise. So, we just drag it right there and we do the same thing here at the
end. There’s a little bump after she stops speaking and we do that. Now we say save.
Now, I know how wave forms look because I’m always inside of audio editors and you’ll
get more familiar with them as you play with them more and you can always listen to it
again by pressing play here, but we’re going to say that’s good and say save. Same thing here. Let’s call it, administrative
or end or outro, and add to recording. Just to show you, if you were to click on these
three dots here next to intro, you’ll see that you can edit background music, you can
rename the segment, you can delete this from the episode and you can still trim and edit
the audio as you see fit, which is pretty cool. It takes a moment to process and I believe
you could slide these. Oh yeah, if you hold them, you can drag them and you can rearrange
segments. It’s very user friendly. Yes, and then it gives you this X here, rearrange
segments, and you could say X to undo what you did, or once you’re done you want to save
it, but we like this. You can preview the whole episode by pressing the preview episode
button here. Then it shows you the whole episode. Hello everybody and welcome to the first episode
of Tango with Veronica. How did my- Now, like I said, by using good practices
with how you record your phone, you’re going to have a decent sounding podcast. There are
a few things you need to remember to do that I forgot to mention at the first of the video,
which is, try your best to be in the least noisy room you can record in, make sure that
it’s not a very reflective room, that it doesn’t have a lot of reverb or echo in the room.
You can always lessen the echo of a room by using curtains or different things like that,
and we have an acoustics video here on our YouTube channel you can find right here, that
will help you to get your podcast studio up and running, and it’s amazing how much better
audio quality you can get on your phone just by making sure you’re in a good room. Here’s a little tip if you’re looking for
a quick and easy place to record your podcast, go out into your car, especially if your car
can be parked in a garage or something, cars are designed to keep sound out. It’s actually
a wonderful place to record a podcast episode and you can keep the phone nice and away from
your mouth so you don’t get any pop noises, and by doing that you can actually get pretty
good results. You also want to make sure that you do take some of those steps because after
we go through the next process where we’re going to publish this and submit it to the
directories, if it sounds like absolute garbage, there’s a higher probability of your podcast
being rejected. Okay, and now we can go ahead and say publish
and this will publish this episode to our Anchor profile, but since we haven’t published
yet, it’s going to prompt us to also make a Anchor profile after we make this episode.
So, let’s actually get out of the Anchor program and let’s move over into the Canva app. Let’s
move over to the Instagram tools. We’re going to open up Canva. Canva is a really cool app.
It also has a free version. We love it, we use it a lot. The paid version of Canva also
gives you a lot of images and elements and things and more fonts that you can use. Now
first, Veronica will take a picture of herself. Okay, so
the first thing we’re going to do with Canva is we’re going to create our own custom design,
create a new design, and you’ll see that there’s this option for custom dimensions. We’re going
to go into custom dimensions and we’re going to type in 3000 by 3000 pixels. That’s what
all of the podcast directories are going to want. It’s a nice square image, and then you
can see here there’s lots of templates we can choose from and we can mess around with
the designs in here by just dragging and dropping from different templates, and we’ll enter
Tango with Veronica into this text here. We can upload our own photos. So, let’s go
ahead and upload the photo that Veronica took of herself. Now that we’ve uploaded this photo
of Veronica, we can drag it into the designs and we’ll move and resize around some of these
elements, and would you look at that? What a beautiful piece of artwork we have. I’m very pleased. It looks nice, doesn’t it? So, now we can
hop back into Anchor and here we are where we were before at our episode and we’ll say
publish at the top. Now, I’ve already uploaded right here it says customize optional, this
is just for the episode. In the episode title here we’re going to call this trailer, or
actually why don’t we call it welcome, welcome Amigos. That way that’s written nice, right,
and then the episode description is Veronica- Shares. Shares. Her passion for tango. Her passion for tango. And how it originated and how it originated. Okay, right here you
want to make sure that you put a lot of thought into your episode description and also put
thought into your episode title. Also in your episode title, don’t include the episode numbers.
There’s a place for that in the coding. So, we’ll say done here and here is where we put
the episode numbers. So, we’ll say season one, episode one, and say done. If you put
episode one into the title, it’ll be redundant in all the podcast players also. And then for the sake of this video we’re
adding a very short description, but we encourage that you add a longer description that can
tell your listener what the episode is about, something that is enticing, that is fun, and
that is going to make somebody go listen to that episode. Yes, and also the more expanded your descriptions
are, the more searchability you’ll have with keyword searching and things like that inside
of the podcast directories. So, here now- So, be factful. Yes, so now it says episode type. Instead
of full, you can choose full episode trailer or bonus episode. We’re going to choose trailer
and now we’re going to go ahead and say publish now. Publishing your episode. Now, you can
add up to five episode tags. This is cool. We’re going to add one and we’re going to
say dance. I would recommend using all five if you can. This is going to give you searchability.
Dance, tango- Passion. Passion. Latin. Latin. Latin dance- Latin dance, yeah. And Latina because Veronica is a Latina. Yeah. So, now we have five tags. That’s always good
because inside the podcast directories now people will… Look at that, your first episode
is live. Now we have the option to share this episode and already from Anchor, since we’ve
set up our Anchor account and everything, already we can share the episode and we can
start putting this on our social media. If you press share episode here, look, it gives
you the option for- To share it. Text message, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat.
You can copy the link and all of that, but we want to make sure this is also in the podcast
directories. So, if we go- That was my question because as of right now,
it’s only on Anchor, right? Right now it’s only on Anchor. Okay. So, let’s go to your podcast down here, create
your podcast settings. It brings you to the podcast settings. This is where you will upload
an image and we will upload the image of Veronica and we’ll choose an existing photo and we’ll
upload that image that we created and it looks beautiful and we’ll say done. Now, that is
the cover art for our podcast, and here the podcast name is Tango with Veronica. Here with the podcast description, you want
it to be very detailed. You want to take some time here. This is the first thing that people
see when they come across your podcasts. Oftentimes this is the big thing that will determine
whether somebody wants to stick around and listen to your podcast or not. So, put some
time and love into this here and we’ll write one out and we’ll fast forward as we write
so you can see us in speedy mode. So, what should we write here? Okay, now here we’ve finished that, that’s
beautiful and now we choose a podcast category. This is a good thing to take some time here.
Read through all these and make sure that you are choosing the right one. I think tango
is obviously going to be in arts and we’ve chosen performing arts. I think that’s good.
Choose your language. Now, options, Anchor logo on cover art, you keep that on. That’s
a good option for Anchor, it’s part of how you keep Anchor free. If you have explicit
content, you want to make sure to put that in here as well. If you’re dropping a lot
of F bombs- That’s important. Make sure you put that and that’s it, and
then once we’re done with that, we say save. Also what you’ll see here inside the podcast,
so you get a lot of information. Some analytics. You see some analytics, it’ll tell you how
many people have listened to it. Also in the analytics here, you’ll notice right now it’s
giving us a exclamation point. It’s because it’s saying distribute everywhere. So, let’s
go ahead and distribute this everywhere. We’ve submitted your podcast for distribution, people
can listen to your podcast on Anchor right now. We’ll let you know as it becomes available
on more platforms including Apple podcasts. This can take up to a couple of weeks depending
on the platform, which is cool, and what we’ll do is we’ll actually wait a little bit and
we’ll show you when it goes live, when Tango with Veronica goes alive on Spotify. There we go, and you can see we are on Spotify.
Veronica shares her passion. Let’s play this off of Spotify. Hello everybody and welcome to the first episode
of Tango with Veronica. And there you go guys, we’ve got it on Spotify.
It’s going to take a couple of weeks and Tango with Veronica will be on iTunes, Stitcher,
all the other ones as well. So, how exciting is that? It was very easy. Yeah, fun. That was very fun. And hopefully you found that very useful.
If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments below or you can find us on
social media at Pod Sound School, and if you need any more help getting started with your
podcast, we have a jumpstart podcast guide that you can find for free in our description
below. So, make sure to check that link. Also, if you want to get started on your social
media and really give your podcast an extra kick with social media, check out our videos
here on YouTube. You can find them right here. We have a ton of really cool social media
videos as well. Yeah, I would really recommend that you download
the free guide. It has from step one to the launch of your podcast. It’s very detailed
and you can just follow the guide and you’ll be good to go, and there you go, Amigos. Until
next time, don’t forget to do two things, subscribe and don’t forget to do your homework.
Happy casting, amigo. Happy casting.

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