🎙️E04: Native vs Hybrid Mobile Apps | 🎙️The 4Geeks Podcast

🎙️E04: Native vs Hybrid Mobile Apps | 🎙️The 4Geeks Podcast

We are listening to for geeks podcast, we talk about business technology, and provide advice and how entrepreneurs can grow Their companies hope you enjoyed this conversation Hello, everyone and welcome to a new, episode of the for geeks podcast a i’m sorry Oh i’m cto at four gigs, and today with, me is alan. Perlis alan. Ceo for examine how are you, hey, sorry, okay, guys thank you for releasing any episode at the four weak spot cuts, yeah sure and now, we have a difficult topic to talk because there’s a lot of there’s a lot of differences and positions and opinions between Hey, do i have to build and native application or? Or hybrid application so that’s what, we are going to talk today right Yeah, that’s right that’s right most companies most companies, maybe will will bet on a single on a single wait two apps in aiding that native mobile apps or happy mobile apps so i Think i don’t i i don’t have, any, any favorite way to do to do apps because Because it depends it depends of the business model is it depends of the budget it’s a parent of the of? the team it depends on Any, any any facts that, we need, to to consider you know so yeah sure So i would like to go, through the Best specifications or the definition for every Every option, we are providing here so what its native a native is basically create applications Specifically for the different platforms for example android and apple so you will have to build, from there from there Languages and in apple you you you have to use swift or Objective c right and in android you will have to use java and It’s it’s an example so Basically you will have to go with, their sdks to build everything from from from the end So you will use a the functions. They provide to handle the camera the Store file whatever as eps exactly and it’s totally native, okay so but what it’s hybrid, hybrid is with one code You will build or export to the different platforms so with By building an app, using html css Javascript you will be able to Export that to the different platforms apple and android So that’s that’s hybrid app and And it’s the difference is is that is the the way, we do stuff because in in the native? We go with the Native stuff of the other applications it’s it’s more powerful With hybrid, we can face some? Some limit ins over the development but We can, we can go faster market Yeah, that’s right that’s right i think sarge i think the the The big thing here is is the performance the a performance so when if you if you are in a game of your career in a gps-based App or you are creating a location app or calendar app or something that Maybe maybe you you you, want to work in a native In a native weight development because because you will get all the best performance of the of the devices of the devices part and and And and we need and and and in this point, we need to talk about also about The team and about and about the budget because if you, don’t have, any any Strong team to work in ios and to work in in android and you don’t have a budget Maybe maybe you you, want to work in the end in the hybrid, way So, we need, to put in balance, we need to put in balance do you, need interpolant balance your budget you need to fall in balance Something so for example for example Facebook, facebook page the the mobile app to to manage facebook page Is filled by using, by using react. You know react native native, yeah sure Facebook i don’t know, facebook up i don’t know. Facebook up but i know that facebook lite Facebook lite is an is a minimal minimal mobile app four phases Is bid by using react and and an instagram we’ll saw and yelp and? And and then there are a lot of a lot of Strunk mobile apps developed using hybrid, mobile application and In in in there are indeed they are strong strong and robust Apps, so you, don’t need to build a lot of money to do a big A, big gap at the theater stage you know actually i think, we We as a startup or we as a company or whatever, we need to ask A few questions and it’s big and it’s work for example how fast i need to Pay up to being market and the quality objects the user experience i want from my app The complexity of the features as you said if you if we want to create a Game or something more heavier or heavier we’ll have to to go to the Native sdks to to connect directly with the form resources to to have a better experience for the users and and Something important, is what it’s my budget? with one developer using native Hybrid, application, sorry, we can? Create an app with just one person team but if we want more something more complex and we have more budget? we can, definitely think about going in going, native right So that’s i think the questions we’ll have to Ask, to our to ourselves to our business to in order to determine which Which way is better than than the other right so What what are, some advantages, we can, see using Using native native, well i i think i think performance performances is a big point and security Security and performance to access a device to access gps to access Location calendar and another and another features Offline mode for example if you if your app have has Offline offline mode features maybe maybe you wanted to to to go with the native app, development and So if you i mean if you if your startup If you’re, a startup and if you want feedback, from the customers i Think i think you need to choose The faster way you know. You need, to choose the faster way because? Because you need to fail faster you need to fail faster and you need to to being market also, faster faster But if you already, has has has responding and you already has A strong budget behind you maybe maybe Maybe you need to bottom balance, again, the performance and security and and and and and that things that We need get in the in the native app If you are in an genitive app if you are development for example again for android or ios platform you need to have separate teams you know you need To, have two teams a team to develop in for virendra and a team developer for android And what happened if for example i want to build this strong application, like a game application but i don’t have the budget I have to build a strong application We’ll have to go with that with just and if you don’t have, what technology if you know How to i don’t have budget but it but he wanted, me but i didn’t you to be la, again Yeah, to be like a more honest Strong and heavy application, okay so do you, think it’s better to to, go a Hybrid, or to just go with one technology Using, native just to test my idea for example or to Be first time in at market, well i can suggest i can, suggest at this moment any specific any, specific way but if you if you can, boost drop in your Startup and and and you can in and you feel, okay? During the game and as a native app i think i think that That election will be fine because if you if you choose the hybrid app Maybe and a specific point you need to migrate to June 8th avenue and and and and i will and that will cost you you know. Yeah so focus focus on the core features focus on the core missions focus on a specific users don’t don’t jump out much time in your in your racks or in your ui and and In the early stage Just just focus on features and and and and just focus to getting feedback from your customers or unit users And sure but i think, we have to To, half-hour our basis Well, well defined because we will? We will want to know if we if we want to start building a native or to start building the hybrid Application even if you are not building the features yet or the final ui i think you will have To definitely have all this the specifications Before going to that decision before make in that decision before Going, hybrid or going Native that’s what i read from you right yep yep so if you are a developer of if you are a cto And you, want to develop a native app so for for android. You need to know. Java and For ios you need to know Swift or objective c and if you want to to to build a Hybrid, application or hybrid app For android app for ios and or import whatever platform you just need to know Javascript that’s the dutchman, language so there are some some frameworks to help to make hybrid, applications, like coralville ivory navy phonegap, like yannick and i think i think there are a lot of frameworks to help, you Make, hybrid applications, yeah, sure definitely but a Adding something to what you said if if you are developer or like me for example And or if you are thinking, about building and strong team using a Objective-c using sweet or using java you may know that probably, this knowledge is is Expensive than the hybrid application totally because The the those languages are more specific and more difficult to To, go, live than for example javascript Which is more natural between the developer community yeah a single guy, a single javascript guy Can can can develop an app for example in a week? For android and for and for ios at the same time you know at the same time with, the same code yes exactly and something something nice i was reading about react and we actually, we discussed here at the office and it turns out that if view built on a website With the front end based on react. You will probably migrate easily to react native your Your current code can be migrated easily to react native So that’s something cool Because with one team you can build almost all the applications the, web applications the Mobile applications as, well so that’s something, we can? really, think about and and Make the the current decision for our business and for our product That at the end is what, we want to save money but use it with intelligence right and Continue with the developer thing Using the as alan said the hybrid a hybrid features a There’s a lot of tools or technologies, we can, use like Owns and ui which is almost a framework that works with angular react native ionic Actually think there’s a lot of tools out there to create Hybrid, applications the one i most Enjoy, to work with is definitely react. Because i think facebook is doing a. Good job with with the technology providing and and We can build a amazing, stuff amazing if a Machine applications that Will read from an api so it totally depends on the business yeah, we also will have Native script native script is a framework to to to compile Hybrid app i mean to compile native app With angular code or with over react Code you know, is it’s the it’s a framework on react native p it is based on? yeah, yeah totally so and we Go, through, the advantages the disadvantages that Technologies different platforms, we can, we can approach What questions, we will have to, ask in order to to know. Which which way is better than the other? Something you can, add alan before close this topic Well i think i think you need i mean i i can suggest i can suggest what what you need to do but i Can i i can say that you need to part in value all the native features and all the hybrid features and your and your and your current position it i mean your your budget your your your hr up that lifecycle and your team and your expertise and In the timing you have and in the time you have to to do vin market and i mean? You need, to put that in mark and in imbalance to to where a good Response totally totally so if you, can write it down on paper it would be better to Know how, fast you need the app what is the quality of the user experience the complexity of the features you will need in your app and obviously and Your budget know your budget for this development So i think is it it’s important to also find out a company, that can Go, with you in this in these questions and providing, some consulting about Which way to go with and i think in in projects, we have that knowledge and we can, we can provide Some guidance on on building this this amazing applications you can have in your mind Right alan, yes all right, okay, okay so thank you so much for listening. This this podcast a Today, was a short but a to the point Episode and thank you so much for for letting us and and you have something to say Well thanks so much as much for for listeners our remember to subscribe and and and and your and your favorite platform Itunes or in a website or write box or or why beside you you, want to describe and it’s much okay, bye you can Subscribe from the podcast tapped on your device so you can listen to the latest Episodes don’t forget to rate us that help us reach out to more people if you Want to get the best out of your business feel free to contact us that for geeks that i owe slashed contracts you

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  1. Very cool topic guys!!! I think you could dive deeper in another episode about the different solutions to develop a mobile app, I don't think React Native or Nativescript are considered hybrid solutions, at the end you create native apps with them. It would be very interesting if you discuss the differences between using these kind of solutions or hybrid web-mobile apps like the ones Cordoba or Ionic offers.

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