🎙️ Blue Yeti microphone + Radius 2 shock mount + Rode PSA1 boom arm: unboxing & review, best setup

🎙️ Blue Yeti microphone + Radius 2 shock mount + Rode PSA1 boom arm: unboxing & review, best setup

This video is about the audio equipment
I use to record my voice in my videos. I will unbox and review 4 products you
can use together with your Mac, PC and even your iPad and iPhone: the Yeti Microphone, from Blue;
the Radius: Yeti’s official shockmount the Røde PSA1: swivel studio boom arm
and a generic Pop Filter I’ve been using the Yeti for two years already
and it is a wonderful microphone. Besides videos and voice-overs, I use the
Yeti to record sound effects for our Apps. I love the Yeti. Two years later and
I still have its box! Inside you find: a USB cable, long enough to move the mic around;
a small, nicely illustrated manual that is worth reading;
and the big Yeti USB Condenser Microphone. The immediate impression: it is BIG,
it is heavy… and well made. Inside its head, the Yeti has three-capsules,
allowing you to record in 4 different patterns: Stereo;
Omnidirectional; Cardioid and
Bidirectional The cardioid pattern is the most useful setting
to me, best capturing sounds coming from the mic’s face and ignoring much of what comes
from the sides and the back. The closest you are to the microphone,
the less gain you need and you have a less noisy, more detailed, rich recording. If you are far from the mic, you can
increase the gain but it will also amplify the noises around you and
your voice loses a lot of bass and depth. When you start working with the Yeti you
quickly realize its beautiful base is flawed: it picks every vibration from the table! The best remedy is to unscrew the base
a little bit… nope! You unscrew it all and put the base back in the box. I covered the holes with
electrical tape to protect the internals from dirt. Free from its base, the Yeti is very light
and you can get creative on ways to use it. I had lots of fun with studio foam. Of course, if you screw the Yeti
directly on a mic stand, like a tripod, you might still face the vibration picking
problem, this time coming from the floor… The professional way to reduce vibrations
is to use a shockmount. The Yeti’s huge diameter makes it difficult
to find a suitable, generic shockmount. The official shockmount from Blue
for the Yeti is the “Radius”. It is huge and beautiful. The shockmount is fixed to a tripod
or boom arm while the Microphone is mechanically isolated in the middle,
suspended by the rubbers, reducing vibrations and handling noises. The Yeti should remain firm in the
center of the Radius and you can either use the Yeti upwards or hanging downwards. In the past, many reviewers complained
about not being able to tighten the thumb-screw hard enough
to keep the Yeti steady from sliding down. Some even reported braking the screw!…
Fortunately that is changed! Blue has fixed the Radius’ screw. The old plastic washer gave place to a
new metal pair of pieces with teeth. Just be sure to align the cogs before
tightening the screw and voilà! The new Radius really stays put.
And I am so relieved I got the new model… The Røde PSA1 is a swivel boom arm
to attach your microphone to a table, instead of using a tripod. The PSA1 received very good reviews and I
agree: it is a well made product, easy to install
and, once set, you can adjust the
position of your microphone in seconds. It offers two options for desk mounting: a desk insert
and a desk clamp; the recommended option to start, since you can easily try
different positions in your desk. It is all explained in a single sheet manual. Attention: the arm is kept
folded with some good tension! Firmly hold both ends with one hand
while removing the paper strip with the other, otherwise… bad things can happen. After the clamp is fixed in place
you just slide the arm into the hole. The arm rotates freely. Attaching the shockmount to the arm
is not difficult, but it took me some minutes to tweak the angles I wanted. Oh, the final aspect and flexibility are so
great! Finally there is the anti-pop-filter.
Blue sells a pop-filter called “The Pop”, made of metal screen. I use a generic,
cheap, pop-filter whose screen is nylon, like a pantyhose. Without a pop filter, the microphone
captures the unpleasant energy of explosive Ps, Bs and windy Vs. It also protects your microphone
capsule against saliva corrosion. The Yeti is connected using a USB cable,
directly in your Mac or PC. But, what about iOS devices? You can also use the Yeti
with your iPad or iPhone! They have microphones to, but the
sound quality is not the same. You will need an Apple’s USB Camera Adapter,
available for Lightning and 30pin devices. It is sold as a way to import photos from
USB cameras… It is also a great accessory for musicians since you can plug Midi Keyboards,
Midi Controllers… and, you guessed, USB microphones to iOS devices. Unfortunately, when you plug
the Yeti directly in the adapter, your iOS device will complain that
the Yeti needs more power than it can supply… A powered USB Hub in between makes
it all work! But, well, it is not sleek. Actually, this whole Yeti setup seems
absurd if you need to be “on the road”. So, if you need a ‘pro’ microphone for iPad or iPhone, I recommend the ones Blue made
specifically for iOS: no need of adapters or external power. Check the links in the description! For me, working in my desktop,
the Yeti is just perfect! Now with the arm, even better! Which microphone do you use? Do you have some advice or tips? Post your comments and questions! And if this video helped you, give it a like!
And share it! And subscribe for my next videos! See you around! “Sound! Sound!” I love my Yeti microphone! No, they didn’t pay me for this… I am such a fanboy!

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  1. This is the greatest review on this mic I have Ever seen. Thank you so much I will get an arm and pop filter definitly!

  2. I love how much emphasis you put on your words. I can really tell how much effort you're putting into articulating your thoughts. It's much appreciated as it compensates for your intriguing and beautiful accent. Thank you for such a wonderful video, friend!

  3. I have blue yeti mic and wanted record screen with my voice but problem is that it captures and keyword button's noise and mouse click as well. My question is here that either pop filter or RADIUS II can stop being record those noises ?

  4. I got a problem, maybe you can help:
    I want my Microphone arm to be reaching over my three monitors without the microphone itself or the arm blocking the view.

  5. i use the Trust GXT 252 EMITA , grate mic
    comes with shockmount and popfiler and stand

  6. thank you for this video, I am going crazy trying to get the right mount, arm and pop filter for the cheapest price everything in Canada costs so much more for us.The mic alone cost $200. I tested it for the first time yesterday, and boy do I need to resolve the noise factors. No way I can use it without any of the above mentioned in your video. I was hoping for a cheaper solution to start with. Any suggestion for another shock mount for less and in black? (my mic is black)

  7. Hola, tengo una pregunta. Tengo el Blue Yeti, pero me gustaría tener un pie de micro normal, que no sea de tipo brazo. Ya he comprado dos por internet y ninguno de los dos me ha servido y los he tenido que descambiar porque el tamaño de la rosca del pie de micro era más pequeño que el espacio disponible en la rosca del micrófono ¿Existe algún pie de micro que pueda usar o solamente el brazo? En que caso de que sí, cual podría comprarme. Muchas gracias : )

  8. Wow. Loved your video! Well spoken, filmed and edited! That is work. Question? I am curious if you plug and then unplug your USB audio connector each time you use your Yeti mic? It is such a hassle and I do not want to wear out the ports, yet I am not sure if I can leave it plugged in and glowing red all the time either! I too have just purchased your same setup.

  9. Good channel sir …i saw your video today only …really awesome…in all kinds of concepts you gave 100% info ..thanks a lot ..and from today onwards you are my role model …thank you so much ….

  10. My new shock mount still flops down….now what. Perhaps if you slow down how to set up the shock mount for yet so that its tight I can see what u are doing…I have tried several times.. when I first got it there was no problem but when I took it down and put it back it continues to flop.

  11. El vídeo que muestra toda la, cadena de opciones del micrófono yeti y que se está quedando con el mercado de micrófonos usb.

  12. You seem like a really friendly chap. I unfortunately haven’t ordered a shockmount yet, however my Yeti, pop filter, and microphone arm is coming tomorrow.

  13. This video was great, I've got my Blue Yeti since 2012 with a generic pop filter like yours and still use it, the problem is space and is standing on the desk with the base and yes noise is an issue. I'm about to get the arm extender that I've been wanting for a while now and they are now affordable. So thank you, keep up the great videos!

  14. Good video. This is my setup exactly (your pop filter even looks identical). Was having trouble with my shock mount but you answered my question.

  15. I attached my mic stand to a side table next to my desk therefore eliminating any vibration that the mic would pic up.Great video by the way a voice of a true narrator

  16. Hello. I have a really strange case imo. I recently bought a Blue yeti and a Microphone stand. My microphone doesnt fit on the stand. Is there any way to buy a piece. The golden one on your video (picture where i am aiming my finger at the piece) which fits to a Blue Yeti Microphone? thank you for helping

    You can see the golden part on 2:16

  17. I am currently streaming off an iphone xs max that powers the yeti no problems, i use the power hub that saves battery. I would love for you to check out my set up and maybe give me any tips on audio

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  19. man your english got so much better, the videos were always great and are jus getting even better!
    Hello from Brasil!

  20. Would you recommended the Yeticaster bundle for someone who is just starting out? It seems to be the most cost effective deal and then I would buy a pop filter somewhere as well. Do you have any experience with the Compass boom arm that comes with it?

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